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I feel like my conversations at work get out of hand pretty quickly. Today, for example.

Mike: One more count before you go on vacation. Excited? 284 more words

Reading the Comics, March 26, 2015: Kind Of Hanging Around Edition

I’m sorry to have fallen silent the last few days; it’s been a bit busy and I’ve been working on follow-ups to a couple of threads. 696 more words


a 4th grade question

After a race among some animals in a forest, they could not figure out who has won the race so they got the wisest animal among them: Mr. 310 more words

Test Prep.

Reading the Comics, March 22, 2015: Word Problems Edition

After the flurry of comic strips that did Pi Day jokes last time around, and that one had worked in a March Madness joke, I’d expected there to be at least a couple of mathematically-mind college basketball tournament strips coming up this week. 811 more words


Slow and steady wins the race

This story begins with Katie trying to solve the following problem:

In 36 years, my grandmother will be 100.  How old is my grandmother now? 380 more words

Math 8 - Percent Word Problems

Your mission: Make me 3 different word problems involving percent. Each question must involve a different aspect of percent. You will also have to include the correct answer with each question.   67 more words

Grade 8

Day 126: The One Where If You Fall Really Far, You Will Die

We’ve been experimenting with word problems as integrated math and English Language Development. Students read the problem, solve the problem and then do a write-up of the problem. 460 more words