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Energy bills can suck but bad customer service 10x worse

Was trying to call #customerservice today and 1st time it took 17 minutes just to have my call released no one said anything 2nd time back to back I called back because I have nothing better to do (ummm yeah right) I’m on hold over 45 minutes same mess I since had emailed them my question and this time when someone answered and said nothing I said hello, and let me guess your going to hang up as well. 55 more words

Just Gettin Started Bloggin

On Writing for Blogs

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When I wrote On the Blogging Blues (April 27, 2015), I had no idea the level of comments readers would provide. After all, the post was about the importance of and the different levels of blogging breaks. 337 more words


On Blogs: Posting and Frequency

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When I first started blogging almost 7 years ago, I posted every 2-4 days. Somewhere along the line, I felt that more posts meant more hits, more regulars, more comments, and whatever else can be tied to more. 268 more words


Oh, The Drama: Internet Friendships and Dissociative Disorders

If anyone on Word Press has received an email from someone who has decided to stop following my blog because “I” don’t care for their friendship and their comments then this is the whole story. 2,785 more words


On the Blogging Community

“I came for writing, but stayed for friendships.” (A friend of Pauline’s: The Contented Crafter)

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Although simple and real, many of us can relate to that quote. 361 more words


To My Friends on Word Press

Hello to my Friends on Word Press.

It’s time for me to take a week off to rebuild my computer.

I will begin posting again on the 20th, although I will post Flickr Wednesday on the 15th. 32 more words

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