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The ability to look to the future and identify new opportunities is a key trait for entrepreneurs. Being curious and imaginative with a insatiable appetite for “what’s next?” is what sets an entrepreneur apart from their corporate counterparts. 124 more words

Bruce Dickinson

to my mother, on her birthday

to my mother, on her birthday:

thank you for making me. I don’t want to be alive most of the time, but thank you regardless. I know you never quite understood my brain, and how it wants me gone, or at the very least, vastly different. 634 more words


The factual alternative

So I hear that many people were looking up the word “fact” yesterday?

Well, so did I. I looked up the word in the English dictionary I refer to most often, double-checked the result with a couple of other English dictionaries, and cross-checked further with dictionaries in French and my mother tongue… I wanted to be absolutely sure I had the facts straight about the word! 344 more words


My 2017 Word of the Year: Words

For the past couple of years I’ve chosen a word to guide me through the year. In 2014 I used the word Simple, in 2015… 745 more words


The Funeral: A Poem

“It’s time to go back to where you came from,”

He said as he held my once warm fingers

With his ice cold hand.

And as the Thunder roared one last time, 114 more words


Time n life

Stress and complications. I think it’s safe to say, is something we have experienced. Sadly I feel I’ve had more of it recently then anyone should have to deal with. 55 more words

Letter to My Confused Self

So, hmm.

I was observing you since the last few days of the year and these past few first weeks of new year.

I knew it. 676 more words