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194 days words of wisdom

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”

What a great day :-) It started with a lot of stress, since I missed the bus and had to walk for a while to take the tram to be at class in time at 8.15 am. 101 more words

Anny Langer

I just wanted to say... ♥

You are infinitely

Beautiful Magnificent Strong Courageous Lovely

& you have infinite potential!

So go out there and live your beautiful life,
you… 10 more words


Quote of the day (19th April, 2015)

“Aim not for what you are, but for what you could be.” – Lucas Hellmer

Daily Inspiration

Elephant Tree Comic Strip created by Jamaal R. James

The one to trat isn’t the one to beat. Don’t stop the flow when it’s original. Just dunk the basketball ball when you’re not tall. Decide to win and begin. 22 more words

James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

101 Words of Wisdom Day Nineteen: Perfectly Chipped


Perfection is an illusion that you can spend your whole life searching for, but you’ll never find it. In fact, on your quest for something flawless, you miss all the flawed beauty in the world. 80 more words

Words Of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom ~ Enlighten Up!

Há uns tempos, numa tarde de procrastinação, cruzei-me com um documentário chamado Enlighten Up. Não sou fã de documentários e, geralmente, nem paro para ler a descrição dos filmes deste género, mas desta vez foi diferente. 242 more words

Zen Being