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My Picks Of The Week #6

I’m so happy to finally have some posts to share with you again. It was so good to be able to read what you guys write again. 149 more words


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Second try at this post...

You know, this is how I work actually. I do through a system and FULLY understand how it works before using it.

Im also dynamic in that i can learn how it works while i use it. 11 more words

Wordpress is way better at counting than the NFL

Early this morning — much too early, in retrospect — I published a post castigating the NFL for grossly misrepresenting the meaning of the word “anniversary”. 64 more words


A Better Academic Authoring Environment

I’m putting all this out there beause I’d love to hear from anyone with suggestions or experiences with something similar. If you’ve got some nifty plugins, themes or code I could use, feel free to recommend them! 842 more words


Love Matters

Website for holding company of Eastbourne Tennis and Olympic Tennis.

The site uses Bootstrap intergrated into WordPress, and is designed as a corporate and sales site


Asking Questions

Write down some questions for your trainer to answer.  Ask them how long they’ve been training and whether their training style is gender-specific.  You can also ask whether they can provide referrals from happy clients prior to you starting to have someone train you.  37 more words


Teaching Wordpress

Sitting here on a Tuesday afternoon with my Streetline crew teaching them how to use WordPress. Mena is actively typing. Warren’s imagination is firing. Garry is thinking it through. 15 more words