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“Actions speak louder than words.” “A picture is worth a thousand words.” “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.” 951 more words

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To faff or not to faff?

To faff or not to faff? That is the question. Distractions are plenty on the internet, and it is hard to work while they call your name.   65 more words

Words Words Words

Peeve of the Day

Because it’s the grey tag-end of October, moving into the dreariest part of the year up here in the north country, when the fall colors are all gone but the winter snow-that-sticks hasn’t yet fallen, and this time of year always makes me feel peevish: 293 more words

Words Words Words

it’s a story

it’s a song

it’s that piece of the dream that i’m stringing along when it’s morning

it’s a thought that i started to make… 80 more words


Of Tortures and Tickling

“Wow, they could use that to torture information out of people.”
“Not that you condone torture.”
“No, of 97 more words

Student Life

Want a really authentic Shakespeare experience? Try not understanding some words!

At our recent Back-to-School Night, the parent of a former student wanted to know what I thought of a recent article he’d read about whether Shakespeare’s language should be translated “into English.” I hadn’t read the article (though that didn’t stop me from having an opinion about it!), but a day or two later I found the article in question: John McWhorter’s piece in the… 1,680 more words

Court Overturns Conviction Of Landlord Who Threatened To Post Sex Tape On Facebook

If you go on Facebook and threaten to post a sex tape featuring a public official, is that a threat or is it free speech protected by the First Amendment? 839 more words