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Confusion in the ranks

What is a fly ball?  The ball of a fly?

Blind as a bat but are bats really blind and do they live in a belfry? 200 more words

Generational Word Confusion

The children, in my young adult historical adventure novel, sleep on straw-stuffed pallets in 1775. A young beta reader expressed confusion. She was picturing the wooded structures boxes sit on–SIGH. 77 more words

That Writing Thing

Don't mess up in front of your PIERS! How to avoid embarrassing word mistakes in important business presentations >

The important business presentation was very going well.

The presenter had the audience’s full attention – the graphs and numbers were impressive – but then, titters of laughter and a crash in credibility – all because of word confusion – one little mistake! 732 more words

Poo Poo and Pee - Beware of Words that can mean "rude things" in other languages

If you are presenting to or speaking with people from a different language background – I encourage you to have your presentation “checked” by someone from that language. 606 more words

Choose the right word - hoard or horde? An easy way to remember!

I saw this word confusion mistake in the opening few lines of a magazine – to escape the HOARDS of travellers…

Spell check wouldn’t pick it up. 481 more words

Speaking English for Business – special help for Korea Pt 2 - Awareness

You can quickly check out the introduction and context for this series of posts in Part 1 – here:

Part 1 – intro

I’ll outline a 3 step process to help people from Korean backgrounds speak English for business presentations and meetings. 463 more words

Speaking English for Business - special help for Korea Pt 1

If you have trouble speaking English and pronouncing English sounds – you are not alone.

I help people from lots of different backgrounds – Japan, Korea, Russia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Singapore, China, Spain,  various South American countries (to name a few!) 542 more words