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I start digging, using my hands like the front paws of a dog until they become the front paws of a dog. Brown earth rolls in clumps around me, soft wet brown, darkening the deeper I go to bring it up. 285 more words


The Silver Man Fell Down The Stairs

the silver man fell down the stairs slowly and the lights affixed at regular one-meter intervals all the way along the wall reflected off his rotating body as he fell, and his flailing, twisting limbs sent rays of it further down into the room and up against the ceiling in flickering patterns. 625 more words


not a bubble.

for George

this intimate object, which is also a place,

which is also a network of shivers and calls between us –

when i compare it to an egg, i’m not saying… 230 more words



Okay, this isn’t what I just said in the Main Section, this has just hit me between now and then. Fresh off the smoking keyboard fingers. 2,430 more words

Word Doodles


I just finished a diary entry which basically amounts to how badly I wish I were a Coen Brother. I don’t really, of course, because I’d miss being in this girl body, with the mind I grew into, and I’d miss being an only child, being thirty, being , and and and. 302 more words


The Fall of Rome

(Note: Facebookers may have seen this. For my own, er, archives and those who haven’t seen it, I’m putting it here mainly so I don’t lose it (there’s loads of stuff I want to put on here to save). 2,139 more words

Word Doodles

Mitchell checked his phone. He wished she would stop being late like this. Everyday was the same story. He would be ready then wait around for ages and where was she? 346 more words