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Is Hiking in China Really Hiking?

Word of the Week: pá shān

The first time a Chinese person invited me to go “hiking” I was a bit disappointed. We basically walked up some concrete steps to the top of a small hill. 366 more words

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Why Do Many Chinese Want Their Homes Demolished?

Word of the week: chāi qiān

I still have a vivid memory of watching the Beijing Olympics on TV and seeing Usain Bolt storm to 100 metres victory in a new world record time. 514 more words

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You Really Want to Visit This Chinese Street

Word of the week: guàng

My apartment in Hangzhou (háng zhōu 杭州) is just around the corner from Hofang Street (hé fáng jiē … 483 more words

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This Word is Super Handy!

Word of the week: shǒu

I recently made a trip to the dentist in China. He took one look inside my mouth and pulled a face that made me think “damn, this is going to seriously hurt both me and my wallet”. 444 more words

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Is This the Most Awesome Word in Mandarin?

Word of the Week: lì hai

I was never a fan of karaoke in Britain. In fact I had to be very drunk to sing anything, and even then I hated it. 692 more words

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Sooner or Later You Will Need This Word

Word of the Week: chí zǎo

I remember the first six months of learning Chinese were pretty tough for me. I was working my arse off but it felt like I was getting nowhere. 407 more words

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Why Does Mandarin Have Two Words For "Thing"?

Word of the Week: shì

I hate shopping. I guess I’m a stereotypical bloke. Whether it’s clothes shopping or doing the weekly food shop, I just like the go in, grab what I need, pay for it and get the whole thing over with as soon as possible. 482 more words

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