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Why You Should Never Try DIY Plumbing in China...

Word of the Week: bái chī

Last week I found that I should never ever be allowed to do DIY plumbing. And I found out the hard way, by breaking the a pipe in the wall and having high pressure water spray out so quickly it managed to flood my whole apartment within just a few minutes. 456 more words

Word Of The Week

What Can You Win at a Chinese Wedding?

Word of the Week: kōu

I was at a Chinese wedding last week. One of those strange parties that is like a bizarre parody of a western wedding wrapped up in the format of a TV game show. 911 more words

Word Of The Week

When You're Lost For Words

Word of the week: fān bái yǎn

If you’ve spent any extended period of time in China you might already be used to hearing the same questions over and over again. 289 more words

Word Of The Week

There’s No Way I’m Doing That!

Word of the Week: dǎ sǐ wǒ

Love it or hate it, there is no way you can go to East Asia without experiencing karaoke. In China they used to call it… 529 more words

Word Of The Week

Thanks for Nothing!

Word of the Weeek: bāng dào máng

Ever had someone try to help you in China? Sometimes there can be a fine line between helping and interfering. 905 more words

Word Of The Week

One Chinese Word You Really Should Know

Word of the Week jiā yóu

One thing I love about China is how everybody is always giving each other added oil. No, I’m not talking about the food (although there is a lot of added oil in that…) I’m talking about that phrase 加油 … 579 more words

Word Of The Week

Being Pissed Off and Being Polite with One Word

word of the week: fán

One thing I don’t like in China is the number of sales people. I once tried asking for the price of lessons at a language school and was passed on to a ‘course consultant’ who just talked and talked at me about the school, trying to convince me to sign up before letting me know the cost. 735 more words

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