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Math on the Brain

On this morning’s run to Priest Point Park, I was thinking of Ms. Z’s Marysville Middle School mathematicians. More specifically, I came up with a real world word problem for them. 439 more words


How to solve word problems

Many of you have come across problem which look more like English comprehension problem than mathematics riddle. Looks can indeed be deceptive. They usually come in the chapters of “Linear programing“, Application of derivative “,”application of differential equations.” etc. 365 more words

IIT Coaching

Why & How to Use Task Cards in The Classroom


Task Cards Save Paper: Using task cards can cut down on the number of copies and paper used because you don’t need to make a set for each student and if laminated or kept in protective sleeves, they can be used for years without printing new copies.  537 more words


Mathematician of the Week

Our mathematician of the week is a superstar! You have tried so hard to answer your length word problems by yourself, you recognised which operation to complete and you could show clear working out. Fantastic! :)


Visualizing Word Problems with Bar Model Diagrams

A friend emailed me, frustrated with her child’s math lesson on bar diagrams: “Why do they have to make it so complicated? Why can’t we just solve the blasted problem?” 369 more words


Understanding Multiplication and Division in Word Problems

So, the fun and games of learning how to make arrays, skip counting on number lines and using models to solve multiplication problems has lead to the equally exciting task of solving division problems.  458 more words


The One with Arrows and Numbers

When you don’t speak the same language, but you still all have to explain to the Mister:

What do you notice? What do you wonder?