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Reading the Comics, July 4, 2015: Symbolic Curiosities Edition

Comic Strip Master Command was pretty kind to me this week, and didn’t overload me with too many comics when my computer problems were the most time-demanding. 1,033 more words


Algebra II - Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring (+Word Problems)

The word problems I will cover:

  1. Bob threw a ball directly upward with an initial speed of 32 ft/s. How long was the ball in the air?
  2. 58 more words

Algebra - Word Problems (Mixture and Rate)

The problems I will cover:

0:35 – A cashier has 20 bills, all of which are $10 and $20 bills. The total value of money is $220. 137 more words


Reading the Comics, June 16, 2015: The Carefully Targeted Edition

The past several days produced a good number of comic strips mentioning mathematical topics. Strangely, they seem to be carefully targeted to appeal to me. Here’s how. 456 more words


this is a vague sort of survey

I know I haven’t posted anything new or of any importance lately, but I wanted to get a few different opinions on this word problem I’ve been thinking about. 40 more words

Time Flies on the I.S.P.

“Greetings, Blasters! Max here, and I need your help calculating this tricky math question. This Blaster I have with me, Tom StellarJupiter, has a really busy day at Spaceport and needs to make sure he will be on time for his lunch with GC at 2:00pm International Spaceport Time (IST). 340 more words


HOPE Standard O2

O2 – Offer appropriate challenge in the content area. Teacher candidates plan and/or adapt curricula that are standards driven so students develop understanding and problem-solving expertise in the content area(s) using reading, written and oral communication, and technology. 211 more words

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