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No more bed head in the dead of this cold dread.


adj, too great to be expressed with words

Sometimes moments don’t need words to be uttered. They are meant to be lived in an awed silence.

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it happened again

Mermaid friend was making a comparison between me and someone else, and so she gestured to them and said “small gay” and then gestured to me and said “small…” and then just trailed off.  84 more words

Asexuality Talk

n. using more words than are necessary to express an idea

Use your words to express the messages you want to convey. Your words hold more power than your actions.

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Reflection's spin

The dirty stranger in your reflection’s spin with a tomorrow’s promise of yesterday. The good time in your worst ways with all their tears just another rainy day. 15 more words


Poetry Time: Words

February 8, 2011


I use that word way too much. My new favorite word is


and I used to like


a lot when I was in high school (I still use it often, though). 75 more words