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close reading - how it could go with a focus on repetition

we know, and we teach our students, that authors don’t just throw any old detail into their writing. there is a purpose for the details they include. 848 more words

Common Core

Assume Ability

One of the unintended messages that I think children hear quite a bit in their daily lives is that they are not capable, or that adults distrust them. 948 more words

Learning With Children

I have a Thesaurus and I'm not afraid to use it!

Roxane (shutting her eyes): Ay, speak to me of love.

Christian: I love thee!

Roxane: That’s the theme! But vary it.

Christian: I. . . 391 more words

Crap on a Cracker!

Do you have a favorite idiom? I have many, and if I can’t think of one, I am very comfortable making one up. Of course, this skill is more often due to my inability to remember real idioms during my time of need, but whatever. 777 more words


Cooking with style

With the spring semester at UNC-Chapel Hill behind me, I am turning to tasks for the summer. One of the items on my to-do list is to update the stylebook journalism school and move it to WordPress. 272 more words

Word Choice

Can just one word make a difference?

Anyone wanting to motivate others can improve intrinsic motivation by using one word.

That word? It’s together.

It turns out that the word ‘together’ is a powerful social cue, signalling a feeling of belonging. 71 more words

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