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Maths Challenge: First class vs. Fifth class 

As a part of Maths Week, 5th class, Room 7 have come up with a number of word problems for all of the students in first class to solve. 40 more words

Fifth Class

The Power of Mindfulness

{Preparation 10 (Passion +Persistence)}


{Connection 10 (Compassion +Courage)}


{Excellence 10 (Achievement + Wisdom)}


{P110 (P2+P3)} + {C110 (C2+C3)} + {E10 (A+W)} = Power… 71 more words


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How to Succeed in Math: Answer-Getting vs. Problem-Solving

You want your child to succeed in math because it opens so many doors in the future.

But kids have a short-term perspective. They don’t really care about the future. 405 more words


Optimization in Calculus: Beyond the basics

My worksheet: Optimization word problems

A common refrain from students and teachers alike, is that optimization problems in Calculus can be very dry. How many “what is the maximum area of the rectangle” or “what is the maximum height of the rocket” problems can you give? 181 more words


Solving Word Problems

Word problems can be tough. Using the CUBES method makes things easier! Find out how circling, underlining, and drawing boxes can help you tackle even the hardest of problems. 22 more words

Daily Lessons

Put On Your Thinking Cap

© 2017 Bill Murphy

Oh that it was always that easy. The first step is to find your thinking cap, what ever that is!

I can’t remember the first time I heard that time-honored admonition. 345 more words

Cubic Polynomial Word Problem: Jenny and the Magic Bean

Here is a PDF version of a math problem I recently created. You’ll have to know how to factor cubic polynomials, so you may want to brush up on that first, or use this problem as a refresher. 71 more words

Word Problems