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All the blankets (keeping that Comfort theme going!)

Recently Mason-Dixon Knitting had a giveaway (nope, didn’t win that one) and they asked their readers to comment about blankets we had knit.  That question sent me down the rabbit hole of my archives where I unearthed photographic proof of my blanket production. 271 more words


My Word for 2016

I’m not sure who started the “Word for the Year” thing, but a friend/leader encouraged me to come up with a word for this year. I really thought about it and even prayed about it. 223 more words


Winter comfort

Here are two items – though small – are making a huge difference in my comfort levels this winter.

The CatMan has been having some sinus issues, so he wanted to try a humidifier. 130 more words

Around The House

A Word for the Year

For the past few years I’ve heard about people choosing one word to focus on throughout the year. Last year I decided to try this out for myself; I chose the word relinquish to remind me to let go of the things out of my control. 421 more words

War Room Marketing

Get Acquainted with Your Higher Self

Everyone has intuition and a lot of us are even gifted in this department, but because of various blocks, belief systems, or lack of encouragement… it is possible to shut down that connection.  877 more words

Sharing in My JOY

Allow me to share a moment I had this morning embracing ‘confidence’ this year and learning to receive JOY.

I walked into my office to find some mail on the floor. 241 more words


Crushed by a Vending Machine?!

I would have liked to win that Powerball.  Like many people, I thought through the ways I would use the money.  And of course, being the benevolent person that I am, I would only need to keep about 20 million dollars or so. 503 more words