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The Way You Taught Me

I can’t look for you,

you’re not there.

I can’t touch you

you live in the air now.

But I can feel you

if I keep my heart open. 17 more words


Learning new things, or "Hey, I never had to leave Kansas after all!"

Hey everyone,

So when I started this blog, as I’ve mentioned (my kids will be like “Really, mom? Again?” … ok, no they won’t, because they don’t read my blog … but if they did …), I was trying to get a handle on web design. 367 more words

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7 Ways Get Your Property In Shape As A Rental Unit

If you’ve got a property you’re planning to use as a rental home, here are 6 starting points to help you rent it more quickly and to save money later, too. 42 more words

Steve Mullings

Denim Insulation: The Good And The Bad

Post industrial and post consumer-use denim and cotton are recycled into insulation. Is it the best choice for you? Here are some thoughts to consider. *** Insulation in any form is earth-friendly. 41 more words

Steve Mullings

4 Ways To Use Color Thoughtfully

Color isn’t just about mood. It can help solve decor problems without costly renovations. Have a look at 4 problems it can help with. *** Color is one of the most basic elements of home decor. 37 more words

Steve Mullings