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Short Book Review: Myths and Legends retold by Anthony Horowitz

Myths and legends, in many ways, are reflections on past cultures presented as fiction. They offer valuable insights into the communities that first spun them—including their beliefs, moral values, and even geography. 284 more words

Intro to Bullet Journaling

I’ve been disorganized for two years now, and it is driving me crazy. So this Fall I’ve decided to make a change and join the trend of bullet journaling. 219 more words


7 WordPress Plugins that Will Help Increase Your Website Traffic (3 min read)

1.  Sharebar

Sharebar is an easy-to-install WordPress plugin that syncs with the big social media outlets so that visitors can easily share your content. The Sharebar links your article or site page to the person’s social media and creates a connection between their accounts and your site. 887 more words

Millionaire's Digest

Where my curls at?

My nickname as a kid was Goldilocks; not because I had a love for bears and porridge but because of my curly ‘golden’ locks. I used to love my hair because it formed perfect ringlets without any attention and I was told on the regular how lucky I was to have curly hair. 477 more words


Wellness Wednesday: The Dangers of Extreme Diets

For more than 40 years, the low-fat, high carbohydrate diet was the way to health, the way to lose weight. However, as we know, we have only grown heavier and we’re more unhealthy than ever before. 1,037 more words


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