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New digs... NICE!

Really liking the new editor.  Streamlined and a lot easier (quicker) to manage post and media.  This should make things a lot easier…


Feb 27 2015 brain bench testing and adding all my work on the correct pages on my blog.

Today I put all my work I have done in the past few weeks on the correct pages so you could see them in there categories. 41 more words

Word Press

Feb 26 2015 Movie Poster

Today I made a Ghost Rider Movie poster and It looks pretty cool. I made the background of the sky lighter by adding a blend mode an I added some stars and a Blood moon as well. 40 more words

Word Press

Feb 25 2015

I was gone on Feb 25 Because i was sick.

Checotay Horton

Word Press

WP, you really suck sometimes.

I’m a pretty easy-going person. I tolerate a lot. I’ve seen some bad instructions, wrong word pronunciations, etc. here in WP and I usually let it go. 519 more words

Daily Prompt

Feb, 24 2015 Brain bench tests and movie poster assignment.

Today I started on some brain bench tests an I passed one of the two that I took they are really confusing sometimes. I also started on my movie poster part 2 and I can not find a movie thats interesting to me. 36 more words

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