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Tuesday night on the couch with the dog

Ten minutes ago I searched for a photograph of “Jennifer Lopez without makeup.” I really did that. Her bare face is good and looks like her, although the photo caption claimed that “She is unrecognizable!” 1,021 more words



From the heart it all flows

to the head is where it all goes

Every word spoken

is given like a token

Bad or good… 13 more words

Power to Become A Son

John 1:10-12 –

What does it mean to become a son of God? It means to walk with God.  Even more importantly, it means to sit with God and to hear words from his mouth as one who has a legitimate claim on words more precious than silver or gold. 27 more words


재채기 (jaechaegi) [Word of the Day]


So maybe this isn’t the verb form of this word, but it is a verb and it’s one that you’ll probably use at least once in a day. 49 more words

Word Of The Day

What's in the Dynamically Enhanced unit?

Clayton Nolte’s page on Facebook just posted this, so I’ll share it here as well.

Natural Action Technologies has found natural elements that help neutralize electromagnetic energy that many of us are bombarded with daily.

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Here's a Running List of My Favorite Words

Unfortunately, I don’t think I could get away with labeling this a “listicle.” Darn, just when I thought I was on-trend.

Anyways, I’ve kept a running list of my favorite words for a while. 438 more words

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