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First steps in advertising

Words with “back up”

Provocative advertising vie ”memes”

All of us have seen the famous ”memes”. They have superpowers in a few points of view: they can be useful when you (or your page) want to become popular in the social networks, to publish a funny or provacative tought and last but not least to simply advertise a brand of a company. 18 more words


Brewed Thoughts - Psalm 119:105

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Day 12: Original 50 Days of Pray Revisited

Thoughts of Day 12: We all at some point need someone to meet us at our low points. Travelling those times alone lead us to depression and anxiety, points where we may feel like giving up on God, our families, friends and maybe even our lives. 621 more words


Insignificant : Zoom 2

Nothing is big nothing small
An infinite Russian doll and we’re in the middle of them all
No doll insignificant to the components of the toy… 290 more words


Keren! Destinasi Beroksigen Terbaik di Dunia Ada di Sumenep

Bestprofit – Menteri Pariwisata (Menpar) Arief Yahya mempromosikan destinasi dengan kualitas oksigen terbaik di dunia yakni Pulau Giliyang di Kabupaten Sumenep, Jawa Timur, kepada masyarakat yang ingin menghabiskan libur lebarannya. 311 more words


Veterans of fare

Moon sliver hanging low

I’ll do the same

Anger on the larger scale

Tries and attack smaller game

Uncommon courtesy

Bearing the blame

No stop to wonder… 97 more words


Ini Kepanikan yang Terjadi Saat AirAsia Bergetar Mirip Mesin Cuci

PT Bestprofit – Sejumlah penumpang pesawat AirAsia rute Perth-Kuala Lumpur mengungkap pengalaman menegangkan saat burung besi yang mereka tumpangi bergetar seperti mesin cuci. Seperti diberitakan sebelumnya, AirAsia dengan nomor penerbangan D7237 terpaksa kembali ke Australia setelah mengalami masalah teknis dan bergetar hebat. 165 more words