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Recently I just turned 20 and I can’t help but feel really fucking old. I am completely aware that some of you are sitting, staring at your computer/phone screen thinking “is she serious?”, but this is a real issue for me guys, i’m feeling it. 1,624 more words


I want to be a resourceful professor

As a professor teaching a class my best classes have been those that allowed me to focus on my interests, or to find my interests and dig deep into them. 925 more words

Words Of Advice

Don't Regret When You Are Going Through The Storm. Be Thankful for Your Struggle. It Is Your Testimony

When God starts a thing, he finishes it. Whatever He has worked on, it is finished. It’s done. He said it. That settles it. Believe Him!  416 more words

Intellectual Bandits in Academia

Keep your ideas private and your work safe.

One of the dirty linens in academia is that people steal other people’s ideas without giving them credit. 1,508 more words

Words Of Advice

When your Advisor doesn't Advise you

Yes. This fucking happens. Some professors could give one rat-fucking butt hair about your dissertation. They are out there to get what’s theirs, and will not have you getting in their way. 1,425 more words

Words Of Advice

Why we don't say the 'd' word.

When my husband and I first got married, we decided then that we would never say the word divorce. Our pastor once said, “If you don’t say it, it can’t happen.”. 453 more words