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This is how old I will be in a few days.

I’m not sure I’m ready. But I also don’t know what the processes are, that will ready me. 23 more words


romantic misery

No matter how many songs people write about the moon, it’s going to stay up in space, in solitude, without feeling the warmth and comfort of the romance that people think that the moon somehow has. 200 more words

Word Doodles


I want so much more than just this sense of relating to life in a once-removed sort of way. I want the plunge, in full; I want to climb a tree, then live in it. 62 more words


The lamp was pretty bright tonight. It felt brighter than usual but Pam leaned over and switched it brighter still, little Piper’s face scrunching at the light. 181 more words


Kenneth fell in front of his car yet again. This rain and cold weather had been going on for two weeks and hadn’t let up. His windbreaker pulled against his face and jeans drenched with recycled gutter water, he pulled himself up and yanked open the door. 266 more words


Fresh-faced at the mirror, Melanie ate her KFC through the mist from her shower. It was going to be a busy night. She had three events between 8 pm and 12 o’ clock tomorrow. 178 more words


Every day is an uphill climb with an early morning, quick yoghurt and then it mean hitting the cobblestone hood of downtown Essex. It meant trying to find my way through the throngs of mismatched people who fall, wake up and move slowly forward. 109 more words