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It could be the turning factor in the game

Another gem from the sports world.  This one was heard on the local Root sports network in Pittsburgh.  During a University of Pittsburgh basketball game, the play by play announcer uttered this malaphor.   63 more words


BPPV and Me

Why is snotbag not an acceptable word?  Why?  WHY??? lol

Oh well, there was really no place to put it anyway.  And the word and the game have nothing to do with the subject of this post, but this screenshot has been sitting in my photos for a long time with nowhere to go and I must have thought at some point it was funny and worth sharing. 441 more words

A Lifetime Of Being Me

I trust you to lead this situation.


Valentine's Day!..

Dear You!…,
This Letter Literate you by my world of Writing.!!..
This is me a poetry teller
Rhyming down the line
Shimmering light of love… 83 more words

The Cheerful Reflections of Winter

Most everyone I know sees Winter as a terrible thing. I understand that it is cold, but I find so much beauty all around me this time of the year. 210 more words

winter wonderland

soft glow peeks over
shadowed mountains
a harmony of cool blues and warm yellows
welcomes faint rosy light

sunset paints:
white mountains hues of faded blue… 52 more words


The Independent

Should we dismiss the death of print as progress, man’s development

Or should we care that language moves aside to let the picture rule.

One paper less, is this the start of the long road to reading’s end… 59 more words