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Monthly Reads: Carry On

What do you get if you put a dysfunctional chosen one and a really moody vampire in one book? Well, you’ll get Rainbow Rowell’s masterpiece called… 445 more words


The Skies Are Lighted With Lamps #26 (A part of my novel)

He came back onto the main street and continued walking westward, passing a few houses and small shops along the way.  On his left, there were more structures along the length of the road, but on the right, there were punctuation of small gardens, farms and empty lots. 1,006 more words


Murakami, the mastermind

As a young reader I have ventured my ways into various genres and authors, trying to find some sustenance for my own writing because I always believed I had some literary skill if not talent. 855 more words



I wonder have I ever left an impression the way these beautiful scenes have imprinted my mind.


The Power of Words

I sit here nodding from lack of sleep, trying to keep myself awake with a combination of rap and jazz music. Inside, a question gnaws at my heart. 561 more words


autumn acts of kindness: ten things

Hey, so it’s autumn. The heat of summer has faded behind us, leaving little trails of fiery leaves in its wake as the world begins to turn toward darkness and quiet once more. 1,941 more words