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Inclusive Illustrations, By Design

I like to think that designers solve problems, while artists ask questions. And when the two go hand-in-hand, real magic happens. Why? Because the right question gets answered with the right solution — art asks, and design responds.

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The Best of WordPress.com in April

You’re off to a strong creative start in 2017! Here are a few recent updates and stories from the WordPress.com community in April that we wanted to share with you. 477 more words


It’s been a while, right? Messing with asides. I mean, trying. I realised that I don’t post as much as I used to on CTTS… 31 more words


Your Stats Page, Updated

Sometimes it’s the little things that count — especially when it comes to your stats. We’ve recently gathered some of your feedback and used it to work through a few renovations. 466 more words


It always starts with an introduction

Hello, everyone! I’d like to thank you for visiting my very first blog! Since this is my first time blogging, I have sought out a very loyal and kind mentor for help, who goes by the all-time most reputable (I guess) name – Google. 763 more words


December in Review

The Site

I was going to write a happy note about WordPress.com and their new stats page, which I have studiously avoided since it came out as its layout and information seemed to me to be a step down from the previous version.  2,182 more words