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벌써 (beolsseo) [Word of the Day Series]

안녕하세요? (Annyeonghaseyo?)

Today’s post will be relatively short. It’s a word that we probably say a lot in English and don’t even think about it when we say it. 88 more words


Word Of The Day: Quench

Today’s word of the day is quench.
It is a verb that means to satisfy (one’s thirst, desires etc.).
Synonyms of it are slake, allay, and assuage. 121 more words

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The Difference Between 'Affect' and 'Effect' Is More Than Just An Alphabet

I love Reader’s Digest.

To date, one of my top three favorite birthday gifts is a recurring subscription to RD by my thoughtful sister.

RD is the only publication, that I can think of, which caters to a wide audience without ever losing its essence. 245 more words

Word Of The Day

Word of the Day - Switcheroo

Today’s word is switcheroo.  This is a sudden change that is completely unexpected.

This made me think of the irony of this match-up. Little ol’ me and my big dog, Denim, and my tall neurologist and his little dog.

Word Of The Day



“Thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation.”
Psalm 91:9

The Israelites in the wilderness were continually exposed to change. 678 more words

Word Of The Day

7. Switcheroo

Blackness surrounded the little farmhouse on the hill, velvety and thick as cream. Crescent moon and every star had tucked themselves under a blanket of deep pillowy cloud, so that one could not tell where the threatening sky ended and the ragged land began. 716 more words

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