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The Problems with Trump's Black Outreach

There are at least three problems with Donald Trump’s new outreach to blacks but only one of them rests with Donald.

Where are the blacks? 312 more words

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2016 Solution: Two Party Amnesia

When you go to the grocery store you’ve got multiple brands of cookies from which to choose. You don’t just limit your choice to two when you see ten varieties up there. 906 more words

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Words About Words

Two phrases have been bandied about in recent weeks that caught my attention. The first is rather trivial. The second speaks to a deeper problem in American thought processes. 415 more words

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And the Gold Medal for Whining Sanctimonious Knob Goes To...

Anyone who agrees with US Womans Rowing Team Member Megan Kalmone.

Megan has put forth a well written and I imagine well-meaning post titled Stop Trying to Ruin the Olympics For Us. 238 more words

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Sec. of the Commonwealth William F Galvin is a F@#$ing Waste...

THE Secretary of the Commonwealth better thought of as Secretary of State in Massachusetts has been caught telling Democrat Party humps:

“We have to help people understand you’re wasting your vote on a third-party candidate or a fourth candidate or a protest vote.

80 more words
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Democratic Convention 2016

Day 4

Black Cop Lives Matter

The first thing that caught my eye on Day 4 was a sheriff who called for a moment of silence to honor fallen officers. 2,824 more words

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GOP Convention 2016

This will be just a quick round-up on my thoughts on this year’s Republican convention. I’ll be updating this post as each day of the four day affair ends. 2,407 more words

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