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I’ve given almost no consideration.
Yet as my dissertation on the absolute
is muddied in the waters of semantics,
I can understand my breath undoing itself. 75 more words


Happy Family Day!

In honour of this long weekend, I thought I’d begin with a discussion of the word behind the holiday we are celebrating in Canada today: … 458 more words


Three Words From Another Tongue

I always knew for certain that I loved you,

Out of all the trials,

You were the only one successful

You gave me hope,

You made me feel things, 159 more words

A lack of words

I haven’t been posting much because I haven’t had anything to say. I’m still depressed. My meds are still changing. This time we eliminated the depakote again and upped the Latuda. 233 more words


They call me melancholy, can you feel me?

I’m what makes you mourn over the loss of time, love, and company.

When the moon clocks in, and you sink into your bed- 293 more words


beda diantara kita adalah saat aku menggenggam salib dalam doaku,

dan kau menggenggam tasbih dalam gumammu.


tentang kamu

kamu bilang kita berbeda, apanya? tak pernah kau berikan penjelasan akan pernyataanmu, atau apa definisi beda di kamusmu.

kita berbeda, kamu yang berkata, dulu.

ya, kita berbeda, sering berdebat kecil akan pendapat bodoh yang berbeda, dan ya, agama kita berbeda, pentingkah ? 71 more words