A Farewell by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Flow down, cold rivulet, to the sea,
…Thy tribute wave deliver:
No more by thee my steps shall be,
…For ever and for ever.

Flow, softly flow, by lawn and lea, 67 more words


Three Miscellaneous Haiku by Dennis Lange

If It’s Not Too Much Trouble

I want one –
Perfect one, far left,
Bottom row.


Barren Branch

Midst of life,
Among all the green, 93 more words


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My WordPress stats

My WordPress stat is not quite good from past two weeks as I dint post much in this month.

But I kept myself active in WordPress by commenting and liking the blogs. 20 more words


Takes Our Breath Away by Dennis Lange

Valued things we seek each day;
…Our panting does it take,
Like the cashier takes our pay,
…And takes all that we make. 

But the treasures sought in life… 29 more words


How to love your kids

Start this one by having a genuine love for your kids.Reward them when they do something right and when they are wrong teach them thru it.Realize that kids are going to have their ups and downs think back when you were young.You wasn’t perfect so give them the benefit of the doubt when they do something wrong.Be a friend to your kids chat with them like you would your friends,without using vulgar language.Your kids will be more comfortable telling you things.Things that they talk to with their friends they will start to talk about with you.This is good,because it keep you up to date with what your kids are going thru.When you have this type of relationship with your kids it is something special.When your kids get old enough talk to them about sex share with them a few of your life stories,teach them how to have safe sex and what having sex just because will do to them.Disipline your kids only when they know better,when they get older they will respect you instead of holding a grudge.Kids know when they are in the wrong.Teach them how to exercise and eat right this play a major role in their life as they get older.Sacrifice your life for theirs make it all about them.Last but not least make sure your kids have a everlasting relationship with god.

How To