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For me personally,
Happiness is a super-sized Big Mac combo,
fattening, gross, uncultured assassin,
silently killing you,
with a side of a heart-attack.

For me personally, 95 more words

A's Tales

Love Tree.

When I die bury me,
Under that lone love tree,
In the middle of agony,
Which barks witness your apathy.

When you old and lonely, 50 more words


Dream Girl

Some people are pretty when they cry. I’m not one of those people.

Those people cry prettily even after you hurt them, they wipe their tears with their sleeve cutely. 252 more words


Kill The Cat.

But I didn’t bother you, did I? All I did was using my right as a human being to adore. I adored you from afar. I didn’t dip my hands into your world and muck it up. 771 more words


Generation of Polish prose using Recurrent Neural Networks

Following this very inspiring post by Andrej Karpathy a few people reported success with generating text or even music when using the published source code. I wondered whether I should have a try too since I don’t have much recent experience with neural networks. 1,339 more words


Day 161/188: Synonym Toast for Breakfast

“Good grief, was that toast or a thesaurus that you ate for breakfast?”

Yeah…sometimes I do get a little wordy.

Keep smiling,