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Good or Well?

Though they are frequently used words, good and well are often confused. The basic rule of thumb is that good modifies nouns and pronouns, while… 353 more words


100 Word Challenge: Hungry

I enjoying cooking for my family, but don’t always make a full dinner. What with the menfolk having such diverse work schedules, many nights there isn’t a full contingency for a meal. 540 more words

Flash Fiction

Words mean things

Writers (yes, even me) sometimes joke about having license to make up new words, but the ones that already exist have meanings ascribed to them, so you can’t just use them however you like if you want people to understand your writing or speech. 736 more words

Words Matter

Words Matter. It’s like a new slogan pounded into my heart this morning when I first heard it. Words, especially saying the right or wrong ones can make a huge difference for everyone who hears them. 775 more words

Journal Writing

Looking for the Best Word? Tip #26

This series offers help to writers trying to make their work more accessible, interesting, varied, accurate and effective by exploring similar and dissimilar words. It also provides language learners with insights into some of the peculiarities of the English language. 769 more words


I love THAT

For the past few months, I’ve been engaged in the writerly task of editing four books. I do this full-time for about 14 hours a day, divvying the tasks up into four categories: 1) borderline boring, 2) terribly tedious, 3) downright dreary, and 4) mega mind-numbing. 258 more words


Obliterating Five Ineffective Verbs for Actors

In determining our scene or line objectives, it is good practice to write (in pencil!) a verb next to the line in our script. That way, as we study our script and work in rehearsal, we can remind ourselves what exactly we are trying to accomplish. 655 more words