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Wordpress.org vs Wordpress.com

Hi everyone,

For the past 4 or five years I have happily used WordPress.com for my blog, and I love it.

Yet, it is actually being found and read now, and I’m told that I can do more using wordpress.org. 47 more words


WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

Been wondering for long if I should self host this blog. Though WordPress.com has been helping me write whatever I want on this space for free(Yes, Since 2013!) , of late the free blog option had more limitations imposed on it. 76 more words

Website Update: Where's The New Website?

Here at GeekOut South-West, we are committed to bringing you the very best in geek culture. Whether you are a regular to our Bristol meetups… 725 more words

GeekOut Discussion

WordPress White Screen of Death

Recently, our website started spitting out what I came to find out was called the White Screen of Death! (emphasis, and exclamation, my own). It wasn’t technically a five alarm failure because anyone could view the page. 171 more words



Our recent trip to the US had me think of the possibility of migrating. If that’s going to happen, we never know when and how. I know we are all unanimous in… 190 more words


My Second Post

Today is my 2nd day of blogging and I am so lost with WordPress.  Something I wish I knew before rushing into signing up was that there are 2 different WordPress’.   89 more words