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The Dirty Diaries' Reboot

This past few weeks I’ve been thinking about changing my blog name and URL from The Dirty Diaries http://thedirtydiaries.wordpress.com into something completely different because I just want to but I’m having second thoughts and difficulty deciding about whether or not changing it since people have known this blog for as it is by name. 241 more words

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One-Liner Wednesday -- Eating my words.

Back in September of last year when the new iPhone 6 hit the streets and city sidewalks and stores were overrun with consumers in full orgasm, I said something to this effect on my Facebook page: 132 more words


The leopard tortoise: the close-up details

Follow the link to Brie Anne’s macro photography challenge  ….  ” allows us to see the world in a new light. Some of the best macro subjects may appear mundane at first — things you’d normally pass by without giving a second glance — but get just a little closer and there’s often a hidden beauty to be discovered.” 15 more words

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~Life is Good! Why I Share My Heart and Bits of Life.

Anyone wondering if I was too drunk to realise the state your ears would be in if you listened to the footage of an Idiot and her( Sons) guitar… 644 more words


Thieves Better NOT Follow The Dirty Diaries

If I’m proud of being myself it’s because I’m a police and I do simple police slash investigative job. And I’m good at it. Dang, I’m very good at it. 136 more words

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Sadist Heels: First Look

What’s goin’ on, everybody!

I recently wrote a short story about a blind date gone off the tracks. It’s called Sadist Heels, and it reads like a short film. 385 more words


On the Blogging Community

“I came for writing, but stayed for friendships.” (A friend of Pauline’s: The Contented Crafter)

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Although simple and real, many of us can relate to that quote. 361 more words