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Book report #1 (2018)

The Elements of Eloquence: Secrets of the Perfect Turn of Phrase, by Mark Forsyth. Pub 2013


I found this book after seeing a Facebook post about the section on hyperbaton (defying the logical/grammatical order of words in a sentence). 384 more words

What Did You Say?

I love to tat but I’m not very good at it. Tatting is a sort of lace making done by forming a lot of knots on a thread and pulling them into a ring. 820 more words


M is for mother...

(We personify this nurturing aspect of the universe, from Mary, Mother of God to the tiger-riding, weapon wielding Durga. Mother echoes in all the Indo-European languages…) 11 more words



We had been playing in the nursery all morning, and still nothing had happened. Toby said that he did not think it would work at all, but we disagreed, regardless of what he thought. 474 more words

Flash Fiction


Having just finished an edit for a valued client, I am aware of the fact that my status as editor (educator, parent, grandparent, writer, etc.) has inherent limits. 364 more words

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words #6

i use few words ’cause
it suits me.

packing words into
jamming pockets full-
of letters
played better, sparse on

words use to stream out… 49 more words

Hands In The Garden

A Class of Words – A Revised Repeat

Obviously you know what I’m talking about. Obviously you understand; obviously you share the same views as I do. It’s obvious. I don’t need to explain myself, nor do I need to engage you or co-opt your viewpoint, because it’s obvious. 1,110 more words