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Problems of 46 years of Bangladesh, which are still not resolved

The problem of Bengali people with mountainous people is economic, land grabbing; Then added cultural problems and the Bengali’s own problems were mounted on the hills. 463 more words


India and Bangladesh government is cheating Bangladesh

Rampal power plant will be built at a cost of $ 200 a kilo; The government of Bangladesh will give 160 crores of dollars, this is 70 percent of the capital; PDP will give 15 percent (20k dollars) of capital, the remaining 15 percent (20 crore) will be given by India’s National Thermal Power Company; So, the ownership of the government of Bangladesh will be 70%, PDP ownership will be 15%, the company will own 15%. 264 more words


Donald Trump, who brought changes around the world !!

From the day the Donald Trump as the US President has entered the White House, the relationship with the United States has changed a lot. 793 more words


(Not a joke between somebody) poetry or rhyme?

What is to know what is
Not so much savings
Pocket is empty
I came to Dhaka
I see the eyes in the blind
Road ghat all baked. 62 more words


W is for Wufoo.com

I’m feeling my age today, after going up into the attic on Tuesday. Not a good idea for someone of my age with CFS/ME and fibromyalgia. 589 more words

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