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Do Things You Hate, Love Yourself More

People would always tell me, do what you love.

It’s sound advice, and I get that they only want the best for me — which is being happy and fulfilled in life. 663 more words


I am dense.

I am dense.  Really, I am.

My husband likes to joke that public school kids have more common sense than private school graduates (that’s up for debate, by the way), but I truly am dense. 1,024 more words

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Inspiration.  Motivation.  Discipline.  Passion.

I hear these words a lot when I’m at the gym (case in point:  the guys with the bulging biceps yelling, “GET SOME!!!” while their friend’s face twists into grimaces of pain as he curls dumbbells equal to half my body weight) and see them in action even more whenever I scroll through my Instagram feed (for example, the memes of a svelte runner glistening with sweat as she traverses up a rocky mountain with words like “STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY” plastered on the bottom of the picture). 863 more words


Hey Part-time Servant of God, Listen Up! I Need Your Full, Undivided Attention!

Sorry for the long post…My heart is grieved. Not because I’m sad but because it saddens me when we profess to be Christians and do the opposite of what God desires from us, especially when we place conditions on him when making excuses to justify who we are not in him because we think we are entitled. 781 more words

The Tofurky Versus the Turkey

My life revolved around Tofurky.  Tofurky and nutritional yeast.

After becoming vegan four-ish months ago, I totally overhauled my normal breakfast of eggs and dinners based around rotisserie chicken.   911 more words

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Can’t See Your Way? Have Doubts? Hopeless? In Despair? What If…Why Not…Will You…Do This?? Trust God When You Can’t Trace Him!

God is…..faithful, sovereign, trustworthy, awesome, amazing, good, loving, marvelous, never failing, and more. So if we know all these things which clearly does not cover all who he is, then why do we worry? 235 more words

Step up

Today I submitted my final graduate school application. I’m realistically hopefully, but this past year has taught me not to put all my eggs in one basket. 147 more words

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