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Finishing school

It’s that old canard – some fancy girl disappears for several months, no one knows where or isn’t saying, and tongues wag about how the family sent her off to avoid causing them any embarrassment. 72 more words

Writing Prompt

Stormy Daniels, copy editor

Stephanie Clifford, who appears in and directs pornographic movies under the name Stormy Daniels, is making headlines over an alleged affair with Donald Trump many years ago. 133 more words

Word Choice

The #Write #Word? Post 10

Do you sometimes struggle to find the ‘right’ word for your writing? I do. Perhaps, in improving myself, I can help other writers.

Today’s words: 446 more words

Creative Writer

Poetry Friday; Sheep - C. Kenneth Burrow

This is just a beautiful poem about bedraggled sheep who get a glimpse of the sun!


Huddled, rain-drenched, forlorn they stood,
Their fleeces blown one way; 55 more words


The Commonplace Book: Entry 1

In Roy Peter Clark’s book How to Write Short, he suggests keeping an eye out for good short writing, trying to understand what makes it good, and recording your attempts at using those techniques in a “commonplace book.” I’ve tried a few different pocket notebooks in the past, but now that I’ve got one I can trust to hold up to normal wear, I’ve started to put Clark’s suggestions into practice. 168 more words

What does a Thesaurus have for breakfast?

A synonym roll.

Currently I’m having an affair with an online Thesaurus.

Why? Much to my surprise, most of the characters that I write hate the way I speak and doubly hate the way I make them speak.  377 more words


Word Choice

It is fascinating how important word choice is to how things sound. I would much rather hear “we are in the last hour!” than “only 60 more minutes!” They mean the same thing but sound so different in the way your mind interprets it. 121 more words

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