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Hmm, How very typical that the first thing written on this blog is an introduction to a blog. It’s a bit of a silly concept to think of, but I digress. 123 more words



Sometimes I like to disappear from crowed rooms or social situations. When the conversation shifts to a topic in which I’m not well versed; or when attention falls on someone in a far corner and the group flocks to them; I stay. 170 more words



I think one of the hardest things to write to is the topic of other people. Humans, the masses of walking talking cells and blood and tissue and neurones that we interact with everyday. 168 more words

Words Of Thought


Sometimes I day dream about being a mermaid. Not in the sense that I want a tail and flawless hair but I like the idea of just being able to breathe underwater. 128 more words


Funny things about depression

The odd thing about being depressed is when it decides to hit you. I’m sitting here at work trying to be happy and sweet to the clients but there is this dark cloud above me that doesn’t want to let that happen. 84 more words