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The F Word

Why has feminism become a dirty word?

I write this out of slight malice. While going through my wordpress, I looked up the tag “feminism” and was disheartened at what I saw. 969 more words

Words, Words, Words!


*talking to my brother about our majors*

Daniel: Your major seems like a lot of fun, you should love it!

Me: Yeah, but your major could save the world.

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January is going by uncomfortably fast...

As I sit here writing this, I can’t believe we’re already 17 days into 2016. I feel like we should be back somewhere around day #10 at most. 424 more words



I wish I lived in a black and white movie,
Where the guys only wear leather jackets and white t-shirts,
Walking around with cigarettes between their lips, 106 more words


January Update!

Happy New Year everyone!

I say, because it’s a social convention and I genuinely hope that yours was better than mine.

Odds are that I’m not nearly alone in this, so I’ll come out with it straight: I promised myself that, come new year, I’d be… 424 more words

Words, Words, Words

Peeve of the (New Year’s) Day

Regarding that common colloquial affirmative:

People, it’s spelled either “okay” or “OK.” It is not spelled “ok” in lower-case. “O.K.” with periods in it is defensible, but only just. 372 more words


Three Words That Describe Me

My senior year, my show choir put together a senior memory book. There was one section that said, “Write down three words that embody you.” Now, this was a rather interesting request, and most students just put down random adjectives. 194 more words

Words, Words, Words!