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The Thursday morning “coffee, muffins and listen” at the Faculty Summer Institute is about Open Educational Resources.   This guy is from Libretexts and is going over the basics :)    This guy is still mainly about text as the mode for learning but it’s interesting to hear the perspective from the upper end of higher education; he’s about chemistry.    207 more words


Want to talk some Blog Talk?

I have noticed I have started talking and maybe even thinking differently since I began blogging. And I have been talking things out more, as in out loud, as in to inanimate objects, talking to myself a lot more, etc., too. 348 more words


Adding and Subtracting Integers Word Problems Free Download

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Blog Freebie Adding and Subtracting Integers Word Problems

At the beginning of sixth grade, students are hit with a whole new set of numbers called integers. 239 more words


A "Verbal Processor's" Dilemma

So here’s the problem. I find myself continually feeling upset over some personal interaction or conversation gone wrong. And when these slight (or sometimes not so slight) conflagrations – or impasses – or mild disagreements, even – occur, it is a lingering upset. 373 more words

Math Roll-a-Word-Problem

TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS FREEBIE COMING UP!  KEEP READING! (How’s that for a shameless plug?) Plus, there are photos of my cats coming up, so that is a reason to continue reading! 730 more words


Math Unit 7: Family Letter

Pacing and SBAC

Before Spring Break, we finished Unit 6 and our first look at fractions.  With SBAC testing around the corner, we will try to get through as much of Unit 7 (and Unit 5, which we skipped) as we can before we begin testing mid-April.  480 more words


Differentiating Word Problems Using A Poster Board

Fun Facts:

I love the song in this video (It Ain’t Me x Selena Gomez) and I LOVE this poster board even more. Ehhhh…. I guess I’ll give one more fact. 241 more words