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Arrays, arrays, arrays

In maths, we have been learning how to can use arrays to help us to complete multiplication questions and then we had to answer some really tricky word problems. 219 more words


Mathematician of the Week

Well done to our first Mathematician of the Week of 2017.

We have been learning about how to use arrays in maths this week to help us with our multiplication. 27 more words


Math Problem of the Week #17

George rolls a random die and flips a random coin. What is the probability that George both rolls a prime number and flips tails?

Weekly Math Problems

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Math Objectives

The math objectives present in the photos on this post were written for former students of mine. These types of objectives are ineffective and ubiquitous. When I have sat in IEP meetings the majority of the time I am the only person who is capable of evaluating IEP math objectives. 365 more words

Math Problem of the Week #16

John has a fair two sided coin and Jennifer has a fair six-sided die. John flips the coin and Jennifer rolls the die. What is the probability that Jennifer rolls a perfect square and John flips a heads?

Weekly Math Problems

Who am I ?

I am a two-digit number ‘ab’. I am special. I am a prime number. Not just that, I am prime number ‘pq’. ( As in, 2 is the 1st prime, 3 is the 2nd prime, 5 is prime number 3, 7 is prime number 4 and so on). 116 more words


Math Problem of the Week #15

Starting January 2, 2017, Jeanie saves one dollar on Monday, three dollars on Tuesday, five dollars on Wednesday, and so forth until Sunday, when she saves eleven dollars on Sunday. 27 more words

Weekly Math Problems