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Looking for the Best Word? Tip #30

Something a little different this week. A small insight into the British psyche and an exploration of a two-word phrase instead of a single word. 465 more words


Writing Tips: Denotation vs. Connotation


Definition: A denotation is the dictionary definition of a word.

Example: One example of denotation would be stating that the word cheap means inexpensive. 275 more words


Meditative Monday: Writing Simply, Embracing Clarity

A wise English Literature once said: “Clarity is God.”

Clarity is important. Arguably the most important part of writing to learn.


If no one understands what the heck you’re trying to say, you may as well have handed them a blank page. 561 more words

Looking for the Best Word? Tip #29

First, an apology to regular readers. I somehow managed not to post anything last week. I can tell you I added 2,298 words to the current WIP, resolved an issue with the Student Loan Company for my daughter in Australia, and began constructing a new length of garden fencing. 563 more words


SOL #14 - Gotta Love a Good Writing Mini-lesson!

My writers gathered on the ground, crisscross applesauce, for today’s mini-lesson.  It was an idea from Craft Lessons by Ralph Fletcher and Joann Portalupi about word choice.   229 more words

Slice Of LIfe

Myth & Language

If you are writing a brand new fantasy world, should you ever use the world herculean?

Should you use the word chronology?

How about chaos? 541 more words


Let us dance

A troupe of small, vintage, artist models, manipulated into a macabre ballet, meticulous in detail, danced across a makeshift stage on top of a yard sale occasional table. 168 more words

Writing Prompt