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Choose Your Words...

As someone who mournfully tucked away the flowing ink and parchment and said goodbye to a dying age in favor of typing at breakneck speed to keep up with my ADD-driven thoughts, I understand Hal Zina Bennett’s exploration of the creation of a writer in… 444 more words

Commentary And Philosophy

Recent (Press) for West Vine (Press)

Here’s a couple of new related digital media from other places around the web of words. Below you’ll find an article placing West Vine Press on… 51 more words

A Way with Words

Just as Socrates loved Homer enough to know the Iliad and Odyssey by heart, Confucius had the Book of Odes burned into his bones and memorized in his marrow; indeed, the Analects are permeated by the Odes. 1,254 more words


Talking Notes

Hey there.

I’m not going to lie, if you’re reading this, chances are you know me and I’ve told you about it. Either that, or you’ve fucked up riding a humongous wave in the vast surf of the internet and consequently been spat out on the shores of this metaphorical deserted island. 176 more words



As I wonder how I got here, Blank.  I used to be such a vibrant, intelligent, marvelous woman!  It amazes me how what people say, we take as truth.   274 more words