English 69: Creating Your Wordpress Blog

Create your blog

Invite Prof. Weigand:

  • Add Prof. Weigand as a “User” with the role of “editor.” Send invitation to weigansm@lavc.edu…
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Spring 2015

Make Up Your Damned Mind Already!

So those of you that are reading my blog or have, have probably noticed the quick change of blog usernames.

The other two titles didn’t fit for me. 162 more words

Add Google Analytics in wordpress websites

How to add Google Analytics in your wordpress website

Follow these easy steps:

1) First step Create account in Google Analytics

http://www.google.com/analytics/ 101 more words

Wordpress Blog

Happy Valentine's Day

I love poetry and I enjoy recording them. Of all the poems I have read, I love this one the most because it’s so heart wrenching, yet sentimental and loving. 51 more words

A "Comment" For Us All <3

In response to my Poem Dress Up With Words, a comment was left by a lovely man/blogger , whom I know as db. What he left behind for words had me wonder if it was a quote he had found and not one that came from his own heart. 143 more words