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My Mental Health Tag Reblogged

As I am sitting here struggling to find words to describe my own story with mental illness or to bring awareness more. As I would love to do more this week and I have talked about in recent posts I figured The Mental Health Tag I did a few weeks ago when I first opened my blog would be a great idea to share again. 100 more words

With this morning awful events

I heard from the wordpress community a fellow blogger attempted suicide this morning. I have also heard the cops were contacted and got to her on time. 335 more words

Sweet Nectar

Sweet is the nectar that the little sunbirds and Cape sugarbirds enjoy flitting around the garden.

WPC: Sweet

Nature Photography

A Writing Reset

Long time, no talk. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down to write a blog post, despite intending to do so for a very long time. 361 more words


The Liebster And Sunshine Blogger Award Mash-Up!

I have recently been nominated for two different awards, so I decided to do them as a mash up in the same post and answer all the questions that my nominees asked. 2,433 more words

I'm feeling a little better, a shout out and thank yous...

As I shared recently I have been feeling more anxious, stressed, not motivated and feeling all over the place for the last couple weeks. It kept getting worse no matter what I did to try to gain back control of my thoughts, feelings or just return to somewhat of a decent state. 450 more words

Welcome To 'Discovering My Authentic Self'

Welcome everyone to my first, not first blog post on my new found blog!

For followers who followed me at my other/older blog I hope you will join me on my new found blog here and new journeys. 881 more words