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To The Girl

To the girl who cries herself to sleep at night,
To the one who sits, alone, in the dark, pondering on the essence of life, 75 more words



Piece by piece I break,
The shell of what I once was, is all that’s left,
The original me, long forgotten,
All that’s left are fragments of a life no longer in existence. 50 more words


I'm Depressed, but It's Okay.

If you rummaged through my social media and met me, you would think that I am just a happy go lucky girl who’s positivity was all natural. 560 more words


Stop dreaming and start living

May 2 2017

The way to work, my last work, used to be pretty weird. Back then I was working 12 hours four days a week and my shifts were some months at dayshift some moths at nightshift. 497 more words

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Hello Everyone!

Good Morning, Good Evening, or if your about to go to sleep then bonne nuit! Hey everyone, I hope that you’ve all been doing well. 251 more words