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The Mountain Collective

The sounds of winter are here; the crisp crunch of that first step out on to snow, the soft hum of skiing down early morning corduroy groomers …or the muffled swoosh of powder under our feet. 138 more words

Words To Live By



Three…more days till my Birthday!! Yay!!

Thrifty…cause I so am.

Taxi…I’ve never been in one…can you believe it?

Tip…cause you should.

Tub…especially white deep porcelain claw foot ones…totally manifesting! 284 more words

My Bohemian Life

7 ways to support someone who may be in an abusive relationship

Trigger warning:

If you have experienced/or are experiencing violence please be aware that this blog entry may bring up feelings of past trauma. Please reach out for help if this is the case, though this blog is here for informational purposes, I wouldn’t want to re-traumatize anyone. 1,695 more words

Words To Live By

The Inner Thoughts Of A Silent Wife

It was an exceptionally busy week for me. I had a great time at work and had some very interesting conversations. This week got me thinking about the silent thoughts we have as wives and mothers, perhaps women in general. 638 more words

Family Life

5 Things I Learned From My Long Distance Relationship

First and foremost, I’ll admit how ashamed I am that I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’ve never been the person to adhere to a schedule, so don’t expect any regularity when it comes to my pastimes, a.k.a this blog. 818 more words


Words to Live By | Ralph Waldo Emerson

How lovely it is to find beautiful quotes like this floating about the internet! Being thankful for little things goes a long way and Ralph Waldo Emerson says it so well. 12 more words

Words To Live By