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and the sky wept

and the thunder rumbled

and everything turned grey

and this world became

an awful place

I will never forget that

autumn evening when… 15 more words

Is there a spell
Blocking the envy
I feel when others
Are happy
Because it’s not their
Fault for enjoying
Life. It’s mine
For not.

By – W.D.N


I haven’t felt this hopeless or lost in a while, where my days where turning lighter I now find myself sheltering myself from the outside world. 73 more words

Yang kamu cari

Saya membuka kembali tumblr saya yang sudah lama (tentu lewat vpn). Karena saya lagi teringat tulisan-tulisan yang pernah saya buat. Membacanya kembali seperti sedang berbicara dengan muthia salsabila 3 tahun yang lalu. 110 more words


tiny little voices

“Banana is good for you!”

“Not this one!”


“It’s soaked with espresso!”

“I thought you wanted it that way.”

“Fuck no! It was an accident!” 192 more words


Random Wordsmith

It rambles.

It rolls.

It changes from a pedigree to a troll.

Never is it about a walk in the woods on a cloudy day. 88 more words


The waka world of a wandering wordsmith - a sneak preview of Rootabaga's interview with Jordan A. Y. Smith

He will probably cringe at my ignorant wordplay (waka (和歌) is a genre of Japanese poetry – I think) but there is no denying that Jordan A. 133 more words