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Bakit Kailangang Puso ay Masaktan

Ang sakit ng ulo ko.

Ang init kasi. Nakakainis yung mga Briton. Binabalita pang may heatwave sa kanila eh anak ng teteng 32 degrees celsius lang pala. 259 more words


Site Evaluation

And, we’re back in WordPress to take a small break from the agonizingly tedious work being done on our final projects in this last stretch of school. 254 more words

Wordpress Wednesday

Website Plan

For our final project in Web Design, we have been assigned the task of creating our own website on Dream Weaver. We have creative freedom over our topic, mine being Spoken Word or Slam Poetry, though we do have a set rubric to follow which is probably quite obvious. 49 more words

Wordpress Wednesday

Settings and Configurations

Experience: This weeks assignment required us to go in and reconfigure a small selection of our site settings. I added a tagline to my blog, changed the e-mail and comment settings, and default category. 83 more words

Wordpress Wednesday


Experience: This week’s assignment was to add a theme to our pages, as with about fifteen kids in this class period, most of our blogs look the same and that’s got to be boring to grade. 91 more words

Wordpress Wednesday

Categories and Tags

Experience: This week’s assignment was probably one of the simplest so far. All it included was going back into our previous posts and checking that we had added categories and tags. 54 more words

Wordpress Wednesday