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Word: heterogeneity

You Pronounce It: 


1. the quality or state of being heterogeneous; composition from dissimilar parts; disparateness.

Heterogeneity is a word that signifies diversity.

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Word of the Week: Value

Value yourself.

Value others.

Value: /ˈvaljuː/

Have standards, give the word the regard it deserves, pay the cash that something is worth… VALUE

Word Of The Week

Word of the Week 5/2/2016 Relieved #WotW

So after last week’s shenanigans everyone is now well and back to school – thank goodness!

But we can’t not have a bit of drama, on Wednesday morning the central heating didn’t come on. 108 more words

Word Of The Week

Word(s) of the week: types of fog

I am pairing two weather-related words from two different places. The first is:

pogonip (noun). According to dictionary.com, it comes from a Shoshone word which refers to an ice fog that forms in the mountain valleys in Western USA. 294 more words


#tuesdayuseitinasentence -- Nuance

“Watching the film for the second time, I marveled at all the beautiful nuances the director had captured. The addition of a theme from Debussy’s “ 246 more words


Word of the Week


A furrow, a deep line in the face.


Word of the Week: maitasun

maitasun: love / amor

Yes, it’s February, so I’m going with a word associated with this month’s holiday. Maitasuna is the love you feel, while… 30 more words

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