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A Peeve and a Signal Boost

First, the signal boost:  Fran Wilde’s novel Updraft comes out today.  Smashing science fiction from a Viable Paradise alumna, available in hardcover and ebook formats from the… 337 more words

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You like them bad, you like them dangerous,
You like them hold you down so carnivorous.
But then you cry when they really hurt you and lie, 76 more words


people who resist routine do stupid sh1t 

WHAT A DAY. i’m currently tucking in to a glass of shiraz because at 9:45, it’s too late to eat dinner. i only managed to get in to my house 45 minutes ago, mainly due to the fact that i yet again managed to lock myself out. 560 more words

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The Internet is Full of Nifty Stuff

On the days when it starts to feel like the internet is nothing but insult and outrage from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, it helps to go look at some of the other things. 235 more words

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Introverts Unite!

Meghan Tifft’s recent Atlantic piece, “An Introverted Writer’s Lament” struck a chord with me–a fellow introvert.  I’m not so naive to think that a writer can be ensconced in their real and/or imagined writing worlds and never deign to share their precious emotions and words to a living breathing audience. 413 more words



Last night, I dreamed of us standing in a darkroom with ultraviolet piercing the hormonal blush in the atmosphere. Your eyes gleamed so cunningly, my blood rushed so fast I couldn’t hear the air crackling, melting the frozen core I had for you. 121 more words


Word squares

Here’s a simple toy project – find all the word squares – a word square is a n x n matrix of letters where each row and column is a word. 402 more words