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Comfort with taste!

I have missed this thing so much while I was staying away from home for studies.! It’s Pulav with home made curd. Nothing fancy! But it taste so great(may be because mom made that). 14 more words

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I'm Having One of Those Days

When you have so many things to say but can’t find a word. :(

Well, I’m grateful for everything in my life. All of you included. 12 more words


Bulla Ki Jaana by Rabbi Shergill

This is one of those songs which I really love but always forget the name of the song and than I have to try so damn hard to recall it.(I hate when that happens) 54 more words


Can I just say, YAY..!!!

Thank you all for all the likes and comments and following.

TUDles..! ❤❤❤


Monday Evening Bake

Chocolate chip cookies with m&m on top.. Slurp Slurp

TUDles..!! <3 <3 <3


My Favorite Summer Lunch.

Hey you all there! How are you?

So in this post I don’t have anything fancy. It’s just my pure Gujarati lunch. I had Patta gobi ki sabji (Cabbage sabji), Chapati(Flat bread), Aamras(Mango Puree kind of thing), Cucumber-Onion-Beetroot(Did you know, eating raw onion will actually protect you against sunstroke, my granny used to say so). 65 more words