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Goals and Sub-Goals

I sat down to write a blarg post tonight, and all I wanted to do was work on my capital “W” Writing projects.

So I did. 285 more words



2,370 = Today’s word count. I mostly wrote in Tre Lucky: The Fall of a Sex Addicted Mafioso. But I also added a few hundred words to the second book in the Why I Dream of Falling series.

As the man says, “WORD.”

Splitting into Two - Word Counts 29,522 and 9,074 = 38,596

A couple of weeks ago, not long after my last post, I received a newsletter. Nothing unusual, my email is full of newsletters but this one came from… 509 more words


Writing update - 24 May 2015

Hello, shadow-dwellers!

Time for another periodic update on what’s happening with my writing.

On the freelance front, I’ve completed 2 more editing jobs for Curiosity Quills… 610 more words


Giving Time....

…this may not be what you expect.

In this modern frenetic life too many of us don’t give things time, to grow, to be understood, and so much more. 621 more words


Decisions, decisions …

Today it finally hit me. It happened just like that – out of nowhere – on my way to work. I was on the 453 and the birds were singing their morning spring songs outside when … 587 more words

Book One

Counting Words by Polly J. Brown

Near the beginning of the year I joined a small group of writers who committed to writing thirteen romance-related short stories over the course of the year. 564 more words