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WordCamp Milano 2016

Just came back home from the Milano WordCamp. It was my first WordCamp since ages.

I love how big the community is now… 96 more words


Working with WordPress

Where I’ve Been

A couple of years ago, I embarked on an adventure to learn how to use WordPress to make websites with custom themes… 324 more words


I'm at #WcNashik

This wordcamp was my 4th wordcamp as attendee. I knew about this wordcamp by social media and my colleagues. One of my colleagues was speaker for this wordcamp. 330 more words


Yes No and Maybe

Every day we ask ourselves questions, and we give answers too. Some days you ask why in Heaven’s name did I do that? You answer, “Because you’re an idiot.” Some days you ask yourself if you’re stupid and you answer yes. 1,274 more words

Living Better

WordPress Community Interview With Adam Silver and Kyle Maurer

If you were looking for an example of a close friendship that was created from being involved in the WordPress Community, look no further.

Adam Silver… 137 more words


WordCamp Video Highlight

This week we feature videos from WordCamp Moscow 2016 and WordCamp Pittsburgh 2016.

Дмитрий Майоров: Как опубликовать свою тему в директорию WordPress

From WordCamp Moscow… 84 more words