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i was fully inspired to write but then i had to talk to my dad about something and answer a few texts and i feel like i’m close to losing my train of thought! 582 more words

Restless as Hell 

Laying in bed, restless as hell.

Have you ever had so many thoughts in your head you feel like the only way to get rid of them is to scream? 77 more words

Strangers Again

The words that’re whispered over three AM talks
Ignoring thunder under rainfall walks
Because you noticed a light in my eyes
Then, when self-esteem was but a word… 181 more words


Sounds and Non-Sounds

An open fifth is so ambiguous–
it could be a minor chord or
a major.

Buying time is ever frivolous–
something I can’t afford, more… 77 more words



there must be others like me
who sit on high windows
making no secrets out of love


The crickets are loud tonight

They remind me of courage

A perpetual scream to paint the night with some kind of color.


no words

sat alone

and spoke into a minute

and still a pulse

and yet a glance

and where is the choice

and gave to boot

and its own diference… 42 more words