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Penultimate vs. Ultimate

Many people use “penultimate” to mean “more than ultimate,” but the word actually has a very narrow (and different) definition. Here’s what Merriam-Webster says:

So in a list, “penultimate” would refer to the next-to-last item. 110 more words

Confusing Words


There has been much speculation as to the originally intended word. “Coverage’ has come up a lot.

My personal opinion is COVFEFE was supposed to mean “kerfuffle” but he had no idea how to spell it. 130 more words


Don't confuse wrath with wraith - and how do you pronounce wrath?

This post was inspired by a news story where the writer got wraith confused with wrath.

I think the writer meant to write wrath (meaning anger or fury) – not wraith. 203 more words