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Why Speaking Great Chinese Isn't Always So Great

Word of the Week: kě

One of the downsides to speaking Mandarin is that I often hear people talking about me (in the third person) when I’m stood right next to them. 539 more words

Word Of The Week

Do You Know What "Past the Head" Means?

Word of the Week: guò tóu

Sometimes you go out for a couple of drinks and before you know it it’s morning and you’re greeted with a stinking hangover. 357 more words

Word Of The Week

Why is My Blog Blocked?

Word of the Week: píng bì

Expats often like to complain about the censorship in China. They will say it’s about a lack of freedom, but usually what they mean is they can’t do a google search, update their Facebook, or stream porn. 438 more words

Word Of The Week

So You Think You Know This Chinese Word?

Word of the week: 知道, 认识, 了解

The other day I was running late on the way to meet some friends at my favourite burger place. 640 more words

Word Of The Week

Can You Sell Cute?

Word of the Week:  mài méng

For Christmas I got some trouser braces and a bow tie. In Chinese that’s 背带 bèi dài (literally “back belt”) and 蝴蝶结 … 420 more words

Word Of The Week

Are Chinese People Bad Drivers?

Word of the week jià shǐ

My American friends tell me that in the USA Chinese people have a reputation for being bad drivers. I don’t know how Chinese people drive in America and I can’t speak about the whole of China (it’s a big place!). 363 more words

Word Of The Week

Should You Trust Your Chinese Landlord?

Word of the week: wěi tuō

Moving house or apartment is always a bit stressful and landlords (房东 fáng dōng in Chinese) can be difficult to deal with. 451 more words

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