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Black Lab

Black Lab

Soft fluffy fur

Bounding across the lawn

Forever spreading love and peace


(Cinquain-2, 4, 6, 8, 2)

First Touch

Forever looking for the first touch

Individual fingers, slowly moving over cool skin, exploring and defined

Remembering each soft caress as if they would never end… 69 more words

Interview Prep: 7 Tips to Get You Through!

Congratulations! You landed the interview! Now what?

Trying to prepare for an interview can be intimidating, overwhelming, nerve-racking, and whatever other –ing adjective you can think of. 833 more words

The Abyss

Standing in the door,

Hidden in obscurity

Planning the first step

Hesitant, the black abyss

Awaits, swallowing the night

Tanka-5, 7, 5. 7, 7

Jase-A Haiku

 Eyes closed, tail wagging

Sleeping and dreaming, happy

I am loved by all

         Legs moving quickly

On the chase, can’t seal the deal

         No problem, I’ll wait… 10 more words

The Lure

Cast the line

with baited hook

a glancing eye

a fatal look.

The hunter swift

circles its prey

devour another

day after day.

Cunning and slick… 89 more words

As Crimson Quintessence

Weekly Photo Challenge - Quest

September 26, 2016 — This week’s photo challenge is the quest.

Every year, I wait until the end of the summer to take my vacation. 79 more words