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Reading the Comics, June 11, 2016: Mostly Mathematics As A Signifier Edition

For this week’s roundup of mathematically themed comic strips I have a picture again! After a month or so. It’s great to see again. Also there’s several comics I could swear I’ve shown and featured before. 1,080 more words


Mathia X Review

I was out marking roads for yesterday’s webinar on the latest THING THAT IS GOING TO SAVE ALL MATH INSTRUCTION BECAUSE IT IS SO GOOD AND AMAZING. 2,062 more words

Math Education

Reading the Comics, June 3, 2016: Word Problems Without Pictures Edition

I haven’t got Sunday’s comics under review yet. But the past seven days were slow ones for mathematically-themed comics. Maybe Comic Strip Master Command is under the impression that it’s the (United States) summer break already. 560 more words


How old was Alexander the Great?

I’ve been hunting through a lot of early modern French algebra textbooks lately, and one of the unanticipated pleasures had been reading the word problems that the authors devise for their readers. 1,316 more words

17th Century

Is it the FLUORIDE? Today's humans are so dumbed down, they can't solve sixth grade word problems based on simple addition

Source: Natural News, by Daniel Barker

Judging from what one runs across on the internet, it’s easy to believe that something must be dumbing down the populace, as a recent Daily Mail piece humorously illustrated. 544 more words

Dumbing Us Down

Why do so many people hate math?

My students say it all the time. “This isn’t math class, why do we have to do math, especially word problems?” It’s frustrating. Math is all around us. 546 more words

Children Operating a Buttercup...

Buttercups are still very much props during our outside play times.  In this blog post you’re viewing the children operating a buttercup and “purple flower” stand.   37 more words