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Raptor, 15 *Five Years of Blogging*

Before I start, today is my five year anniversary for blogging with WordPress (Phew, I had know I idea it had been that long since I started.) So I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers and those who have given comments and likes. 775 more words

This blog turns 1!

WordPress tells me it has been a year! (But I didn’t need WordPress to tell me that. I remember writing my first post on May 21, 2014.) 92 more words

Bits And Pieces, Complaints (mediocre Writing In The Short Form)

My Blogging Space - One Year On

I have just been notified by the good people at WordPress that today is the first anniversary of my blog, it really is incredible how quickly time passes. 364 more words


One Year Wordpress Anniversary!

Hi guys! Just a very quick post to say thank you to every single person who’s following me on here, on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Soundcloud – wherever, and however much you like/retweet/whatever my posts, it all means so much to me. 121 more words

WordPress Anniversary

Cool, I registered on WordPress a year ago. That makes me happy. I’m thinking tomorrow I’m gonna spend the afternoon on my patio drinking tea writing letters, blogging, and reading. 9 more words

Before I Get Interru-

Three times I’ve sat down to write this post out.

This is my fourth attempt and here I stand my ground to tell you this little nugget: I’ve been working this blog for *counts on his fingers* two years? 289 more words

I Love A Good Coincidence

Sometimes things happen in life that make you stop for a second, as you work out just how freaked out you should be, what a small world it is, or how strange life can be. 519 more words

Loving Life