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I’ve recently watched a youtube video, by one of the very well known youtubers. His video was titled “Forced Positivity”. Essentially during the whole video he talks about how there is this trend of people who are acting as if they are happy all the time, and are not being honest with themselves.

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Don't Stop. 

Write your story in the stars.
And every night when you lose hope.
Look up at the sky.
And read your story.
Remind yourself why you’re fighting

Words Of Thought


She couldn’t love herself. Because she was too busy loving the people that leave..

Words Of Thought

Don’t take a person that’s crying to be weak.
Don’t take a person that’s smiling to be happy.
Tears don’t always mean weakness and
smiles don’t always mean happiness.

Words Of Thought


She lost herself in a forest of thoughts and found herself in a sea of grief which lead to a garden of hope.

Words Of Thought