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Is Climate Change to Blame for the Syrian Refugee Crisis?

In four and a half years of armed conflict in Syria, over 250,000 people have lost their lives and a further 4,000,000 have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries. 1,174 more words

Climate Change

From Tee To Blue - haiku by Dennis Lange

The sign says
Beyond that wet spot,
No buggies.


When flooding,
I would have known that
Without signs.


While flooding,
The water hazards… 49 more words


Reddit Writing Prompts

Reddit is a magical website full of everything my heart could ever dream of finding on the internet. Today, I’m taking the advice of my boyfriend who said I should try to focus on one specific theme instead of jumping around as constantly as I do. 654 more words


The Barber And His Helper by Dennis Lange

The barber we call Winter cuts
…The leaves from off the trees.
They stay upon his barber chair
…Till shorn down to their knees. 

And all their brightly colored locks… 50 more words


A Lack of Thoughts?

I’ve been struggling to formulate enough stimulating thoughts to combine into an oh so eloquent blog post. I’ve been jumping from page to page of various other bloggers and the advice everyone gives is this: Write about what you want and use your own voice! 137 more words