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(Bird 1881, 2: 33) Games Var. goban A Japanese-originated board game with 256 squares (called gomoku-narabe 五目並べ in Japanese), where a player must get five pieces into a line before the opponent can do so. 37 more words

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Games Var. Go, Goh, I-go 囲碁(いご) An ancient game of territorial possession for two players, mentioned by Confucius in the 5th century B.C. and spread to the U.S. 36 more words

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Bot. Var. gingko, ginko +2 (Cap.) a tree genus of eastern China, once thriving widely, but now plentiful only in Japan, China, and Korea and as a Western ornamental; a deciduous tree bearing edible fruit. 38 more words

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Listen up, people.

I keep reading bits of narrative lately where a character who’s walking around aimlessly or randomly is described as “milling about.”

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The Human Imposter

The Human Imposter
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One day I discovered that where our tails had once been, scales now began to appear and develop. 423 more words

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n. Painting. [筆(ふで) Poss. a very old loan < ancient Chin – this is one of the most disputed etymologies in Japanese linguistics (see Miller 1967: 214) – a tubular writing-brush or paintbrush, as a calligraphic tool for… 31 more words

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n. (Gr 1876: 85) Pol. A department in Japan composed of several districts joined for governmental purposes, as in the urban prefecture of Kyoto (cf. … 26 more words

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