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Why We Must Fight Efforts to Overturn Laws Regulating Bathroom Use By Biological Gender

A popular cause célèbre of the American Left is the fight to overturn laws that make it illegal for men to use women’s bathrooms, changing rooms and locker rooms. 633 more words


Campaign Malpractice: Devine and Weaver

As a chronically underemployed individual, I’m always fuming at folks who make healthy salaries doing what, quite frankly, I could do better. The latest pair of gents to get my dander up are Jeff Weaver and Tad Devine, campaign manager and senior advisor respectively of the Bernie Sanders campaign. 343 more words

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The Right gets this one Wrong...

So giving one of the headlines running into the weekend of 1 May 2016 I was moved to comment on the buzz surrounding the Will Ferrell / Ronald Reagan movie thingie. 468 more words

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King Obama decrees idiocy regarding the BREXIT

US President Barack Obama has put quite the idiot cherry atop his stupid sundae. In what some call a master stroke of politics and others call out as a shit head lie which embarrasses a once great nation Obama has done a grave disservice to us all. 382 more words

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Mortgage Interest Deduction...

Leave it ALONE !

I am constantly amazed by the diversity of the opponents of the mortgage interest deduction. From the alleged financial whiz kids at the Economist to a litany of power broker pundits primarily on the Left and a few on the Right too there is steady call for its elimination. 191 more words

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I concede defeat for 2016-in fact I welcome it...

The 2016 US Presidential campaign has been a real drag for me.

On the Democrats side you have a shrew who is a liar and felon and who is unequivocally disqualified many times over from holding the office. 524 more words

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Trump's Improv Act Reveals American Hypocrisy

Many families have those topics you just don’t discuss. Uncle Albert’s death was not an accident; it was a suicide. Cousin Timmy went to jail on kiddie porn possession. 485 more words

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