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Word of the Day: gehenna

Happy Friday! I was taken a little aback by the definition of this word, because of its straightforwardness, starkness, and because it’s not even 8:00 in the morning yet. 133 more words

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Word of the Day: manna

manna (MAN-uh)

noun: an unexpected help, benefit, or advantage

Via Latin and Greek from Hebrew man (manna). In the Bible manna was the food supplied to the Israelites by the heavens during their wandering in the desert. 44 more words

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Word of the Day: leviathan

leviathan (li-VY-uh-thuhn)

noun: something large and powerful

Via Latin from Hebrew liwyathan (whale). Earliest documented use: 1382

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“A merger between the two firms, which both belong to London’s Magic Circle of top five law firms, would have created a legal leviathan with 950 partners and more than 10,000 staff.” 9 more words

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Word of the Day: behemoth

behemoth (bi-HEE-muth, BEE-uh-)

noun: 1. a huge or monstrous creature
2. something large and powerful, as an organization

From Hebrew behemoth, plural of behemah (beast). 61 more words

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It’s amazing
to be able
to read
To step into different worlds
And to breathe in
an author’s words

How he perceives
and conceives
his own reality… 94 more words


Word of the Day: tohubohu

Happy Monday! I am still obsessing about Taylor Swift’s show on Saturday night – it felt like a dream but I”m glad it was real. 196 more words

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Word of the Day: stygian

Happy Friday! I like today’s word for a couple of reasons. First, it challenged my pronunciation skills. “Y” used as a vowel is one of the many reasons people have qualms with the English language (I think), and this time its trickiness was successful over me. 254 more words

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