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How to format poetry in WordPress (updated)

This is an update of my previous post about formatting poetry in WordPress because someone asked me how to format a prose poem this week and I realised I hadn’t mentioned how to do that before. 731 more words


We All Are Passengers

It is said that “life is a journey”. Therefore, it simple means that from the moment we were born we became passengers.

However, the journey is not the same for everyone. 106 more words


To all ye writers...

Revisiting my earlier days, I recollect how blog awards were quite a deal. I always felt, it totally justified, to have the efforts of bloggers, rewarded. 400 more words


A Story By Many Part 2

Chapter 1
“I watched her twirl her hair around her index finger as she let out the softest laugh I’d ever heard. It was unlike her, I knew her laugh and this was far from it. 448 more words


Thanks For The Memories

Today is the 7th Anniversary of starting Chocolate Castles! FaceBook occasionally posts our memories and this popped up on mine today. It is amazing that it has been 7 years since first wondering if I could write and create a blog. 188 more words

Daily Thoughts

Art Won't Saviour But WP That's Another Story!

Art Won’t Saviour But WP That’s Another Story!

Art Won’t Saviour But WP That’s Another Story!