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EP word of the week (#88): ama

The simplest of words are usually those most prone to polysemy, i.e. to have many meanings.

In European Portuguese, such is the case with ama… 285 more words

Words Of The Week

EP word of the week (#87): Gronelândia / gronelandês

From the Middle East and the Caucasus we turn to the northwest, to the largest island in the Atlantic: Greenland! While it may not come up often in conversation or even on the news, I find it curious that EP and BP found different ways of saying  135 more words

Words Of The Week


Words of the Week:


Muskeg – noun

1.) Bog, particularly in North America


Perspicacious – adjective

1.) Having a ready insight into and understanding of things.


EP words of the week (#86): Arménia / arménio/a

Not far away from Israel, another country suffers from a much normal malaise among EP vs. BP comparative scholars: the old issue of the stressed e followed by n, which yields the open  231 more words

Words Of The Week


Words of the Week:


Cynosure – noun

1.) A person or thing that is the center of attention.


Extirpate – verb

1.) To destroy completely.


EP word of the week (#85): cancro

Today, February 4th, is Cancer Awareness Day, so it feels like a good opportunity to both show awareness of the condition and to present some interesting Portuguese-related trivia. 211 more words

Words Of The Week

EP word of the week (#84): israelita

Today and for the next few weeks, I’m going back to one of the first groups of words featured in EP word of the week… 288 more words

Words Of The Week