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Called to Duty: Leadership

While the value of leadership is not exactly one of the army values, I do feel like it wraps up this series pretty well. Together, all the army values make up the acronym LDRSHIP. 1,475 more words

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Misread Text: Matthew 21:22

Often times, people tend to look at a Scriptural text without having any interest in the context of the passage. Instead, the passage is used to reflect one’s own view or to teach something that is not the intended meaning for the text. 1,472 more words

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It Is Very Important to Understand God’s Disposition

There are many things I hope for you to achieve. However, your actions and all your lives are unable to entirely meet My demands, so I must be straight to the point and explain to you My heart and mind. 2,032 more words


Does God Call Women to Preach?

Our surprise should be great when women of piety mount the pulpit, for they are acting in plain defiance of the command of the Holy Spirit, written by the pen of the apostle Paul. 1,449 more words

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Test the Spirits

I can only say that I have observed one significant lack among evangelical Christians which might turn out to be the real cause of most of our spiritual troubles…the great deficiency to which I refer to is the lack of spiritual discernment, especially among our leaders. 1,406 more words

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Orthodox Churches and the Distortion of “Grace”

This is the first of a 2 part series of posts on the phenomenon of unbiblical understandings of “grace” that permeates Ghanaian Christianity.

Readers of my blog will notice that I have a problem with the way Ghanaian cultural Christianity uses the term… 1,883 more words

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