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(adj.) (mill-ENN-ee-ull) Pertaining to the members of the Liza Minnelli Dyslexic Appreciation Society.

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Word of the Day (10/09/2015)



  1. The tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

Word of the Day: Supercilious

Supercilious  adj. 1. Full of contempt and arrogance. 2. Behaving as if or showing that a person thinks they are better than other people, and that their opinions, beliefs or ideas are not important; condescending. 16 more words



I bleed blue, but it’s not the colour,

Love that’s lost,
Doors that are always open,
Promises that have been kept,
Calm before the storm, 96 more words

Word Of The Day

Engleza de octombrie/ Haveli

Haveli = a large impressive house.

Talking about what dreams may come, my “humble abode” will have a roof terrace for gazing at the moon. 26 more words

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Word of the day #282



A pottery term. Something made of clay, dirt or earth.

Example: The bowl was fictile.


To Know That Which Surpasses Knowledge

Good morning. It is Friday, October 9, 2015. Three days until our 30th anniversary!

Today’s word of the day, from dictionary.com, is tumescent. This adjective means, “pompous and pretentious, especially in the use of language; bombastic,” “swelling; slightly tumid,” or, “exhibiting or affected with many ideas or emotions; teeming.” 1,309 more words