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But Hate is What Gives Us Our Strength

(A Love Story)

Words by Jasminne Morataya
Images by Brandon Yung

She (the giant loser) possessed dumb vindictive horse eyes. They were incredibly round and emitted a faint, possibly supernatural light. 768 more words


establish of words

thought on the cover

and its own amazing

and caution

and when it was  the side

and  when it was the fault

and explore

and took on the normal… 45 more words


Open The Door

Written on September 24, 2016.

You have a special place in my heart.

I let people see into certain chambers,

and some I keep to myself, 46 more words

Blog Posts


Singing the words to songs pouring our hearts out wishing it was enough to right the wrongs, tears falling, words flowing, screaming not singing, sad words to sadder songs. 38 more words


Sexy words

What words can you toss into everyday conversation to sexually cajole the person with whom you are chit-chatting?

“It’s so. Hard,” the fuckin’ fox explained emphatically, jerking her hand up and down slowly while saying it, her juicy smile wide across her distractingly beautiful face. 96 more words


Last night I wrote a poem about you

The poem I wrote about you

last night

was shit.

I’m sorry.

You don’t deserve shit poems.

I was tired

when I was thinking of you, … 39 more words


Binge Eating

My eye changes,
My mouth is filled,
With a human heart,
That eye is screaming,
And my hunger is telling me, 43 more words