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How ridiculous, nothing but amazing; to be loved by You. People might think that’s laughable, maybe they think it’s a bit comical. That’s okay, with my soul; my heart is chuckling. 326 more words


Excuse my French, but the (Pre)fix is In

Some words have all the luck.

If you shout “Fire! in a crowded theater, you’ll soon find yourself all alone. But if you shout “Bacon” in an empty kitchen, you will instantly achieve the opposite effect. 616 more words


This poem is supposed to be about
any word that’s, you know, somewhat alien,
one that’s little known or multisyllabic,
as clear to most as if shrouded by a smoking kalian. 216 more words


V for Voices

Well, I really dropped the ball on the a to z challenge. Maybe next month, I’ll pick up all the letters I didn’t get done this month. 181 more words


Black roses

That touch my lips

Glistening in daylight

Their fragrance is breathtaking

Their touch is petal like

Their thorns are family

Their hugs are comforting… 65 more words