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What Makes Your Site Different?

Today – an open invitation for anyone to share just that!

A Horse For Elinor has been the same from the very start – I write, … 396 more words


Green Point Urban Park

Celebrating Earth Day with a beautiful scene from Green Point Urban Park, in the heart of Cape Town.

It also ticks the boxes for this year’s theme – ‘environmental and climate change literacy’. 87 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Boundless Challenge #11

A couple of days ago, I was working on my college planner and naturally I made some mistakes (totally fixable.) Eventually, I made a pretty large mistake and immediately said, “I love myself.” It just so happened that my brother was sitting in the same room as me, and he replied, “Nice.” If he hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have noticed what I did. 216 more words

Boundless Challenge

Prudent - Power of words

An Oxford dictionary describes

Prudent means Acting with or showing care and thought for the future.

Recently, I wrote a blog post about power of words…

284 more words

Boundless Challenge #10

This week, I had a panic attack and I came clean about it. It was scary hitting Publish because I’ve never been that open about my mental health on here. 180 more words

Boundless Challenge

A Foggy Morning

A surreal scene greets the morning as fog rolls in from the cold Atlantic Ocean and shrouds the land in a dense cloak. A muted and soft texture lends mystery to the scene.


Weekly Photo Challenge

Piggyback: Riding Atop

As baby baboons develop they progess from clinging below their mothers’ bellies to riding atop their backs.   This juvenile baboon is probably old enough to be walking alongside its mother;  instead it displays a rather confident riding ‘style’.

WPC: Atop

Nature Photography