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Thoughts in Retrospect

Be at peace with what you were.

Be content with what you are.

Be at one with what you will become.

Life is forever changing. These moments, though they last an eternity are gone and faded into memory before you even realize that you are living them. 51 more words



So you’re walking down the street, all calm and cool-like, when suddenly you find yourself face to face with an intersection. Not a busy intersection, not like anything bursting with traffic, in fact there isn’t too much traffic at all. 878 more words

So Cold

So Cold

There you are, standing
Over there, standing
Why are you serious
Why are you so serious all the time
What is your agenda… 140 more words

Creative Writing


A worthless thought of a man,
A deadly grasp of nostalgia,
A lonely vision of a world unseen,
A trail of tears, a trail of blood. 46 more words


The Composer

I weaved ink like seamstress, Forming a blanket of words. My descriptions and explanations, I offered them to you. With them I tried to comfort, With them I tried to stitch you together. 177 more words



Evade clarity… drown in a paradox,
Enter the matter of uncertainty,
Cloud your eyes and speak no more
Of the terror, a haunting reality.

A vast flock of souls will meet… 44 more words