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This Sleek Galaxy S8 Case Offers an Insane Amount of Protection

* Dual layer hybrid case
* Ergonomic design
* Choose from five stylish colors

So you’ve got yourself a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S8? Well you’ve come to the right place to find an unbelievably sturdy case that’s as luxurious as it is functional. 322 more words

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Hide admin menu on the front end word press

add_action(‘after_setup_theme’, ‘remove_admin_bar’);

function remove_admin_bar(){

if (!current_user_can(‘administrator’) && !is_admin()) {




subcategory template in word press

function new_subcategory_hierarchy() {  
    $category = get_queried_object();

$parent_id = $category->category_parent;

$templates = array();

if ( $parent_id == 0 ) {
    // Use default values from get_category_template()
    $templates[] = "category-{$category->slug}.php";
    $templates[] = "category-{$category->term_id}.php";
    $templates[] = 'category.php';      
} else {
    // Create replacement $templates array
    $parent = get_category( $parent_id );

    // Current first
    $templates[] = "subcategory-{$category->slug}.php";
    $templates[] = "subcategory-{$category->term_id}.php";
    $templates[] = "subcategory.php";

    // Parent second
    $templates[] = "category-{$parent->slug}.php";
    $templates[] = "category-{$parent->term_id}.php";
    $templates[] = 'category.php';  
    return locate_template( $templates );

add_filter( 'category_template', 'new_subcategory_hierarchy' ); 20 more words

841 km

If you’ve ever been to France I think you can agree that it always feels like home. I get the most amazing welcome and loving embrace upon arrival. 146 more words


Deal with it

Friendships, relationships, life experiences, trials and tribulations. What’s the point behind them? Why do they have to be so fucking hard? I used to ask myself this constantly. 162 more words


The opressor

As we sat at my dining room table I watched silently while the sadness and frustration took over his mind. I stared into his big brown eyes and saw a broken man who just wanted to be treated as an equal. 705 more words


Mental Health Awareness Week- My story

Surviving or thriving? The question that keeps cropping up this week, but if I was to ask myself which one i fell under….I would probably be just surviving trying to thrive, but unable get past the surviving part enough to do so. 388 more words