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Monday Long Termer: 31/03/14' - Parking Lesson.

By Nathan Green

First, an apology. Many of my loyal readers have been asking why the Long Termer pieces have not come to fruition the past few weeks. 682 more words


"Tories ousted by Labour coup?" Worcester or Westminster?

Tories Ousted? What Coup? ….Westminster or Worcester….?

Something interesting happened recently in Worcester – The Labour Party, Lib Dems and Greens formed a coalition and ousted the Conservative leader who had led the council for seven years. 1,122 more words

Worcester Councillor Roger Knight speaks of "First Class Treatment" in Hospitals

The comment from Roger Knight – Worcester City Councillor – is in the comments section but deserves a post to itself. Councillor Knight says:

“I have the greatest respect for the staff as well as gratitude and the treatment I have received over the years has always been first class. 15 more words

Worcester Acute Trust News

O'Brien of Worcester City Council Gets It

“When someone tosses out venom and inaccurate statements, they must be answered,” he said. “This will pass legal muster, I am confident of that. The doomsday scenario that the city will have to pay legal costs is a red herring.

1,122 more words
Economic Justice

Guinness sales down, by George...

Guinness sales at The Saracens Head are going to be down by a sizeable margin from this week I’d say. Sad to relate 90-something George Randall – long-running leader of the City Council, Freeman of the City, Labourite through-and-through, noted pipe-puffer, teller-of-tales and twice daily visitor to the popular Tything hostelry, two pints o’ the blackstuff each time – has gone to that great brewery in the sky.   83 more words


The out-of-towners have taken over and I ain't best pleased

I ain’t best pleased, right?  In fact, I’m bloody angry.  I mean, this is my town and, as like as not, yours too.  Yet this Mike Taylor – who claims to have lived in the London Road area ‘ 442 more words

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