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Something from nothing

In response to the WordPress Daily Post challenge Shadow

I like the way the low sun comes in through the window sometimes and makes strong, long shadows.

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Rammie and his shadow.

Rammie and his little shadow Biscuit.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge:  Shadow

The best view in Wales?

In response to the WordPress Daily Post challenge Solitude

…in which we discuss how you can find one of the best views in Snowdonia with a minimum of muscle power and far from the usual madding crowd.

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Abstract People by Joel F

The palette and
the brush

can never paint
the secret fountain

The wisdom
to comprehend

the flowing emotions
as high as a mountain

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When you sense tenderness

I’m feeling inspired to play with the next few WordPress daily prompts by creating a sensory meditation “card”.

Here’s the first one, to help your creative juices get flowing on the WordPress prompt: … 275 more words


Know Your Onions

Know your onions.

I thought I knew mine. Thought I’d gotten pretty good at “consistently irregularly writing down something on my blog for the world to see”.

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My home-made market stall

In (belated – as in a week late) response to the WordPress Daily Post challenge Repurpose

From the front, I hope and think that my market stall looks pretty good…

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