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GachiYellow reveals analytics

This blog post is in reference to this:

Should I post my analytics?

I decided I should post this information. For everyone reading, don’t think because your  blog / facebook / twitter / social media account is small you can’t change the world. 363 more words



orbituary: n. the official announcement
when a satellite looses orbital inertia,
and plunges back to the planet’s surface.

see: obituary, orbit


Put a Full Stop (.) to Hate

When you hear a good word spoken about your friend, tell him/her so. But when someone say a bad word, try to keep it to yourself and try to make that person see that it is not so, instead of spreading the hate. 10 more words

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When God Speaks

“The one who does not expect that God will speak will discount every single time when God does speak.”  -A. W. TOZER 1,172 more words


Get Real (Wk. 2): “Am I Better Than Others?”

This week’s lesson on humility was a pretty challenging one. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the humblest of persons and by saying that I’m not trying to sound pious either. 834 more words