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Award, blue sky tag

Angela over at
has nominated me for the blue sky tag. I haven’t done this one before so today I am. :-)

Here are the rules: 275 more words


Piggyback: Riding Atop

As baby baboons develop they progess from clinging below their mothers’ bellies to riding atop their backs.   This juvenile baboon is probably old enough to be walking alongside its mother;  instead it displays a rather confident riding ‘style’.

WPC: Atop

Nature Photography

Boundless Challenge #9

This has to be my biggest #boundlessmoment yet. As you lovelies know, I’ve been a victim of bullying as a young child which majorly impacted me for years to come, but what you don’t know is what exactly happened and how I felt. 222 more words

Human Potential


Signs of autumn appear and last week the swallows (Hirundo albigularis) were gathering, swooping  and wheeling in large flocks, getting ready for their long flight back to the northern hemisphere. 22 more words

Nature Photography

Boundless Challenge #8

Today, I got published on Seeds 4 Life. This is the very first step on my journey of 2017 blogging goals, and I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself. 145 more words

Human Potential