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It Would Be Mythical

The WordPress Daily Post’s Daily Prompt is Mythical.

A few months ago I could have gazed to the future and fancied that one day, one glorious day, the Daily Prompt would be mythical. 72 more words

Sweet and Tart and Vegetal; I'm Your Garden Huckleberry 

For Novemeber 15, the Wordpress Daily Posts’s Daily Prompt is Tart.

This post also uses the Daily Post’s prompt from November 10, so I’m adding that. 803 more words


Tiny Jewels

In response to the WordPress Daily Post challenge Tiny

I took this a couple of weeks ago while waiting for a sunrise. In front of me was a mirror-finish lake and a riot of autumn colour, if only the sun would shine.

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Because of You

In a place far away resides the spot that will forever be my home.  There you will find the ghostly shadows of the days before I went out on my own. 230 more words

A Sense of Congruity

“Eat your fruitals and vegetals”
Said my mother

As a Curious Word devotee, every so often I like to consult H.W. Fowler for a good hand-slapping, (as it were).

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Hyperbole, Deconstructed

A writer’s toolbox needs to be diverse, and hyperbole can have a valuable place there. But it is one of those tools—like that fetchingly useful ‘ 359 more words

Literature, Writing

Wise November

Wise you are
your leafy drifts
cluster at the base

of endless trees
they mark where time
has passed
and will pass again 

This silken canopy…

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Literature, Writing