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20 WordPress Plugins to Get Your Website Up & Going Faster (4 min read)

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast.

WordPress SEO by Yoast has recently been named the top plugin for WordPress users. This plugin functions as a complete optimization platform for the user’s page content. 1,066 more words


7 WordPress Plugins That Will Help Increase Your Website Traffic (3 min read)

1.  Sharebar

Sharebar is an easy-to-install WordPress plugin that syncs with the big social media outlets so that visitors can easily share your content. The Sharebar links your article or site page to the person’s social media and creates a connection between their accounts and your site. 877 more words


Top 5 plugins that you need on your WordPress site

These days I realized that 1 year has passed as I’m officially working as a developer and I teach CMS in IT institute. So in this post I’m starting a new “Tips and Hints” series about WordPress mainly and others websites and software themes. 426 more words


10 Useful Plugins You Should Have on Your Website

Have you added blog plugins to your WordPress website? If you have, you may be using some of the best plugins there are. If you’re not, then you will want to take a look and see which ones to add and make your website run the best. 851 more words


How To A Unique Brand Identity Online With Wordpress Customization Services?

By clicking Next, you agree for the AXS. The ambiguity escalates if the HTML site enjoys a significantly large traffic that led to successful monetization of the website. 269 more words

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Which WordPress Image Optimization Plugins Should Be Using

Every reasonably smart WordPress blogger appreciates the value WordPress image Optimization Plugins can add to the website management process. Heavy images that may load easily on a desktop screen can destroy the viewing process on a smaller laptop or smartphone screen. 28 more words


The 10 Best Wordpress Plugins For Google Adsense

Android will be the heart and soul of not merely its makers, that is, Google, but additionally of the hundreds and an incredible number of Android smartphone… 285 more words

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