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Tone Policing

‘Tone policing’ is the act of focusing on someone’s ‘tone’ rather than their arguments in such a way that it upholds systematic oppression. It includes ignoring someone’s argument or considering it invalid because it was said in a ‘rude’ or ‘angry’ tone. 362 more words


Attention Pop Culture Pug Friends!

Each week, Vito will post a “word of the week” in which Vito asks all of you about a cultural studies term. If you respond to Vito’s question through… 77 more words


Text: Luke 15:11- 17
“… and there wasted his possessions with prodigal living. But when he had spent all… he began to be in want… “ 236 more words


Have courage, my dear

Hey Girlies! It’s been a while since I last posted, and you girls have all been settling back into school mode! This is a busy time of year. 231 more words

Word Of The Week

Word of the Week: Mischievous

Most people think the word above is pronounced miss-cheev-ee-ous, or miss-cheev-ous. Wrong. And annoying.

Mischievous should be pronounced miss-chiv-ous. It’s an adjective to describe someone or something designed to cause trouble. 45 more words

Word Of The Week