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Partners? Partners; or, "Please, meet my live-in friend!"

Some people have a problem with the term “partner”. Despite the fact that I’m married, and that we decided to call ourselves partners rather than husband and wife on the paperwork (a happy remnant, I think, from the otherwise half-arsed-mid-2000s-marriage-equality-compromise-that-left-everyone-mad, … 805 more words

Not The Top 100

Word problems

I realized a few days ago that having written a post entitled The End without posting anything else since may have left some with the impression that I would not be writing again.  507 more words


Reading the Comics, May 9, 2015: Trapezoid Edition

And now I get caught up again, if briefly, to the mathematically-themed comic strips I can find. I’ve dubbed this one the trapezoid edition because one happens to mention the post that will outlive me. 756 more words


Reading the Comics, May 4, 2015: Hatless Aliens Edition

I have to make two confessions for this round of mathematics comic strips. First is that I was busy for like two days and missed about a jillion comic strips. 701 more words


Musings from the Laudromat: Meditation, Math & the answer is Yellow Edition

This is truly a beautiful sight …

No, not the man in the hat, although, I’m sure he’s a lovely person.

It’s just such a relief to have had the pick of the washing machine litter. 386 more words


This week we've...

learnt expanded column addition in maths and recapped finding the difference between two numbers by counting on. We then used these strategies to solve some word problems. 69 more words


GMAT Quant: Basic Concepts

8th grade was a long time ago. Just like that time when you were stood-up for the homecoming dance, chances are you also blocked geometry class from your memory. 2,136 more words