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This Establishment Has Been Condemned by the Board of Health - Internet Division

After inspection by the Board of Health – Internet Division, this establishment has been determined to be harmful to the mental health of its patrons. By order of the Board of Health, this establishment is being closed until further notice. 90 more words

Wordpress Political Blogs

Obama: America Was Not Ready for a Black President

I was originally going to post this essay in January of 2017 at the end of Barack Obama’s second term but for reasons that will become clear later, I am posting it now. 1,187 more words

Wordpress Political Blogs

The Pending Syrian Reset...

…or as per other appropriate titles

How Western Democracies Continue to Fail

Obama Truly is Terrible @ FP.

What is starting to become apparent regards Syria is that the initial reactions to the uprising there were out of proportion to the commitment needed to foster them. 711 more words

Wordpress Political Blogs

Drinks On the House

It’s a busy week this week outside the bar so I’m just opening a new thread and all of you can talk amongst yourselves. And the drinks are free. 83 more words

Wordpress Political Blogs

Jeb Bush Suggests All Black People Want Is 'Free Stuff'

Jeb Bush needs to get it together.  He was taking questions from the white audience and someone asked about how he plans to get African Americans to vote for him.  232 more words


Breaking: Disturbing Video of David Stojcevski Dying in Jail Cell over Unpaid Traffic Tickets

Another victim of the prison industrial complex.  A man who understandably couldn’t pay a $772 ticket fine was jailed in Macomb county, Michigan.  A nurse recommended he be placed in “medical drug detox unit“…however he was placed in a jail cell and then ultimately a mental health cell with 24 hr surveillance.  142 more words