I have a plan!

I’m high

My head is floating and heart is singing

The anticipation, the build and preparation

Has me breathing deep and letting go

aaaaahhhhhh sighing big sighs… 46 more words


Looking back

I used to be a writer

I gave it up for my sanity’s sake

Still, my heart pounds hard at the thought of returning

Thankfully the calamity that was my life is no more… 86 more words


before i die.

so i kinda always wanted to do this.

before i die, i want to ______________ .

  1. go out without permission
  2. to be more serious imp. things…
  3. 187 more words

Photo challenge: Rare

The Daily Post photo challenge for this week: Rare



Photo Challenge

A different day

The same song but a different day

The swell it creates in me today is reminiscent

Reminiscent of a  beautiful storm

On this play all I can feel is a heated excitement… 27 more words


Writing Can Be Therapeutic

A few years ago I read a book called The Artist’s Way. It was one of many self-help books that I’ve read that actually has made a positive impact on my life. 443 more words


The Daily Prompt: Reach

Today’s prompt is all about Reach. I gave it a bit of a thought and decided that it has to do with my blogging history so here goes. 282 more words