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The Final Word

I’m an editor by trade, so I spend a lot of time thinking about word choice.

In my professional life, the word I’ve been thinking the most about is but. 669 more words


Project "Voices"

I have been working on several writings over the last six months. The problem I have wwhenever I write short stories or other writings I get bored easly. 355 more words

Author Jen Bowers

Inspirational Quote #3


I don’t just listen to your words
I watch your face
I stare into your eyes
I check out your body language
I peep… 76 more words

Personal Development

"Last night when I was having interpersonal communication with my boyfriend…"

From a journal entry some years ago.

It was the same year a colleague in the Communications Department began a memo “So happy for this chance to interact with you.” 563 more words

Student Writing

A Word Treasure

M. pointed my nose toward this article on the Guardian, in which a bunch of writers were asked to share their favourite words.

A lovely idea, I think: writers are wordsmiths by trade, with an ingrained love of words (often bordering on obsession, if the writers I know, including myself, are anything to go by…), and their choices are bound to be interesting. 231 more words


Sneaked or Snuck?

I’m always confused as to whether the past tense of “sneak” is “sneaked” or “snuck”.  I’ve always thought it was “snuck,” but mostly I’ve seen it written as “sneaked”.  14 more words


Over Suggestion

When I would come home to visit from college, the first words out of my mouth were “I’m hungry.” My dad would quickly list all the things I could possibly eat, “there’s salmon dip, I made guacamole yesterday, or I could make you a wrap, there’s leftover cauliflower soup, etc.” But instead of zoning in on what I wanted, I felt bombarded by the choices. 822 more words

Learning With Children