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Contemplation on Loneliness

DISCLAIMER: This is by no means a social study on loneliness and I am by no means a psychiatrist. This is simply what I’ve seen in my own experience and what I have concluded from those experiences. 555 more words

Words Of Thought

Words of Thoughts: High Hopes

I realised some time ago that in some instances I expect way too much. In most situations, I try to expect as little as possible, because I don’t want to be let down, but sometimes I get caught up in daydreams and end up becoming disappointed anyways. 310 more words


I’ve recently watched a youtube video, by one of the very well known youtubers. His video was titled “Forced Positivity”. Essentially during the whole video he talks about how there is this trend of people who are acting as if they are happy all the time, and are not being honest with themselves.

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