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Looking for the Best Word? Tip #22

One day late: sorry!

This series offers writers help to make their work more accessible, interesting, varied, accurate and effective by exploring similar and dissimilar words. 462 more words


It matters: the importance of word choice

Sometimes I don’t realize the importance of words. Not necessarily that I forget the power words hold, but rather the importance of using the right word in the right context. 339 more words

Public Reations

Author Confessions Round 6

Day seven of author confessions- What word do you use way too much?

This question makes me laugh because I have many words I use too often–looked, laughed, smiled. 75 more words


Looking for the Best Word? Tip #21

Considering the date, perhaps I should look at usage for triskaidekaphobia? But I suspect everyone now knows it simply means a morbid fear of the number 13. 536 more words


A portmanteau does so much more than hold your coat

Athleisure. Brunch. Franglais. What do all these words have in common? They’re known as portmanteau words, which combine portions of two (or more) individual words to create one new single word that represents a specific thing or concept. 462 more words

Polishing That Draft

Back in the eighth grade, I received the most difficult yet rewarding writing advice for the first time. My English teacher told us to take firm control of our word choice, and she required every submission we turned in to obey one rule of hers in particular. 318 more words


Coloring Your Writing with Words

As a visual merchandiser with a background in interior design, I tend to see the world in a very visually-oriented way. This even applies to my writing. 326 more words