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How Do You Learn to Write?

A week ago marked the end of an intense Bloggers U class from WordPress that was called Writing 101.There must have been over 130 people registered for the class, with about 110 actively participating.   1,222 more words


Drinking the Kool-Aid

The WP assignment two days ago is to write about someone I’ve met in the past year.  How do I write about someone and still honor his/her right to privacy??   199 more words

Writing 101

Finding A Letter

Friday’s assignment:

I see the garbage truck has just emptied the recycle bin at the apartment complex I’ve been staying at lately.  Amongst the wind-blown paper scraps that missed the garbage truck, one large scrap is blown in front of me during my morning walk. 31 more words

Writing 101

Loss, Part I: Pep Talk

The WordPress assignment is to write about loss:  this has taken a while for me to choose which one to write about.  I didn’t want to get too personal or depressing, nor did I want to be flippant.   151 more words

Writing 101

Day Three - Day Late

Did yesterday’s writing prompt in notebook today.  No great insights.  I’d prefer to practice writing blog posts, to get in that habit, to re-establish habit I had in November 2014 for NaBloPoMo. 43 more words

Writing 101

Redwood Matters

Today’s WordPress writing prompt is “choose a place to which you’d like to be transported if you could — and tell us the backstory.”

Redwoods.  More than redwoods:  redwood forests.   175 more words

Writing 101