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Getting Close

I am getting close. I’ve eclipsed 140,000 words on my project Of Earth and Ice. I am looking at finishing the first draft somewhere in the neighborhood of 150,000 words. 223 more words


Word Count

Word count is one of the most important pieces of information for determining what type of story you’ve written (short story, novella, novel, etc.) and for helping sell your story, be it to a traditional publisher or to help figure out independent and self-publishing. 257 more words



In the last week: band-tailed pigeons and Eurasian doves, Steller’s jays and a single scrub jay, robins and goldfinches, red-wing blackbirds, song sparrows, hummingbirds, crows and ravens, bald eagles, red-tailed hawk, black oystercatchers, gulls, whimbrels, Canada geese and brown pelicans, and a mixed flock of semi-palmated plovers and dunlins (this latter with distinct dark bellies—I wish I’d had my camera). 699 more words


Slow Sales and Slower Writing

Spring seemed quick, we are now into some summer-like temperatures, and it feels great until it gets too hot.

Yard Work – At one time, not so long ago, I enjoyed mowing and trimming the lawn. 375 more words


To Do: focus

I’m past the deadline I set for myself. I had every intention of finishing “Letters From Emily” by May 12 … until my novella turned into more of a novel than I anticipated. 443 more words


On Revising (Part 3): Regarding word count and the joys of cutting words

I think that I reached a new level of maturity as a writer a couple of years ago when I cut 1,000 words from the manuscript I was working on at the time and… 1,163 more words


Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

I read a post yesterday in which a blogger I recently started to follow, The Haunted Wordsmith, quoted a so-called blogging expert who wrote, “In my opinion, no beginning blogger should be publishing anything under 1,000 words. 534 more words