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Shakespeare's Other Grave

   On the very day it was proven that William Shakespeare’s grave had been disturbed soon after burial, I purchased Oliver, my lovely green parrot. A strange coincidence, for I came to believe that Oliver was the reincarnation of the Bard himself. 202 more words


Jane Austen and word choice

This article has been making the rounds in Libraryland, and I’m sure some of you may have come across it as well. If not, take a peek! 161 more words


The God of Small Things- Arundhati Roy

“They never did look much like each other, Estha and Rahel,… The confusion lay in a deeper, more secret place”. p.2

“Her own grief grieved her. 839 more words


I don’t need a lifetime

If a moments all you’ve got

But if you choose to stay

I’ll make it worth the while


Cobwebs (2017)

I hate how they stick to you when you finally move them away, holding on for dear life at the ends of your fingers.

That was the part that always made me want to avoid touching them in the first place. 397 more words

Words Words Words

Box (2017)

They put me in a box to express myself.

So every time I express myself, I constrain myself to eight corners so close together I can feel them suffocating me. 294 more words

Words Words Words


n. (Burchfield 1727) Music A Japanese lute with four strings.
(Cannon, Garland. 1996. The Japanese Contributions to the English Language: An Historical Dictionary.) 21 more words

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