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she likes to lick the courage off of me-

melting me through

seeping the excess of with her tongue

til i’m fearful

she will let go- or won’t come again…



Birthdays used to a big deal for me. I felt excited for at least a month before and a few days after as well. I relished in the birthday love from my parents, family, friends at the office and on Facebook. 277 more words

Mind Body Soul

moonlight girl

girl stands on the Chinatown rooftop
moonlight washes her out against pastels and
she’s thinking about you
about how you leapt from this very spot… 106 more words



The familiarity of something unknown,

yet something so familiar to

these bones,

an ache that forms

at the top of my head

and freezes down to the… 27 more words

a shooting star- born to fade

untouched- trapezed-

zip lined upon night’s dimmer switch

set to sneak away

uncaptured by the gate keepers

free from a life- caged in the warped colossal  catacomb… 65 more words


To See

Once more,

for they did not


Once more,

once again for those,

those I have missed

and twice more

for those I ignored!

They did not see! 23 more words


he asks again/you know what you want to say/you don’t/

then you do.

/you wanted to hurt him/why/does it give you power/


currently floating somewhere between robotic dragons and crow people