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Inspirational words for Monday

I don’t have time to beat myself up over my fallible nature. Instead, I use my energy to learn from my past and let it inform my future. 34 more words


a f t e r

you taught me how to see:

the beauty in everything,

the beauty in love and the beauty in pain.

i wish that i had done the same, 106 more words

To The Late Bloomer: Take Your Time

I have always felt like a chronic “late bloomer.” My whole life. When I was six my mom told me we would read together at night and I would turn to one page and read “FOX!”then turn to the next page which read, “BOX,”…but I was totally lost. 230 more words


No Resolutions...Just Reminders

Thanks to Facebook I have absolutely no doubt in my mind as to what month it is. Facebook is rife with posts that it is “December” and that there is only one month left of 2017. 545 more words