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Word of the Week

In honor of our country surviving another inauguration, we are going to talk about a topic that is on everyone’s mind: Trumponomics.

What is it? How is this going to affect us? 180 more words

Word Of The Week

Word of the Week 20/01/2017 Diet #WotW

I replaced the batteries in my bathroom scales last week, and then got on to make sure they worked… :O

So this week has seem me counting points – I’m sure you all know which diet that refers to- and cutting down on the wine. 133 more words

Word Of The Week

Word of the Week



Lust-provoking, lustful; stiff, strained


Weekly Wednesday Word: Toilet

Welcome to ‘Weekly Wednesday Word’!Ever wonder where certain words come from? Well I do, quite often (probably too often). As a writer I find a deeper knowledge of linguistics and etymology to be not only useful but downright enriching. 339 more words


A Solipsist's Grandiloquent Susurrus: Wednesday Wordage

Anybody who knows me personally is thrilled (horrified) whenever I learn a new word. In fact, they can’t wait to hear me use that word in every single possible context during conversation or Facebook communication. 618 more words