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Two Books

In¬†June, I wrote about my son-in-law’s Christmas gift to me — reading four books together in 2016. The first two books were a resounding success so we each made another pick. 301 more words

Word Work

I SEE PUMPKINS! Meet the "little ones"...

I SEE PUMPKINS! Meet the “little ones”…

My hubby, AKA  Farmer Without a Farm, is growing pumpkins!

In our back yard.

On the fence.

Across the lawn. 219 more words

Classroom Organization


See all those books?

Those are books that I have bought and read and highlighted about the craft of writing. There’s another stack that size of more books I have checked out of the library on the same topic. 209 more words

Devo Drops

How do we do word work?

We make the letter sound connection using playdough

We make words using what we know about letters, sounds and how they look and sound together… 37 more words


Long /i/ Sound

We have been learning about the long /i/ sound in words. What are some words with the long /i/ sound? What letter/s make the long /i/ sound? 18 more words

Itsy Bitsy Spider

A nursery rhyme that we are going to learn about and focus on for this week is Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Today we are going to listen to it and think about what the rhyming words in it are.


Two weeks ago, we talked about the blend, /dr/. Blends are two or more letters that work together to make sounds. Watch the following video and see if you can work out which blend we are focussing on this week.