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WordCamp Excitement. Destination Mumbai.

I’m pretty excited right now, as I will be attending WordCamp Mumbai 2017 with eight of my friends on March 25th and 26th at Bandra. Though we guys are basically from… 524 more words


Boundless Challenge #6

EXTRA! EXTRA!!!!! I GOT AN A- ON MY FINITE MATH TEST, LOVELIES!!!! You’re seeing this minutes after I did and I can still barely process what just happened. 224 more words

Live Boundless

Boundless Challenge #5

My apologies for missing last week! Schoolwork just piled up on me last minute and I didn’t have time to write a post. However, I think that this #boundlessmoment in particular will make up for it. 277 more words

Human Potential

Miracles and Wishes

I’m playing around with visuals a little bit (drew inspiration from BeautyBeyondBones) so let me know what you think of the Featured Image!

I’m sure it’s not news to you lovelies when I say that life is full of ups and downs. 822 more words


Flotsam Art

Ocean pollution is a huge concern worldwide, but head way up to 71*N in the extreme northern hemisphere to the remote village of Honningsvåg, on the island of Magerøya in the North Cape of Norway and meet Erica Haugli through her blog – … 241 more words

Nature Photography

Boundless Challenge #4

Based on this way this challenge has been going so far, I decided to change my approach a little bit. At the end of each week, I’m going to nominate blog posts that echo surpassing expectations. 412 more words

Human Potential

Hello, and a very hearty new year greetings to everyone. I know I’m a bit late on this, but better late than never have a chance to express my deep love for everyone on this platform. 249 more words

Expanding Awareness