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"As a kid growing up with split parents…"

Usually I tease you, gentle reader, with the ellipsis in a post title: “wait till you read the rest!” I implicitly promise.

This time the three dots are all I have; they end what I wrote down on a back page of my gradebook. 469 more words

Student Writing

Pro Tip #1

Pro tip: When writing a cover letter, avoid off-the-cuff remarks. At best they sound unprofessional. At worst they are offensive.

This job dealt with the working poor. 137 more words

Rhyming for Fun and Profit

I just learned from Dan Pink http://www.danpink.com about a study that showed how rhyming affects retention of information.  Two groups were asked to grade 60 proverbs on how true they were to human experience.   143 more words

Complicity Denied

In a book of 100k words, is there room enough for a single word?

Emily Dickinson (yes, her again… blame Harvard) delighted in the power, the mystery, the beauty of a solitary word. 99 more words


Some Quotes from the Age of Sigmar Hardcover

p. 15: “All Stormcast Eternals strike quickly, but none more so than the Knights of the Aurora.”

p. 18: “No realm is more haunted, for all the gates to the Underworlds reside here.”

177 more words
Age Of Sigmar

Word Choice


When you read that, what did you imagine?

I thought of a cartoon bird, the kind you draw with an “m”.

If I say… 240 more words