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How To Add Shortcode Attributes

extract( shortcode_atts( array (
‘posts_per_page’ => ‘product’,
), $atts ) );
$args = array(
“posts_per_page” => $posts_per_page,
“post_status” => “publish”,
‘post_type’ => ‘resort’
$resorts = get_posts($args);

Wordpress Tutorial

WordPress Portfolio Website: Getting Started

Written by Paulina Rios 

These tutorials show you how to create a free website in WordPress.com using the Edin Theme.

First you must go to… 174 more words

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How to create shortcode in wordpress

Create shortcode

1) Open  function.php

2) Create a function and do something with the function.


function myfunction(){
echo 'Hi! My Name is Dharminder Singh';
add_shortcode (' myfunction_shortcode','myfunction'); 67 more words
Wordpress Tutorial

WordPress Theme Frameworks I work


ThemeHybrid is free, but to get support on its forums, you need to sign up for an Exclusive Membership to their Theme Club, which is $25 per year. 460 more words

Wordpress Tutorial

WordPress Framework Features

WordPress Framework Features

WordPress functionality has come a long way since the launch of the popular CMS. On top of content, many people want the coding aspects of a site to be more accessible through the WordPress backend. 387 more words

Wordpress Tutorial

Why Use a Framework?

Why Use a Framework?

In a web developer’s life, a framework helps the speed of production. Much like JavaScript frameworks like MooTools or jQuery, CSS frameworks like the 960 Grid System, or server-side scripting frameworks like Ruby on Rails or CakePHP, WordPress theme frameworks achieve the same sort of efficiency, reduction of errors through cross-browser compatibility, and the provision of useful and common functions. 202 more words

Wordpress Tutorial

The Concept of Child Themes

WordPress, by default, supports child themes. Child themes look exactly like their parent themes, unless you make modifications to them. Child themes inherit all the templates, functions, and CSS of parent themes.This compartmentalizes variations so that you can make changes without affecting the integrity of the parent theme. 164 more words

Wordpress Tutorial