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BuddyPress links going to the wrong places? Aha, canonical links eh?

Scratched my head a little while this morning trying to troubleshoot the behaviour of some of my BuddyPress admin bar links.

Clicking the “Activity” link redirected me to a page showing the entire membership’s BuddyPress activity (the link itself appeared to point to the right URL, yet when clicked it went elsewhere). 200 more words


PDF Embed Shortcode for Wordpress

Hi Guys.. In this tutorial we discuss about pdf file. this code usually embed your pdf to the page that you can actually see the content of the pdf and you can set the width and the height. 60 more words


Questions about Wordpress... For me? I'm honored!

Well I am definitely honored that my inbox is filling up with such kind and sincere comments, along with some WordPress questions… for me! What!? 332 more words


Keywords, widgets and tags... Oh my!! I need some help with my Wordpress site

~Writers block has hit me hard this week and my blog posts have been few and far between. I’ve really started digging into my WordPress functions and I’m a bit overwhelmed. 330 more words


It's Time To Change How You Set Up Your WordPress Child Theme

The WordPress Codex article on how to create a WP child theme has lately added a sweeping short observation about how to include the parent theme’s stylesheet into the child theme… 1,205 more words

Customization How To

$wp_rewrite ile Özel Kalıcı Bağlantılar

İpuçları serisinden herkese merhabalar!

Her zaman lazım olabilecek, arayıp da bulamadığınız ya da bilgisayarınızda kaydetmeye üşendiğiniz bazı bilgileri burada bulacaksınız. İlk ipucumuzla başlayalım;

URL Rewriting ile Kalıcı Bağlantılar (Permalinks) ve SEO… 112 more words

Tell some commonly used functions in wordpress

WordPress have lot of inbuilt functions. some of commonly used function in wordpress are:-

wp_nav_menu() :- Displays a navigation menu.
is_page() :- Condition for check if page is displayed. 56 more words