How To Be Discovered on WordPress!

Featured on Discover is the blog award given by the WordPress editors. I’ve been honored to win five of these awards. They have brought thousands of views and lots of new followers to the Wild Ride. 1,248 more words


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One of the most asked questions about blogging is "how can I drive more traffic to my posts?" There are a lot of answers, but they usually fall into one of two camps: 1) answers that promote a specific content promotion strategy; 2) answers that talk about quality content and SEO. These are good things, don't get me wrong! But if you're already doing them and you aren't getting noticed, it's probably because thousands of others are doing the exact same thing. There are just so many bloggers out there. And readers only have so much time to devote to reading blogs in a given day. Doing all the right things is pretty much the bare minimum now. It's going to take something more to get noticed and build a following. Enter this post from Susie Lindau, which gives advice about how to get just one specific audience to notice you: the WordPress editors. Being featured on WordPress has helped Susie grow her blog following, and it can help you too! Find out more by clicking through to her original post. As always, comments are turned off for reblogged content. If you want to comment on the post, please leave your remarks on the original post. Thanks!

Making Wordpress Work With Mobile Devices

Going mobile with WordPress…

5 Ways To Make Your WordPress Site Mobile Compatible

http://ift.tt/2mtONtE This video shows you five different ways you can convert your WordPress site to a mobile website. 269 more words


Google Code-in - An opensource contest for pre-university kids

This is Adi Vishnu Avula writing a blog on WordPress.

I am a student studying 9th grade at Little Flower E.M. School, Guntur, India. I always had an interest in persuading my career in IT as I had a lot of interest in Software development and blogging. 759 more words

Adi Vishnu Avula

Hitch Up Your Blog And Travel The Blog Train ~ January 1, 2018 Departure

Calling all Bloggers…The Blog Train is about ready to leave the station….


I thought it would be fun to make a blog post for fellow bloggers to share their blog and other social media sites. 183 more words

Social Networking

A BETTER Intro Video (From our YouTube channel) | JoeBonett.com!

A much better, more realistic introduction.

To be fair, I figured I’d post a brand new introduction to describe a bit more about the site and to showcase our new theme-song/title sequence. 63 more words

How To Quickly START A Wordpress Blog [Step-By-Step Guide]

How to Easily Create a Stunning WordPress Blog.

You will agree with me that as a content marketer, one of the best decisions you can ever make is to start a  3,038 more words