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Calf lives with family & their dogs

An infant cow cannot nurse from his mother. The ranch family begins bottle feeding the calf. Then the family dogs adopt the calf, and he plays with them. 137 more words

Why Do Dogs Do That?

Meet and greet thursday!

hi readers!
I decided to do a meet and greet today! Its nice to connect with other wordpress bloggers, and gain new followers and meet new friends! 21 more words


A Vampire Parent At Wordcamp Sacramento

I’ll be at the Sacramento WordCamp today. If you’re there look for me. No, do not look for some weird gothic blood dripping weirdo. I’m in a blue shirt and olive green pants. 113 more words



There’s a place I knew once,
A place where I cried,
A place where I laughed,
A place where I mourned.

It had simple walls, 29 more words


We don't need no education!

Love this blog.

This post has a wide scope aimmed on American values. Are we willing to help each other?

This is a hot topic these days. 326 more words

Dog Adoption

Without Shame: The Rapist


Hunger usually drives an animal to hunt – at least that’s what humans have deduced from observing the actions of animals in the wild. The need for sustenance, the pain from the emptiness, the sheer need for food prompts such a brutal act. 1,427 more words


Without Shame


We live in a society that vindicates the offender and manages to pile all the blame of a wrong action or series of actions on the person who suffers the most from their doing: 1,397 more words