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Thanksgiving, past and present

They told me you just can’t predict what the triggers will be.

First weekend of November: at the theater, contentedly waiting in the buzzing capacity crowd for the play to begin, I was suddenly stricken by the sight of a play program advertisement for a gourmet cheese shop that my husband Jeff, now gone from us, wanted to patronize before what was to be his last Thanksgiving. 477 more words


November 16th/Day 200: I Have Nothing For Today

An uneventful day before work. An uneventful day after work. I really don’t remember anything about this day. Started playing Words with Friends though. Scrabble FTW!

Project 365

Sick Day

I woke up this morning with a fever, and my cough had thickened. I made the dreaded call to school saying I was too sick to come in, please find me a sub. 418 more words


Friends I Don't Know

Thanks to social media and WordPress I’ve become friends with a large number of people who* I’ve never actually met face to face. (*Should that be whom? 454 more words


Month NINE As a Full-time Woman – WWF, My Neighbour… and An Eight Month Challenge Over

As per my previous blog post, it is over a month since I posted. Part of that is due to ongoing apathy over posting – as written in my replies on other blogs, I have considered stopping these posts, wondering what the point in me continuing them really is, for my life is pretty damn normal and perhaps not that exciting to many. 1,686 more words

This, I got.

Yesterday was surely just one of those days.

Do you have them too?

Veil thin days.

I could see no cause for this: no anniversary, no particular sadness, no burning question needing an answer. 360 more words


Happy Veteran's Day 2015

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of you! As I mentioned recently, my Grandpa Koppen is the only person in my family to have served in the American military where he worked in the military police in Europe during WWII. 585 more words

Music Review