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The power of WOM

Its interesting how there are so many ways to advertise these days with so many social media platforms and news apps yet WOM is the most effective use to spread word about your brand. 436 more words

Please Tell People How Much You Love Us

Imagine this. You’re on the road on your way to work one day, minding your own business, when your friend calls to invite you to lunch over the weekend. 515 more words


Out of all of the transformations through the years of technological advancement and the “information revolution” that has occurred, two transformations have had impacts that seem to stand out from the rest. 516 more words

Spread the Word

I know, I know. Tooting one’s own horn is not fun, at least for this gal. However, word of mouth has proven to be the best marketing tool out there. 171 more words


SocialLadder Featured on Philly.com

SocialLadder’s recent Eventbrite partnership announcement has been featured on philly.com! Check out the story on their site, or read the text here:

SocialLadder, the Philadelphia-based live-events network marketing company, announced Wednesday that it’s partnering with Eventbrite, the event and ticketing platform, to integrate SocialLadder’s online ticketing technology with its comprehensive brand ambassador management system. 169 more words

Facing the star dilemma of reviews

I got a Facebook notification for a review that I had received on a page I manage the other day and it got me thinking – how would an outsider know if these ‘star ratings’ are truthful or merely troll? 252 more words

Chapter 7: Energizing the Groundswell

This chapter was very interesting and a good read, as it was very relatable and easy to understand. The first thing to distinguish with the groundswell is what is energizing? 635 more words