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BP Emails for BBP

Send bbPress forum and topic subscription emails using Buddypress’ email API.

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Removing headings, WP plugins and wordpress.org

You will notice that I have the title of each page on my site is repeated at the top of the page. This doesn’t look great in my opinion. 204 more words

Personal Website


Hello everyone, if any of my followers are still hanging around. I apologise for my extended absence; life went pear shaped for quite a while, in a way that is too personal to post about, and I have spent the last couple of months wondering how to make an entrance again. 288 more words


One Time Login

Need access to a WordPress install but don’t want to create a user account for it? Use this plugin and WP-CLI to generate a one-time login URL for any user: wp plugin install one-time-login –activate && wp user one-time-login After you run the command above, you’ll see a success message like this: Success: Your one-time login URL is: … 33 more words


DIY site builders

Want to DIY

The idea of making life easier is not a new concept. It is one that has been in existence from early man. Its not likely that this mind set will ever die out either. 665 more words

Word Press Blogs

Hello Admin

This is not just a plugin, it symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation summed up in a post on wptavern by Jeff Chandler.

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