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A Different Sort of Path

When I take WordPress courses, I like to think about the assignments a little and approach from a different angle. The theme for the Day 2 was “Street”, so I opted for a different sort of path. 174 more words

WordPress Course

How To Find Real Warmth

“We must be a beacon of hope, because if you tell people there’s nothing they can do, they will do worse than nothing.” ~ Margaret Atwood…

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Developing The Eye - One - Architecture

Architecture in monochrome can get about as poetic as a rainbow. A trip to the village of Arniston in South Africa gave us the opportunity to try our hand at photographing buildings. 28 more words


Developing The Eye - One - Pop Of Colour

Possibly the easiest topic for anyone with a camera or paint brush to showcase. And yet its possibly difficult to keep to the lesson and focus on one colour! 29 more words


Developing The Eye - One - Treasure

While this camera is a treasure in and of itself, it is more a medium to help me create a treasure trove of a different kind – a means to save and share memories. 33 more words


Developing The Eye - One - Big

Mount Kilimanjaro is big. But the presence of the cheetahs in this picture seems to me, to be bigger still!



Developing The Eye - One - Solitude

This picture certainly talks about the joy of solitude!