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Are You Ready To Go Camping?

I’m not talking about roughing it in the wild, although you’re welcome to do so if you have to.

What I’m talking about is Camp Nanowrimo! 487 more words


Conversation Inspiration

Sometimes, I don’t see my friends for long stretches at a time. It’s not that I don’t love spending time with them, but jobs, families, distance, and life often make getting together difficult. 437 more words


Ready Or Not, Here Comes Camp NaNo

Does anyone remember me mentioning several times throughout the last three months that my plan was to finish Fated to Darkness before the start of Camp NaNo so I could use Camp to write… 1,409 more words


Something About Word Count

As writers, we all write stories of one kind or another. And some of those stories, naturally, will be longer than others. For example, the first Harry Potter book is about 87,000 words, while other books, such as Brandon Sanderson’s… 200 more words


Thoughts on Completing My Novel’s Second Draft

It took an entire year.

In not even counting the two months where I purposely did no writing at all, it took an entire year to write the second draft of my historical fiction novel-in-progress, which amounted to a complete rewrite of my first draft. 1,541 more words


From the Desktop: Writing Update 3/27/2017

Hello everyone! The last week of March! I hope you end the month on a high note this week.

In writing news it’s finally happened. Since I started logging and posting my weekly goals and totals I have squeaked in a under the wire a few times, but I have never actually failed before. 97 more words

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Word Count Update #1: This is Normal...

As a follow-up on last week’s post, here is week one of my word count goal of 500 words per day.  I chose this number because I thought it would not be too hard since I spent over a year with a 2,500 goal (a couple of years ago), but it’s high enough you… 571 more words