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Mind poodle

Where to
Here do
What you want
want to do
Play chess
Marry Tess
Not so fast
Slow down
Let’s race… 113 more words


You Are Here

I am traveling nearly seven hundred miles with my wife and three-year-old daughter to the town where I grew up. Most of the Fuller family still lives in upstate New York, although there are some who moved even farther than I did. 4,150 more words


other pre maturities?

Sometimes I revel in strange coincidences and correspondences.  And sometimes I don’t.

Don’t ask me why or how I came across this, but evidently a member of the “dissident right” chose this very week to conjure, as did your Vern, the shade of “premature anti-fascism.”  There’s a county in England who immigrated to America, wrote for awhile for  257 more words


Premature anti-fascism

Someone much more interested than I in Communism (meaning Bolshevism in power and its expansions and descendants) can correct me on this, but it seems one of the ways Stalin consolidated power–Mao, too, I guess–was by constantly stirring the pot (not to say the Pol Pot) and shifting positions on a dime and insisting that everyone shift with him–at the same time, in the same manner, to the same degree.   378 more words

American Party System


Art comes from chaos.
Hope comes from chaos.
Love comes from chaos.
Dreams come from chaos.
Why persist in order,
when life is all about chaos.


twice over

that feeling of having
walked through the alphabet
twice over

that sense that I’m
repeating myself
once again

there are certain words
that crop up… 28 more words



I adore you gracefully and mercifully,
quietly and peacefully,
unconditionally and persistently,
wholeheartedly and perfectly.

You look at me absentmindedly and forgetfully,
distractedly and inattentively, 36 more words