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Problems About Work

In this video, I explained how to solve word problems about work.

Here’s a worksheet from Math-Aids.com to help you practice.

Work Word Problems #1… 43 more words

Civil Service Exam

Job seeking without the buts

One of my frequent thoughts when exercising: “I want to get rid of this butt.”

There is a different B-U-T job seekers could eliminate to make them look nicer. 609 more words

Reading the Comics, September 22, 2015: Rock Star Edition

The good news is I’ve got a couple of comic strips I feel responsible including the pictures for. (While I’m confident I could include all the comics I talk about as fair use — I make comments which expand on the strips’ content and which don’t make sense without the original — Gocomics.com links seem reasonably stable and likely to be there in the future. 1,088 more words


Professor Povey's Perplexing Problems

Check out this new puzzle book for upper-level high school students & adults:

Thomas Povey is a Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford, where he researches jet-engine and rocket technology. 281 more words


Teachers -- Your Nescafe Maths Opportunity!

Sometimes an opportunity to teach Maths in a REALISTIC way presents itself in the least-expected places.

Take NESCAFE, for example! (Yes, please!!)

The makers of this wonderful beverage recently launched (in July, 2015) a “new and improved” Café Menu range of Nescafe. 168 more words


Liar's Math

When Pinocchio lies, his nose gets twice as long. When he tells the truth, his nose gets 1 cm shorter.

Today, his nose was 1 cm long in the morning, and it is 100 cm long in the evening. 27 more words


Help Frankie with an AdventureLand MATH Challenge

“Hi Jumpeez, Frankie here! My friend Pierre has been visiting the mysterious and wonderful regions of AdventureLand on his summer vacation. While he’s been away, I received a surprise letter from him detailing some of the exciting things he has seen on his vacation. 275 more words