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Every time my heart gets broken
I dream of the end of the world
The thunder coming
The lightning striking
The sea becoming restless
The waves moving randomly… 28 more words


Take a look in to my mind during a dead time of Friday, September 4, 2015; 2:36 PM

Plaid shirt, Nikes. Abstract Airplane. Almond, noodle, bread crumb. Zipper. Let go of everything. I need to shower tonight.Do I need to buy shampoo? No. 1997. 195 more words



We live in a world where people are afraid.
They’re always trembling with fear,
They’re scared to fall in love,
And they’re a lot more afraid about falling in love than dying.  172 more words



I’m only alive when I’m breathing in your smoke.

Pretending to matter & exist in a definite point of time.

Renewing and undoing all those pallid lies, I’ll thrust us there. 37 more words


I’m not heartless
I’m just aware
Maybe more than most people
That time can’t be turn back
No matter what
You are ready to sacrifice… 25 more words


Splash - Mouthfuls of Praise

(Video: Words – Hawk Nelson)

O God, don’t stay away.
My God, please hurry to help me.
Bring disgrace and destruction on my accusers.
Humiliate and shame those who want to harm me. 534 more words


When words hurt

Most of us will have memories and experiences of words which have been loving, kind and encouraging.  But we will also have known times when words have been wounding, unkind and insensitive.  783 more words