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Are They Insane, Or Are They Insane?

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I find myself in need of some specific words in English. 159 more words


"The time periods of my pieces are between 1630-1685…"

Well, right off the bat we have two problems.

My student was introducing her Early American Literature “confluences” paper, for which students were to choose from the syllabus five works written within a span of 50 years and then use them to develop a sense of the intellectual, cultural, or philosophical life of that time. 605 more words

Student Writing

Word vs. Word: Nice vs. Kind

To continue the discussion about word choice I mentioned last week that I would put a couple words that are sometimes used synonymously in order to show their difference, however slight it might actually be. 468 more words

Word Choice

The Napping House by Audrey and Don Wood

Although this is a longer book for a one-year-old, we have really enjoyed it. I love the pictures and how the color scheme lightens as the animals and people wake up. 237 more words


Become a Better Writer in 4 Easy Steps! (Do people really believe that crap?)

Anybody can write a story, just like anyone can make art.

But what separates DaVinci from an elephant with a paint brush? Refinement. 931 more words


An Introduction (Of Sorts)

As an ever-growing writer one truth in particular I have increasingly adhered to is the importance of word choice. Placement as well, but choosing your words is, or at least should be, important in writing, but I like to take it a step further and enforce this rule in speech as well. 248 more words

Word Choice

Word Perfect

I few months ago I was preparing a lecture for Bible class at school. We were in the minor prophets, and I was listing some attributes of God’s love. 679 more words