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false negative: Word of the day for October 24, 2018

false negative , n :
A result of a test that shows as absent something that is present.
(statistics) A type II error (“accepting the null hypothesis when it is false”). 7 more words


Beauty so Fine

You had a body and a beauty
so incredibly fine
and unkind
a touch that killed over time
with cold lattes
and all the ways… 300 more words


It's alright

I stepped on to the Boulevard
named for old Rene Leveques
Rainy Damp Night
and wet
with passion in the center of town
you raced over… 221 more words


Peel me back and push me on

I met a memory,
never once lamenting
that the scent of that
passing breeze had
long since faded,
and in the lifting light
of a new day, I found… 11 more words


The Lift


The lift opens on the 12th floor. Hannah hears gunshots. She presses a button. Nothing happens. She tries again. Someone is out there trying to kill someone, she thought. 291 more words


Get-To-Know-Me-Tag: Writer's Edition

I have another tag to bring you all today!

This tag was created by Savannah Grace, and I was kindly tagged by my friends, Catwing… 910 more words