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In about 3 hours I get to eat solid food! I won’t even attempt to explain how exciting this is because I don’t think I can – lol! 1,629 more words


...and here comes 2016!

Dear 2015,

You weren’t perfect.

You weren’t easy.

But you were appreciated

and a chance at life I was grateful for!

You gave me family, friends, more family, a lovable job and a home! 203 more words

Me And My Head

Something we learned in 2015...

We are NOT the center of the Universe

We are all interconnected

We are not so different from each other

We share the same planet… 91 more words

Me And My Head

Shut Up and Be Patient

“And this is life. This is part of the bargain. The universe says, “Hey, guess what? You get to exist!” And we say, “Holy shit! That’s great!” not realizing that existence is, by definition, a merciless and unending foray into the unknown.”  61 more words

Me And My Head