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Third draft finished. Fourth draft in progress.

Another draft in the bag! This was another rough cut, and there are a few more icky bits that need serious surgery. These drafts are pretty rough and nasty, but this being my first major work, I’m still pleased. 1,210 more words

Words In Your Face

I Almost Didn't Get My Writing Done Today


I’m getting in the habit of writing everyday that way come November I shouldn’t be too shocked by the consistency. I’m not writing 1667 words everyday, but I’m building my way up to it. 285 more words


Plotting vs. Pantsing: What's your investment? - Each commenter gets $1000 from Bill Gates

I’ve struggled for years now with plotting (that was 8 months ago. I’m still here). I’d rather do seat of the pants and avoid all the plotting. 940 more words

How To Write A Book

100 Submissions

So, as well as tracking my word count this year, I’ve also tracked my number of submissions. Now, I do keep close track of where and when I’m submitting (it would be kind of silly not to), but this is the first time I’ve ever recorded the actual number as well. 167 more words


Taking the next step

BiaAtlas book update.

I have decided to start querying agents. I worked on my Synopsis and Query letter and got them to a decent quality. My manuscript is still too high on word count, however I decided to go ahead even though the revision is… 685 more words


Our Voices Reach Far

The focus of this blarg has never been to rack up huge numbers of readers or views. Those things are nice — it’s nifty to watch the spinning wheels of the virtual odometer on the wall click over and reach new heights — but, even almost two years after I laid down the first lexile brick here on my corner of the net, the purpose is the same as it was: to think and write about the process of my “real” writing, and to serve as a release valve to vent my spleen from time to time. 599 more words


Did I make the cut? My guide to editing.

Some years ago I wrote about the editing process for Leg It and how I expected to edit Idle Threats. Now that I have finished my third novel, Counterbalance, it is probably time to revisit the process and see if anything has changed. 1,567 more words