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#SOL17: Words

Recognize this?

I saw a three letter word.

Then a five letter word.

I shuffled the letters around.

I could use six letters.


Check out the point total. 185 more words

Slice Of Life 17

Are You a Consonant or a Vowel?

I apologize in advance for the scatological nature of this post. Sometimes I think in metaphors, and sometimes those metaphors involve excrement. Especially when I’m playing Words with Friends. 335 more words

Woody Allen

FRIBBLE, a SPITBOL program to play word games such as Word With Friends, now available

The FRIBBLE project is pleased to announce its first release V17.1.30, available at Fribble Project.

FRIBBLE is written in SPITBOL, and uses a brute-force approach, trying all possible moves, to play WWWF. 306 more words


On this day...

I knew this would be one of those weird days— the kind you look back on and think, “What the #%$& was that?” You know the feeling? 409 more words

The Underside of a Mud Puddle

I was finally able to acquire some marijuana (just in time for Inauguration Day,) but guess what?

It tastes like shit. I’m used to it tasting like unicorns running through a misty meadow or, at the very least, like a pony on a fucking rainbow. 322 more words


What's your morning routine?

Do you have a routine when you first log on to the internet in the morning?  Do you always look at sites in the same order? 432 more words

Continuity Errors

Hello everyone! Is your pet laying two meters away from the computer with their lead pointing towards the keyboard? If yes: maybe you should follow it’s lead and read this exciting blogisode of Mundanevision. 1,204 more words