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This Word is Super Handy!

Word of the week: shǒu

I recently made a trip to the dentist in China. He took one look inside my mouth and pulled a face that made me think “damn, this is going to seriously hurt both me and my wallet”. 444 more words

Word Of The Week

Is This the Most Awesome Word in Mandarin?

Word of the Week: lì hai

I was never a fan of karaoke in Britain. In fact I had to be very drunk to sing anything, and even then I hated it. 692 more words

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Sooner or Later You Will Need This Word

Word of the Week: chí zǎo

I remember the first six months of learning Chinese were pretty tough for me. I was working my arse off but it felt like I was getting nowhere. 407 more words

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Why Does Mandarin Have Two Words For "Thing"?

Word of the Week: shì

I hate shopping. I guess I’m a stereotypical bloke. Whether it’s clothes shopping or doing the weekly food shop, I just like the go in, grab what I need, pay for it and get the whole thing over with as soon as possible. 482 more words

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This Phrase Will Make Your Chinese Sound Naturally Hopeless

Word of the Week: méi bàn fǎ

Last week I took a flight to Hangzhou where I would spend a few days for the upcoming holiday ( 510 more words

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Awesome Chinese Public Bikes

Word of the Week: sǎo

If you are in China or ever plan to visit China you absolutely need to check out these public bikes. In big cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou they are now everywhere and all you need to do whip out your smart phone and… 227 more words

Word Of The Week

Do You Know What These Chinese Numbers Really Mean?

Why are Chinese people obsessed with numbers?

In China recently found out that I can’t change my phone tariff to a cheaper one because the digit 8 appears too many times in my phone number. 582 more words

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