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ORIGIN: borax + -on (as in carbon)

DEFINITION:  a high-melting trivalent metalloid element that is known both in an extremely hard shiny black crystalline form and in the form of a greenish yellow or brown amorphous powder, that occurs in nature only in combination (as in borax and boric acid and as a trace element in plants and animals), that is usually obtained by electrolysis of fused potassium fluoborate and potassium chloride or by thermal reduction of other compounds (such as boric oxide), and that is used chiefly in metallurgy (as for increasing the hardenability of steel) and in nucleonics because of its high absorption of neutrons; symbol  27 more words


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1. gray tinged with black

2. resembling or consisting of ashes

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The Case of the Missing Guinea Pig - Word of the Day Story

contradistinction – noun

1.   distinction by opposition or contrast

whodunit – noun

1.   a narrative dealing with a murder or a series of murders and the detection of the criminal; detective story. 970 more words

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Tou mo ro ko shi: Corn, yes, this long word means corn.

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Admittedly Off-Topic: The Word of the Day

I enjoy the discussions that I routinely have with my mother on “the word of the day” on dictionary.com.  Here’s what I wrote to her re: today’s word: “contradistinction,” meaning “distinction by opposition or contrast”: 74 more words


Word of the Day: Surreptitiously



  1. done, acquired, etc., in secret or by improper means
  2. operating by stealth
  3. characterized by fraud or misrepresentation of the truth



Word of the Day: "Aplomb"


Aplomb n.

Self-confident assurance, skill, and poise – especially in difficult or challenging circumstances.

Instead of using self-confidence use aplomb

She has the aplomb to lead the group through the challenge. 9 more words