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Trick or Treat!

Now that I’ve completed sets of numberless word problems for all of the addition and subtraction CGI problem types, I wanted to do something fun. 946 more words

Math Problem of the Week #7

Paul arranges 4 cubes with the colors green, yellow, blue, and red in a row in facing him. What is the probability that the red cube and the blue cube are on opposite ends of the row?

Weekly Math Problems

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine....

Number literacy begins as early as kindergarten. Kids sing and dance while learning numbers. Trust me, everything seems blissfully easy and fun at that stage of life for most kids. 726 more words


The Power of Mindfulness

{Preparation 10 (Passion +Persistence)}


{Connection 10 (Compassion +Courage)}


{Excellence 10 (Achievement + Wisdom)}


{P110 (P2+P3)} + {C110 (C2+C3)} + {E10 (A+W)} = Power… 71 more words


"A" is for Architect

A-R-C-H-I-T-E-C-T —- Architect. Why I wasn’t ever entered into a spelling bee as a child, I’ll never know. English, spelling, reading – anything to do with words – is all me, all day. 2,792 more words

New Home Construction Process

Math Problem of the week #4

With different words, this is a problem I encountered in real life.

Three kids are sitting in a row. Each of them guesses a number 1-3. 33 more words

Weekly Math Problems


I am still not the King of Groupwork. In fact, I generally seek to use primarily chalk and talk, and then individual work, methods to teach. 426 more words

Reflective Journal