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Prefixs are added to the beginning of a word to make a new word, eg mis+take. Some common prefixes are ‘mis’, ‘dis’, ‘re’, ‘for’, ‘anti’, ‘ante’, ‘sub’, ‘un’ and ‘in’. 86 more words


Synonyms and Antonyms

Which one? Find the synonym for the word

Word Frog find the synonym, antonym, and homonym!

Synonym toast! Help Word Girl stop the avalanche of bread slices.


Activities for the Week of Mar 23

It’s hard to believe that spring is here. It actually snowed last week – not much, but in the DC suburbs, any snow is news. I’m not sure that the rest of you are snow-free, but how about a bit of springtime fun to get you in the mood for spring? 629 more words


Love of Wisdom

Yesterday we continued with looking at base words, prefixes and suffixes.  We try to infer their meaning based on a list of words that share the same base and then we look it up to test our theory.   91 more words

Word Work

Wordy Nerdery - Morphology & Etymology

I borrowed the titles of this post from a blog of the same title about word study using inquiry.

We are in the beginning stages of our inquiry, looking at prefixes, suffixes and base words. 134 more words



Hello Educators! My name is Emma Dean and I am a student at Kent State University. I am pursuing my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. 279 more words


1st Grade Word Work

My first graders continue to work super, super hard for me!  We are doing a lot of work on word parts so when we come to unknown words in our reading and writing we can help ourselves by looking for a part we know, seeing if we know a word that looks like it, and trying it!  26 more words

1st Grade