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not an acceptable word

But Loki says it in The Avengers! This counts as a citation, right? And it’s not a proper noun. I’m pretty sure Shakespeare used it. All the time. 22 more words


Words With Friends

by Eric Forseth

Pete set his phone on the desk, looked at his monitor and typed into Google, “words that end in slam.” One word came up: Slam. 1,535 more words

Short Story

The C-Word

A very supportive friend of mine confessed the other day that, while she liked my blog so far, she had to look up a lot of gaming terms in order to know what I was talking about. 347 more words

5 Smartphone Apps That Lost Their Appeal

We all know that smartphone apps aren’t always successful, and sometimes they’re ones that are popular in the beginning and somewhere along the line they seem to lose their appeal and are soon forgotten.   485 more words

Life Style

Scrabbling for a Win

When I was a little girl my mother would write a long word on a piece of paper (thanksgiving, disappointment, neighbors, etc.) and challenge me to try to write down as many words as I could by using just the letters from that word. 1,652 more words



“My name is Shelley and I am a Words With Friends-aholic.”

Like most addicts, I was unaware that I was one. “Playing” was simply something I enjoyed. 469 more words


Things to do When Your Flight is Delayed

  1. Play Words With Friends
  2. Find hidden patterns in the carpet and follow them until you reach a wall
  3. Make up stories about your fellow passengers…
  4. 99 more words