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Word of the Week: Reflection

“Christmas is not only a season of rejoicing but of reflection,” once mused Winston Churchill.

I think the atmosphere of the holiday season, coupled with winter weather and the close of another year all adds up to a time where we tend to ponder the past, consider the present and anticipate the future. 456 more words

Word Of The Week

Word of the Week

Hannah again,

This word of the week is Cachet. Meaning: a seal of approval: a mark of prestige.

So when you next approve of something, you have a new word that you can use, how about that?

Have a great week,


Word Of The Week

Word of the Week 17/12/2017 ARGH! #WotW

I’d love to have done a nice fuzzy warm post with no venting but… ARGH!

The snow on Sunday has wreaked havoc throughout the entire week for me.. 259 more words

Word Of The Week

Word of the Week

Weirdmobile: (n) weirdo.

It’s used in the film White Christmas and I don’t think it will, but since my friend Luzanne’s trying to get people to use it, I’ll help her.

Expat Life

Needing to be believed?

“Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear!  – Luke 1:42

The two women again, each needing affirmation. Elizabeth and Mary, both carrying babies under extraordinary circumstances, and not knowing who to tell!

580 more words
Word Of The Week

Word of the Week - Candela

It’s that time of year where we put out candles to light up the dark afternoons.

A candle makes any atmosphere cozy and/or romantic.

Candle in Italian is  122 more words