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I Am Six

Six Year WP Anniversary

It is six years since I first started this blog. And I’m still here!

Thank you to everyone who has joined me along the way and shared in my little blog of everyday life. 130 more words


"Eid-Greetings 2020- I have 100 Followers!!"

Photo by Mayank Baranwal on Unsplash

Hello and Salam to all my followers. I am sorry that I have been away from WordPress for few weeks and couldn’t read your amazing posts. 83 more words

I've been losing lately and I don't like it.

I’ve been losing at cards. Consistently. I’ve been losing at Yahtzee too. And Scrabble, which never happens. I even came close to defeat in Scattergories. For me, that’s losing at the apocalyptic-level. 660 more words


What's in a Name?

Have you wondered where the name for this blog was “born?” Like most names of things, there is a reason for the name. One of the rules of semantics is that “man is the namer of things.” I learned from my cousin Priscilla in Houston, TX, that the first Bobo relative lived in France and spelled the name Baubau. 312 more words

The absence of hope is not yet despair.

I don’t experience the absence of hope as despair. At least not right away.

I’ve experienced the absence of hope before. It dribbles away, piece by piece as depression moves into ascendancy. 843 more words


Thank God for antibiotics.

Thank God for antibiotics. We mostly don’t die from simple infections anymore.

The first was penicillin, discovered in the 1940s after British scientist Alexander Fleming observed the effect a specific kind of mold was having on infectious bacteria. 886 more words


Why ?? Earth become periodic deadly pool..

God have made many beautiful , facinating and attention grabbers as universe or world we live . But the most loveable and attention grabber place he made sitting with his superior scientists and magicians was a place filled with full of science , bit of magic and unseen and unimaginable bueaty ‘ 290 more words