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If today was your last day.

A lot of people enjoy hating Nickelback. Me, I’m a fan. One, they’re Canadian. Patriotism demands my support. Two, what’s to dislike? They create light, fluffy, danceable, and occasionally deep rock and roll. 556 more words


Still struggling with "bad" food.

I have a potluck lunch today at noon and I’m so anxious about the whole thing I’m having trouble breathing. Shallow breathing and anxious feelings are stepping stones on the path to panic attacks, so this is not a good thing. 872 more words


A bit of dark apathy.

I’m feeling dark.

I used up too many spoons yesterday, a potentially fatal mistake when you’re deep in depression’s grip. It was my son’s twentieth birthday, however, and there was up to be gotten, preparations to be made, food to be cooked, and people to be interacted with. 282 more words


The subtle art of giving advice.

Advice is a tricky thing.

If you think advice is wonderful, consider how you react when you get it, especially the unsolicited kind. We are all better givers than receivers in this regard. 749 more words


Years that end in nine.

What is it about years that end in the number nine? Why are they such a big deal? We get excited when the calendar clocks over to zero yet, realistically, it’s much ado about nothing. 621 more words