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Coffee never knew it will taste nice and sweet, but after it met sugar and milk. It became yummy. We are good as individuals but become better when we blend with the right people. 202 more words

Words for a good marriage

When I got married, this was what the rabbi (yes, you read that right) said before the actual vows. I find it’s great advice, and… 342 more words

My Mantra

“At some point in your life, you have to ask yourself, “Is the screwing you’re getting worth the screwing you’re getting?”- My grandmother

Speaks To Me Sunday #57

Dan and I have been making a lot of decisions lately. Man, decision-making can be tough, right? Not knowing what the future holds… It can certainly create doubt, worry, and fear. 115 more words

Speaks To Me Sunday

"Wash Your Courage" and Words To Live By

Dear Readers

I hope this post finds you all well!

It’s been a little while since I last posted. Welcome to the new official update day of Sunday! 1,011 more words