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Long /i/ Sound

We have been learning about the long /i/ sound in words. What are some words with the long /i/ sound? What letter/s make the long /i/ sound? 18 more words

Itsy Bitsy Spider

A nursery rhyme that we are going to learn about and focus on for this week is Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Today we are going to listen to it and think about what the rhyming words in it are.


Two weeks ago, we talked about the blend, /dr/. Blends are two or more letters that work together to make sounds. Watch the following video and see if you can work out which blend we are focussing on this week.

Long /e/ Sound

Last week we started a long /e/ investigation.

  • What are some long e words that you know?
  • What are the combinations of letters that make the long e sound?
  • 29 more words

This is the House that Jack Built

We are going to start learning and listening to nursery rhymes. The first one that we are going to learn about is This is the House that Jack Built. 7 more words

TpT Sitewide Sale

**in my best Oprah voice**  You get a discount, you get a discount, you get a discount, EVERYONE GETS A DISCOUNT!!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the TpT Back to School sale is ON!   188 more words


Word Work-Free Download!

I’m starting a new word work center in my classroom this fall and I decided to give it a try with one of my summer school students. 270 more words