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Mengatasi Spasi yang Berantakan pada Microsoft Word 2010 dari Microsoft Word 2007

Pernahkah Anda hendak mencetak dokumen yang tersimpan di Microsoft Office 2010 yang kemudian di buka di komputer atau laptop yang menggunakan Microsoft Office 2007 lalu… spasi berantakan? 208 more words

Tips Dan Trik

Creating an Index in Word

An index is an important way to reference key words or phrases in a Word document. It compliments a table of contents and allows your readers to look for something specific n Thankfully you do not need to type out an index, by marking entries throughout your document you can then create an index and then update easily with just a couple of clicks.  23 more words

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Creating a Table of Contents in Word

A table of contents provides your reader with a list of chapters or topics they can look forward to or for reference. This is not only useful for a book but for manuals, recipes and dissertations to name but a few. 83 more words

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Michaeline: Organize your Notes with Artificial Intelligence

Almost every writer does research. Some are lucky enough to be able to keep it all in their heads, but most of us need to take notes. 582 more words

Michaeline Duskova

Fixing Microsoft Word Common Issues

Most common problems dealing with Microsoft Word comes from a corrupt “Normal.dot” file. The “Normal.dot” or the “Normal.dotm” file is the one that changes every time you make a change to Word’s settings, such as changing the default font to a different font. 112 more words


Menggunakan Fitur Mail Merge pada MS Office Word 2010

Fitur Mail Merge sebenarnya sudah disertakan sejak versi awal Word. Fungsi fitur ini adalah untuk membuat suatu deokumen seperti surat undangan, e-mail, lembar faksimili yang memiliki isi sama namun memiliki elemen yang berbeda untuk tiap-tiap dokumen. 81 more words

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