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Happy Anniversary!

One year anniversary of my first post! How time flies when you’re having fun

And in that time I’ve achieved…nothing. Not gotten started on any path towards moving abroad, not moved to Italy to pick olives or whatever, not gone to university/college or gotten a job here, not been to London, not made any friends, not gone to any meetups. 180 more words


It's Official - One Year Anniversary

Well it’s official.  357 posts later, over 12,000 views, I’ve made the

One year mark here at WordPress! Stats, I don’t know that they

mean or what they equate too. 192 more words



Yeah, apparently today is my 3rd WordPress anniversary woop! Love to you all, it’s been fun <3


One Year Wordpress Anniversary!


I did it, I made it! Today marks my one year blog anniversary on WordPress and it has been wonderful to say the least. I seriously find it awesome that they keep track of that information and remind us, because it just goes to show all the post and work I put behind my writings and how far I have come as a blogger in the blogosphere. 336 more words

Happy Anniversary!

So I just happened to click on wordpress instead of my online college course in the drop down menu and it brought me to the realization that today marks my two year anniversary of having a blog. 310 more words


Happy Anniversary! 

One Year mark with WordPress.com. Happy to have sustained this blogging outlet. Cheers to more writing years! ⌨️

Online Mom

Happy Anniversary to KittOMalley.com

I’ve been blogging for three years! Yay! Hope to do more writing. Hands full this week caring for my son.

He’s going through a rough patch. 92 more words