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high tide panic/ 61

I’m sick of my mind, sick of

its inability to let me live, sick of

the worry that envelopes it, the

panic that chains it, I’m sick… 158 more words


For Arts' Sake

The ages that went by,

The pages that filled up,

The words that took shape,

The letters that came together.

The colors that splashed on, 56 more words



Your arms around me,

Our embrace infinitive,

All I need but more.

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts for almost a month (my rough guess). 82 more words


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At first i use to apply my strength, my time and my mind too much to almost everything i do, i was intimidated, by my friends who had money and cars and could easily get what they want even if they didn’t ask for it, like my friend who always get girls following him around, for nothing. 468 more words


We are so opposite in all the ways that work together. Make no mistake, I still want you. I just want them too.