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Pulling out the Big Words

When I am not focused on anything else or when I do not want to be focused on anything else, I play Words With Friends. 289 more words

Notes From Rumbly Cottage

The Rotation

I might be crazy. In order to waste time, all the time, I do several things, all of which exist only in the fantasyland of my iPhone. 422 more words

Slow Day

Turtles move more
Quickly than
Days like this one
Sloths have more speed
Almost guaranteed.
Trees grow much more
It would seem
Than hours pass when… 40 more words


Day 75: How Can This Not Be A Word?

I am so disappointed!

It’s like my WWF playing heart is a cold, wintery, wasteland!


Words With Friends

ad nauseam

An essay of mine is over at Full Stop. Enjoy.

What Plato did not foresee, quite, was the degree to which the written word might become as anonymous as an assassin; how it might establish a vast industry; how words would appear along roadways and on walls and the sides of buildings, not written, but 

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Things That Are Up To You

More Than Words

Every night she turns on the light in her closet and leaves the closet door open exactly one inch. She arranges the pillows and stuffed animals just so, and comes to find me wherever I am in the house: stacking the dishwasher, on the loo, plotting my next Word With Friend (turns out “yids” … 662 more words

Discovering Me

Found Words with Friends

A blogger I follow, dare I say, a friend, and I have begun playing Words With Friends. We are pretty evenly matched. At the start of a recent game he suggested that we each create a found words poem from our efforts. 200 more words

Free Verse