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Do you know that feeling when you feel sad and you just don’t know why? No, it’s not because you don’t know. 199 more words

blue dove hissing

when there’s only so much vocabulary
one must think carefully not able to
hide behind the words
the tricks learned in english classes
academic being as clear as possible…

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As they say, never let your memories be greater than your dreams.

To put it in simple words, memories are small fragments of our yesterday which we can easily recall.

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An ancestor is said to be BMDed once the genealogist researching his/her life has gathered copies of the official records that record his/her Birth, Marriage and Death.


The Garden

The Garden,

Untended and ignored,

Is left to overgrow.

Branches keep stretching,

And dead leaves piling on the ground.

I look around,

And it seems I’m the only one who notices. 352 more words


Colors of the Muted Sun

Questions of our purpose haunt our existence as we journey between the eternities. ~M 


#YouMatter #RestInLove

#JustBelieve #GraceWins #HopeLives


That Night

I wish I were as beautiful as the words you whispered in my ear

that night when the world was only big enough for you and I… 80 more words