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So You Think You Know This Chinese Word?

Word of the week: 知道, 认识, 了解

The other day I was running late on the way to meet some friends at my favourite burger place. 640 more words

Word Of The Week

Can You Sell Cute?

Word of the Week:  mài méng

For Christmas I got some trouser braces and a bow tie. In Chinese that’s 背带 bèi dài (literally “back belt”) and 蝴蝶结 … 420 more words

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Are Chinese People Bad Drivers?

Word of the week jià shǐ

My American friends tell me that in the USA Chinese people have a reputation for being bad drivers. I don’t know how Chinese people drive in America and I can’t speak about the whole of China (it’s a big place!). 363 more words

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Should You Trust Your Chinese Landlord?

Word of the week: wěi tuō

Moving house or apartment is always a bit stressful and landlords (房东 fáng dōng in Chinese) can be difficult to deal with. 451 more words

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Another Awesome Chinese Word That Doesn't Really Translate

Word of the Week: shuǎng

Hangzhou had some great weather this summer. Blue skies and white clouds. Best of all, because most Chinese people have a sort of vampire-like phobia of sunlight I was able to visit all the best places with almost no one else around. 387 more words

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Why I Paid More Than 500RMB Tax on My 500RMB Raise

Word of the Week: fā piào

Getting a receipt in China is not as simple as you might think because, like so many words, there is no one single translation for “receipt”. 621 more words

Word Of The Week

Is This The Key to Langauge Learning Success?

Word of the Week: zǎo

When I was a student at Zhejiang Univesity I used to get up really early. I figured I could get up early and study a couple of hours whilst most other people were still in bed. 488 more words

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