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 Sometimes it raining out, you’re just beginning to feel normal after two weeks of being ill, you are going to a potluck the next day, and while playing Words With Friends the word rhubarb, albeit missing an ‘h’, pops up and you decide to put on your apron and bake. 83 more words

Words with friends. 

Do you play words with friends?

I’m not big on games. I don’t have any other game apps on my phone. Admittedly I did have a bit of a candy crush addiction years ago (who didn’t?) I hate to think how many hours I lost to that stupid game, but I don’t really have time to play games. 376 more words


Sevenling: Dances with words

I love the way you rub
parts of words together, the friction
of a tango, a waltz, a samba

It’s not so much
about the vowels, or the consonants, 22 more words

Poems By Me

Gracious Loser?

Earlier this month, I loaded Words with Friends on my smartphone. It’s essentially a Scrabble app. You can play with friends, as the title suggests. Or you can pit your wits against random strangers who also happen to have the app and be online with you. 382 more words

what's in my bag

We were sitting in a van with not especially functional air conditioning in an especially hot part of the planet talking about not much of anything. 491 more words



Context: I wrote this 100 days ago in December near the end of my semester when I realized I was not actually “slacking off,” but I was actually a victim of a traumatic event and I wasn’t coping at all. 784 more words

Wandering Thoughts

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Some things I have and haven’t gotten used to in rural India

It’s been almost two months since I’ve been living in the Trichy district of Tamil Nadu, India. It hasn’t always been easy (and it still isn’t!), but a step out of one’s comfort zone never should be, right? 904 more words

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GO, SHAL, GO!! "How’s your comfort zone doing? Have you tried something new lately?"