Industrial Piping in Food Industry

Safe and Hygienic Industrial Piping:

Food is an important aspect for any living thing. Food is a great enjoyment too. Food is harvested and is immediately consumed. 633 more words

A Decade On...Happy Anniversary To Me!

Exactly 10 years ago right at this time, I was laying on a hotel floor in Hisaronu, in Turkey, fighting for my life!

Thanks’ to Dr Phillip Reginald’s psychopathic crime of overdosing me, in a secret and illegal clinical trial, without my knowledge or consent. 697 more words

A Whistle Blowers Diary

How to write a blogpost when you are in lack of inspiration.

You are well-informed know, the difficult part of a blogging journey is not the creation of the blog itself but the process of writing blogposts. 532 more words

Best Blogging Tips


• Must have a positive state of mind (don’t feel oblige to write if you have no inspiration)
• Write as if you are talking to a friend (make the reader to feel your friendship ) 733 more words

Best Blogging Tips

The symbol

If you write your posts in another place than wp app, wp admin or dashboard and then paste the text into the postmaking section you will find out that your spacing and paragraphing will not follow. 82 more words

What Ever

Dad has been missing all day. Me and sissy are sitting on the front porch looking at all the family arrive. It’s muggy and hot outside, but it feels better than being in the house. 28 more words

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