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More Distractions ...

I got into doing the “mirror” homework assignments (if you get a bad grade or 0 on homework, there are ways to get credit for it, and this would be one:   you come down and go over the work with me, with a similar assignment).   273 more words

Speeding Through Galaxy Grand Prix

Our Blaster friend Sara CyberSatellite is practicing today for a BIG race this upcoming weekend. To help make sure she is ready to excel tomorrow, Sara needs to time herself and see how long it will take her to complete the race. 279 more words

Galaxy Grand Prix

Making Room for Creativity in Math

By the second half of the year, my girls understood addition is putting things together to get more. They understood subtraction is removing things to get less. 461 more words

Food and Fractions

As I sat, enjoying a pepperoni and onion pizza with two friends, we came to a dilemma: there were three hungry individuals and only two pieces of pizza left. 329 more words


Poe’s Puzzle: Casting Charms with Division in Windy Hollows

While strolling through the streets of Windy Hollows, Frankie suddenly received a message from an owl. It is very unusual for something like this to happen, even in the land of Windy Hollows, but any time you get a message like this, you know it must be from one green character… Poe. 262 more words

Kids Education

Reading the Comics, July 7, 2015: Carrying On The Streak Edition

I admit I’ve been a little unnerved lately. Between the A To Z project and the flood of mathematics-themed jokes from Comic Strip Master Command — and miscellaneous follies like my WordPress statistics-reading issues — I’ve had a post a day for several weeks now. 483 more words


Running out of Buffer

ha ha, when i get into the mood to write, i really get into the mood to write. and i end up burning out dumping it all onto my keyboard at once. 400 more words

A Different Approach