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Be kind - Rewind - or, don't say it to begin with

“OMG! You look 3 months pregnant!”

Heard that today from someone.  I was in a tight-fitting t-shirt material dress, and had indulged.

I know I am thin. 296 more words

The Girl in the Mirror

Do realize how


that hurts?

To look into the mirror

at the one person

who’s supposed

to tell me I’m beautiful

but she can’t. 114 more words


They said a picture worth a thousand words; yet here we are, with no thousand of pictures will be ever enough to portray one word of ‘anguish’.

Personal Journal


Some times I stare blankly at my computer screen, it gives me nothing back and I have nothing in my head. Yet it feels like something is very close…all I have to do is start.   226 more words

Kait King


Theres a million reasons on why I want to give up, there are times when I feel completely shattered, I’m in so much pain but then I see something and it makes me believe there is still hope out there. 44 more words


The Stand

Chicago was a dream wrapped in summer haze.


Day 142

Today I am grateful for the authors that have inspired us and our story.

As my writing partner and I head into an epic weekend of brainstorming and second book planning, we have been reflecting(over copious amounts of dark chocolate) on the book series and authors that inspire us most. 85 more words