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Never Trust a Charmer

A charmer is someone who tells you what you want to hear and then precedes to do what he or she wants. They can not be trusted. 313 more words


Excerpt #3 from Seven Degrees of Drama

A Marriage of Convenience

Brenda wanted to be a supervisor and discovered having an affair with another supervisor was the way to achieve her goal. So she set her sights on Larry, who was married, which made no difference to Brenda. 665 more words

Four Colour: An Arkansas Based Indie Comic Dream~Come~True

So often, the major comic publishers suck all of the oxygen out of the room when it comes to the comics industry. The big 3 take up much of the spotlight, however, there is a whole world of independent comics out here in internet land waiting to be tapped into. 414 more words

My Take On The CNN Protest Against Fake News: July 22, 2017

Last Saturday, July 22, 2017 … people who are tired of all the fake news, the slander and the assassination of innocent people’s character, came together … in protest … in front on the… 507 more words

Debbie Barth

Pickled Cucumbers

On my last visit to the village amongst my bag of goodies were a big bag of beautiful fresh cucumbers far too many for us to eat so I decided I would pickle some after distributing some to my neighbours. 342 more words

مشكلتي مع شركة فودافون

مشكلتي مع شركة فودافون هي اني كل ماجي اعمل مكالمه عنيا تزرف بالدموع لاادري شنو هذا الموضوع

اييوه با فندم يعني استفسار حضرتك ايه

من الشبكه في شيء ي الشبكه يجعلني كل ماجي اعمل مالمه عنيا تزرف بالدمع ولا ادري شنو هذا الموضوع

اود ان اننوه الي ان الزميل راوف خليف من قطري وقطر دوله الجلاش الجلاش الحيزون  ليتس جو زا شت

العنب العنب العنب احمر ودمه خفيف العنب احمر ولونه ظريف العنب العنب العنب 

البلح البح 

حب ما تعمل حتي تعمل ما تحب

الشيخ البحبحاني

الشروط الواجب توافرها في هذا البودي جارد

  • قوي الشتيمه
  • زو بئس حاد النظر
  • لايقل طوله عن 110 متر ولا يقل
  • وزنه عن 210 رطل 
  • مينفعش 205