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There Oughta Be a Law!

Imagine you’re job hunting and you come across the following job requirement in the job listing:

Applicant must be at least 35 years old and a natural born citizen of the United States having resided here at least 14 years. 561 more words

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The Final Assessment of a Failed Social Experiment: The Obama Presidency

When I considered writing a final assessment of the Obama presidency, my original approach was to take the most partisan pro-Obama article and the most partisan anti-Obama article and analyze them. 1,392 more words

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Russia Did Not Hack the Election 

If I hear this one more time on the news I’m gonna shoot my TV, Elvis style:

Russia hacked the 2016 election.

No, they did not! 188 more words

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Fake News, Part 2 - What's to be Done?

In my previous post I discussed the main stream media’s complicity in the evolution of “fake news”. In this essay I answer what should be done about it. 284 more words

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Fake News

Worries about “fake news” are all the rage right now. It’s gotten elevated attention lately due to “pizzagate” culminating in some nutjob firing a semi in a Washington DC pizzeria. 256 more words

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The Trump Election: A Tale of Two White Americas

In composing the title of this post, I just typed “The Trump Election”, as in Donald Trump, reality TV star elected leader of the free world. 964 more words

Wordpress Political Blogs

The Purge: Post-Election Edition

Sometimes, you are faced with a disconnect that is so profound that it is alarming in its implications.  One such example is the conduct that I and other friends have been on the receiving end of since Tuesday night.   1,650 more words

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