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When your Advisor doesn't Advise you

Yes. This fucking happens. Some professors could give one rat-fucking butt hair about your dissertation. They are out there to get what’s theirs, and will not have you getting in their way. 1,425 more words

The Downs

Why we don't say the 'd' word.

When my husband and I first got married, we decided then that we would never say the word divorce. Our pastor once said, “If you don’t say it, it can’t happen.”. 453 more words


Growth 101: How to Avoid and Terminate Toxic Relationships

In my 27 years of living, I’ve endured plenty of toxic relationships.

I’ve thrived on the idea on “meaning something” to someone and I’m also guilty of searching for love in all the wrong places. 624 more words

I made it another day

Some days, that’s as good as it gets. Yesterday was one of those days where my heart was outpacing my mind and funny that the best piece of advice and encouragement came at the hand of a wonderful surgical tech that I used to work with. 268 more words

Intellectual Bends & Communication – PIs, Research Assistants, and Projects

Know who you are as a PI and know who you are as a researcher/ assistant. Both parties should know how best they work and should inform each other of this. 757 more words

The Downs