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I’ve kept these words from you
for a week, maybe two
safe in the space beneath my fingernails
red raw, sore, I could fit more. 23 more words


Meet Carol Browne - the wordsmith

Ever wondered why your manuscript still hangs on to those silly mistakes even after you have checked it for the hundredth time?  Today my talented guest is the formidable… 913 more words

The Alternative CV.


A poet paints with words.  They select words carefully, one at a time, and fit them together like a jigsaw.  The finished article, if it is a success, is an emotion capture.   477 more words



The graveyard of our mystic task
blazes thoughtlessly
with a vapid dream of scheming suns.
The ones we took for nourishment.

We flourish with fervor, 57 more words


Tales - A Collaborative Poem.

I find writing poetry a solitary act, one where I question myself, interrogating my soul for questions that I have answers to. The feelings that pour through when I see a singular word, or hear a sound can take over and all I can do is poeticly write to delve further into it. 225 more words


Syntax & Syl ● la ● bles

I’m a wordsmith at heart, and people often ask me the secret behind the musicality of my language.

Easy answer: syntax and syllables.

Regardless of style, the key to lyricism lies in the structure of sentences and the beats per words. 351 more words