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A Hot Minute

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

The past two months have been busy, no question. On top of attempting to write weekly articles for The Odyssey Online, I have been doing the following: 374 more words

Grad School

Rambles and Shambles (1)

There’s a certain problematic thing that’s been floating around that asks some questions and sorts them out if you get what I’m saying.

One of the questions is “All I need is…” 100 more words


I Can't Refuse The End Of Pulp Fiction

At this point, what hasn’t been said about Pulp Fiction?

Yeah, I know, I know.  Pulp Fiction is one of those movies that people who really like film either love or hate.   969 more words

Movie Review

Listen to Me, People.

“As” is not a co-ordinating conjunction.

It does not join two independent clauses of equal weight.

It does not link actions that happen in sequence. 223 more words

Words Words Words

University Uncovered

Let me tell you about my most popular tweet.

Yes, I’m a millennial. I am too active on social media and am a part of the… 770 more words

Words, Words, Words!

I have written you down now, you will live forever: the immortality of words, the guilt of writing about someone and the insufficiency of words.

Gentle viewers, I did a thing. I wrote a poem. Gasp, yes. I did. After almost three years of leaping from one distraction to the next, I actually managed to put pen to paper and produce a poem (less alliteration in it though, … 1,293 more words