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"Blood" & "Time Frames" by Scott McCloud


Blood: As the name does not suggest, this comic deals with the lighter topic of “reality.” What makes something real to us even though we’ve never sensually experienced it with our own eyes, ears, hands, noses, and mouths? 368 more words

Concept in 60

What is a Concept in 60 seconds?

This idea packages a great deal of information in a tiny, 60-second video. In order to do that without creating a train wreck of a video to be devoured by YouTube comments, the information has to be well-organized, put into simple terms, and offer insight into a significant concept. 303 more words

Rhetorical Analysis of Multimodal Texts

Why analyze the rhetoric?

Analyzing the rhetoric of a text can explain why the text is successful or not because it lets us see how well the author addresses the rhetorical situation. 678 more words

Making an Audio Essay

What’s special about an audio essay?

Audio essays allow us to focus on the persuasions and intricacies of the human voice. We’ve discussed at great length its power and persuasion, which is organized and resented as language. 771 more words