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Me and Blue decided to do this in public in front of a large crowd and see if anyone gets the reconstruction. I doubt it. She’s good at shit like that and I am not ok with doing it with because I am a massive coward. 46 more words


Those Little Things... Again.

Cuz I’m stoned, I learned to appreciate little things a lot easier. I did a post like this last time, but here are some more things. 187 more words


The 29 Day Challenge: Part 10- Most Proud Moment.

Err…..I should probably say the fact that I’ve changed from being a bad guy to being the good guy for a healthy number of years and sticking to that mindset. 461 more words


The 29 Day Challenge: Part 8 & 9.

8. Old Photos of Me

Oh for fucks sake. Why did I even agree to this bullshit challenge? Fucking hell.

……Say nothing. Not a word. You’re only getting one. 312 more words


Creating a box around a paragraph

Whilst on placement last year with the Information and Advice team at Salford City Council, I was involved in the web redevelopment.  As part of this,  I was shown how to use their web development pages to create and amend their webpages, which included putting boxes around text. 222 more words

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Mapping a subdomain to your own wordpress.com blog

雖然早在去年就已經到GoDaddy.com買了新的Domain Name

但今天終於把wp-blog.tonyhao.net這個subdomain mapping到這裡

原本的tonyhao.tw已經在2015-02-21到期了, 而我也不想續了


而且是我的第一個Domain Name, 多少有些情感…XD



1.費用問題: .tw Domain的費用真的比Top-level Domain(.com .net .org …etc)貴很多! 53 more words


Getting feedback about your blog

My blog has been created for, and will be assessed as part of, my university degree.  Being a new blogger, I am keen to get feedback on what I have developed so far and want to make improvements to increase followers and achieve a high grade. 211 more words

'How To' Tips