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Brute-Force Attack on WordPress Sites (Summary)

In “The Brute-Force Password Attack on WordPress Sites” on Lorelle on WordPress I explain the recent brute-force password attacks are on WordPress and other PHP-based web publishing platforms and offer tips on how to protect and secure your site. 25 more words


How to Set and Manage Excerpts in WordPress

There are three types of basic pageviews on WordPress: front page, single post or Page, and multiple posts. These are the different ways that content is presented within a WordPress site… 915 more words


The Basics You Must Know About a WordPress Theme

In 2005, WordPress became modular separating the design and architecture from the core programming code.

Today, a WordPress Theme contains files called template files that hold the architecture of the site and… 3,734 more words


Links and the Anchor HTML Tag

This is a tutorial from the HTML Fundamentals Class I taught at Clark College in Summer 2012. It applies to HTML and WordPress.

There are five basic forms of links on a web page. 2,336 more words

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How WordPress Boots Up: A Step-by-step Examination of the WordPress Loop

Theme.fm has a series of three articles on how WordPress boots up, how it moves through the process as a visitor lands on their first page on your site and a step-by-step look at the… 114 more words