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air, hair, fair, pair, stair, chair

care, rare, bare, dare, fare, hare, mare, scare, share, spare, square, stare, glare

bear, pear, tear, wear, swear

there, where


sing, ring, king, wing, thing, bring, sling, sting, swing, string, fling, cling

long, song, strong, wrong

sang, bang, fang, rang, gang, hang

sung, lung, hung, rung

old, told, cold, fold, sold, bold, gold, hold, mold, scold

all, ball, call, fall, hall, mall, tall, wall, small

Kindergarten Halloween -at Word Lesson

This week I had the opportunity to teach a lesson to my son’s Kindergarten class.  His teacher requested a lesson on The -AT Word Family and since I happened to be teaching on Halloween I figured there was no better time to bring in a black cat :).   240 more words

Word Families 1

Word families are groups of words that have a common feature or pattern – they have some of the same combinations of letters in them and a similar sound. (credits to owner)

TOEIC Test – 600 Essential Words: Part 6 Adverbs

The answer to How? Why? Where? & When? is an ADVERB. Adverbs add information about verbs. Adverbs also add information about adjectives and adverbs. 620 more words