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Words : vyartha

vi + artha gives us vyartha.

In this case vi is used to mean without.

vyartha is waste – empty of meaning or purpose.

Contrast this with sva artha – svārtha which is advantageous to the individual, 112 more words

Ancient Indians

Just Kids

We’re all just messed up kids,
singing songs and trying to feel

Raising our fists and shredding
our voices to help forget the

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Weekly Word Count #25

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving if you’re Stateside! It’s one of my favorite holidays since we’ve started throwing it at my place. I get to spend the day cooking, which I love! 92 more words


broken wings...

i’ve been trying to fly, on broken wings. trying, just trying to catch my wind. to keep me moving along. as i know i’ve shown, every side of me. 96 more words


The Americans are Coming!

So yesterday I had “American” Thanksgiving…in Leeds. Yes I am abroad in the country in that the pilgrims were running away from, and yet I still found a way to celebrate Thanksgiving in a very non traditional way. 1,546 more words


Being Well_pocket_version: Part A

Tenet #1: Happiness is associated with satisfaction, as well as elation. Healthy forms of happiness are a byproduct of productive behaviors and are found within.

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Balled up words

Words are full – they’re full of meaning, connotation, history, nuance…

They’re also so big sometimes that they stick in the back of your throat and never come out.  337 more words