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Obama Disgraces the Dignity of the Presidency 

This will be a short post because the premise is very simple.

I’ve been very uncomfortable with Barack Obama actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton. I believe that a President, once elected should take himself out of “politics” and focus on policy. 185 more words

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Extreme Vetting - Why I am Endorsing No One this Year

Republican nominee, Donald Trump has famously called for “extreme vetting” of new immigrants and refugees coming to America. It occurs to me that the time has come for extreme vetting of nominees for the office of President of the United States. 750 more words

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WWU:Class Instruction for our Road to Serfdom.

Let’s be honest that when it comes to looking at class structure in the United States of America the old school ones just don’t cut it. 559 more words

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Let's Talk Birther

Let me start by saying I am not nor have ever been a birther. With that said there’s a good deal of intellectual dishonesty surrounding coverage of this issue. 556 more words

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Clinton Cash: The "Film"

Why do I put film in quotes in the title? Your average 12 year old with his own YouTube channel could have produced a more professional looking product. 372 more words

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The Problems with Trump's Black Outreach

There are at least three problems with Donald Trump’s new outreach to blacks but only one of them rests with Donald.

Where are the blacks? 312 more words

Wordpress Political Blogs