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What's the Difference Between WordPress.org and Wordpress.com

Did you know that there are two different kinds of WordPress websites? Often it is difficult to tell them apart, but there are some major differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. 986 more words

Custom Plugins

Well, WordPress.org has successfully phished and locked me out of my own WordPress account. This blogging experience is nowhere near as good as Livejournal was.

I wonder what went wrong.


Medovik is a classic Russian honey cake. Soft and scrumptious, medovik is a dessert that dates back more than 200 years. Legend has it that the first medovik honey cake was created in the 1820’s by a personal chef for the wife of Russia’s czar Alexander I. 401 more words


WordPress.com and WordPress.org. What is the difference?

This question has troubled me for the longest time when I started blogging. I read quite a number of blogs to understand this and did a little online digging myself. 524 more words


Switching My Website Over!

Im Official, I Have My Own Domain :)

I am now in the process of switching my site over to my OFFICIAL Domain name. I have switched my webhost due to I am unhappy with WordPress.com & wanted to transfer to wordpress.org.   218 more words


November 2006. Na een 2-tal jaar te hebben geblogd op c2bsoft.wordpress.com beslis ik om over te stappen naar een blog op een eigen domeinnaam. Er waren toen verschillende redenen om op een eigen domein te gaan bloggen maar laat ons stellen dat het zeker de bedoeling was om door middel van google ads enkel eurootjes per maand bij te verdienen. 260 more words



My website http://www.edenbayleebooks.com has closed its virtual doors. The domain name is one I purchased for a site that showcased my books. It was primarily a static website. 456 more words

Eden Baylee