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What MSNBC Missed in its New Hampshire Coverage

The news channel that famously leans left and delights in identity politics somehow missed the obvious in last night’s coverage of the New Hampshire primary. They stepped right up to it and then failed to meet the clear conclusion. 227 more words

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5 myths surrounding Bernie Sanders' proposals and electability

As the race for the Democratic nomination continues to heat up, many questions have arisen regarding the electability of Bernie Sanders in a general election and the legitimacy of some of his proposals. 946 more words


Trump 2016: The outcome of ignorant American input.

Trump is the epitome of American Popularism.

This particular political species is especially dangerous secondary to its profound ignorance.

Underestimating this is as treacherous as depending upon it. 282 more words

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The HILL is a loser...

The Hill has a piece titled the Winners & losers of the Year (2015). I won’t talk about the losers in their piece but I have to take great exception to their “winners”. 614 more words

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My Political TV Oasis and the Hillary Sex Speech

With All Due Respect

My friend and former political blogger Huck has been taking over blogging duties here lately. His film reviews and pop culture takes on politics have been great and have inspired me to knock off a quick TV review to end the year. 815 more words

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Thinkers gonna think even if its silly...

So I saw a piece over at CFR and they were selling the following eleven conflict prevention priorities for 2016.

Top U.S. conflict prevention priorities in 2016 include… 518 more words

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Fighting ISIL:The "suitable target" myth.

Some time ago I saw a piece about the UK entering into the air campaign against ISIL. With the decision made,and grudgingly so by some, the old “suitable target” myth balloon was sent aloft. 382 more words

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