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Awesome Chinese Public Bikes

Word of the Week: sǎo

If you are in China or ever plan to visit China you absolutely need to check out these public bikes. In big cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou they are now everywhere and all you need to do whip out your smart phone and… 227 more words

Word Of The Week

Do You Know What These Chinese Numbers Really Mean?

Why are Chinese people obsessed with numbers?

In China recently found out that I can’t change my phone tariff to a cheaper one because the digit 8 appears too many times in my phone number. 582 more words

Word Of The Week

Why is it so Difficult to be Vegetarian in China?

Word of the week: sù de

In China, if you stick to just ordering vegetable dishes you might still be eating food that is far from vegetarian. 679 more words

Word Of The Week


1 Chronicles 28:20

“David also said to Solomon his son, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. 195 more words

Peter Atteh Kodjo-Judge

Why do Chinese People Want to Look Like Aliens?

Like it or not, cosmetic surgery (zhěng róng 整容) is a huge market in China, and it’s growing. You can’t walk through a city without seeing a poster advertising… 373 more words

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Why is China So Noisy?

Word of the Week: rè nao

For some reason Chinese people seem drawn to those restaurants where you have to sit outside on a cheap little plastic stool for an hour before getting in. 573 more words

Word Of The Week

2017: The Year of the...Cock?

Chinese New Year 2017

This year is jī nián 鸡年 (the year of the chicken) although it could actually be the year of the rooster. Chinese friends less proficient in English might even mistakenly say it’s the year of the “cock”. 179 more words

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