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Joy series #42- “Out of Words”

“I find joy in having nothing left to say.

Sometimes that’s a scary reality.

But other times,

Getting it all out, and seeing it laid there before you, 118 more words


Popular abbreviations in the eyes of book nerds – infographic


Graph via: https://ebookfriendly.com

Thoughts? I found this quite funny and it also made me realize that probably not so many know what: TBR, ACR, OTP, HEA mean :D


Today’s Bit of Linguistic Amusement

From Texas Monthly online, a discussion of the phrase “fair to middlin’” (as in, “How’re you doin’?” “Oh, fair to middlin’ – can’t complain”), which wanders through the Texas cotton patch, the Texas oil patch, cotton-grading systems in Liverpool and cotton mills in Lancashire, the rivalry between Midland and Odessa, and the transatlantic popularity of country music. 10 more words

Words Words Words

Squeezing Ink From A Pen

Squeezing Ink From A Pen

As I send away the past

While in the air

And welcome tomorrow –

I know.

Everything must go to the file: 27 more words

Chicago Betty

2018 Apolitical Cocktail Party Platform

A Preamble

When in the course of current events, in which the absurdities inherent in the human condition manifest, it becomes necessary to acknowledge this essential paradox and to assume the powers available of a multi-ordinal paradigm. 163 more words

Encumber, My Lady

I’m not in the habit of doling out maternity advice (for exhibit a, look no further than this lengthy validation of my desire to eat poke bowls whilst pregnant… 648 more words

Words, Words, Words


Let’s have a toast for all those who still standing
And still there looking around not seeing the bad in the world

Let’s have a toast for that heart that still beating… 148 more words

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