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A co-worker and I created Hawker because we kept seeing amazing work created by our middle school students  that wasn’t being shared outside individual classrooms. Hawker is an  all-digital space where middle school students write and share articles on life in middle school.   30 more words


Flash Reality.2

Since both computers are struggling, figure our band width has been cut. Whether it’s because we haven’t resigned our 2 year contract, there is a general problem, or to get folks to buy the highest internet speed (for the highest price). 68 more words


Stay chilled

The secret to life is to stay chilled and relaxed about stuff.

We can only control one thing and that is what we choose to do, think, feel, say or the people we surround ourselves with. 305 more words


Flash Reality

I’m having BIG problems with some internet sites, including my wordpress blog. So, if I don’t respond to comments its because I couldn’t read them. If I don’t post to prompts, I probably have it in template form, but can’t see if it published correctly. 67 more words

Word Press

On a Blogging Series

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My post On the Blogging Blues (April 27, 2015) was not only well received, readers provided many worthwhile comments about related topics. While the post focused on the importance and types of blogging breaks as a way to prevent the blogging blues, I collects the comments, organized them into topics, then paraphrased the wording. 321 more words


Yet more wordpress craziness

Aw come on!
First you muck up the statistics page
Then you stick that banner of hatred on top of my screen.
Now it appears you’ve  mucked up the “free backup export” up by sending a link to my email? 118 more words

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An Open Letter To WordPress

To All Concerned,

Signing in today to see the brightly colored and distracting header you have chosen to display, (I assume on all WP accounts, and I HOPE only for today) wouldn’t be nearly as disturbing as it is… 201 more words