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How to be happy-according to Arthur Schopenhauer

Although the title may seem paradoxical, Arthur Schopenhauer did indeed think that happiness is some kind of attainable entity or state. Nevertheless, his view of happiness seems somewhat skewed. 170 more words


Alphabet Haiku: This Week - Letter C - Chipmunk

Alphabet Haiku: This Week – Letter C – Chipmunk

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 #Alphabet Haiku Challenge, AHC

If you would like to take part in this challenge please use the above link… 102 more words


A Challenge

Her words, her weapon

Thrown like daggers

A ruthless flame thrower

Juggling with deceipt

Night walker

Shit talker

Roping you in

Full of sin

Battling her mind she’ll not win… 55 more words

Mental Health

My account is disabled and I don't even know why. via /r/FortNiteBR

My account is disabled and I don’t even know why.

Please don't downvote I'm hoping this reaches out to someone who can help me.

I've been playing the game since early January and I use to stream the game on… 515 more words

Last orders #42

Its the closing call bloggers, you have an hour, so roll up roll up. My partner has decided very selfishly that he would like to use his computer tonight, so I might be sharing a little bit later than normal, but its still all on. Click here to join in