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Start of my Marathon Training

Today is the 3rd day of my break from work. Felt so good to get away from work, albeit for a short 3 days.

I went to East Coast for a breather today. 439 more words

Thoughts On A Day

08/21/2016 Raleigh Comic Book Show, Epilogue!

It’s the end of a long day, that while the day has ended (in terms of it being night and also the next calendar day already) I have not yet gone to sleep, so it hasn’t entirely ended for me yet! 582 more words


More Words

Have I done anything worth blogging about lately? I haven’t painted. I haven’t filed my taxes. I haven’t finished any tie-dye. I started some tie-dye. I watched the weather forecast for weeks, waiting for a good day to put some Rayons into pre-soak. 638 more words

A Long Long Day

Today just seems like such a long day.

As the days pass by, I feel the energy getting sucked out of me. That was not supposed to be the case when I left my previous job less than a year ago. 633 more words

Thoughts On A Day

a case of you, and you, and you

“I’m traveling in some vehicle.” I am on the road, listening to Joni Mitchell, of course – as one does, or is that just me? – every road trip a hejira. 510 more words


DevGotCharacter ft. JShades - Summer Time.

The newest release from DevGotCharacter feels like the perfect track to listen to at 10pm, driving through downtown with the top down, on your way to pick up your significant other.   68 more words



I’m still playing Pokemon Go, but the truth is, I spend a lot more time playing Words With Friends. I am in the middle of thirty-nine games with three different people and I still have to do solo play just to keep going. 228 more words