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Word of the Day: Tawpie

Hopefully this week’s Word of the Day doesn’t remind you of your own youth…

Tawpie: A foolish or thoughtless young person.

Where you’ve seen it: In “The Strange Case of Dr. 29 more words

Mimi Towle

WORD! Dilemma - Two M's Two Undesirable Options

TGFMM (thank god for making mistakes) because that’s how we learn, right? Now that we know the definition of dilemma -choosing between two undesirable options as in “Would you like to go engage in a sword fight with an evil maniac or jump off a cliff to escape” (This is a dilemma!)  we will never spell it wrong again. 23 more words

Mimi Towle

WOD: Word of the Day - Backward or Backwards?

We all have pet peeves…mine just happens to be a single word in the dictionary. I can’t stand when people use the word “backwards” instead of “backward” — as in, “Head backwards, make a right and you can’t miss the great sale at Saks…” 112 more words


WOD: Word of the Day Rye Versus Wry

Let us first set the scene for you: there we were, relaxing after posting our weekly Word of the Day entry when a savvy reader pointed out we had incorrectly used the word Rye instead of Wry. 63 more words


Word! Hopefully is Acceptable!

When we got the latest AP Stylebook updates … we had to look twice.  Hopefully is now acceptable. And why not, it’s such a sweet word, full of … hope and good intentions. 207 more words


WORD! Awhile or A While? Simple Explanation.

For those of you who blog or need to create content in some form for work … we hope you can relate to our enthusiasm when we get something correct! 279 more words


WOD! Word of the Day: Grouse

It’s Wednesday, you’re half-way to the weekend so stop the grousing! Used here — today’s word of the day is all about grumbling, complaining and all around fretting but it’s also the term for any numerous gallinaceous birds of the subfamily Tetraoninae. 49 more words