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Word of the Day: belie

belie (bi-LY)
verb transitive: 1. to give a false impression: misrepresent
2. to show to be false: contradict

From Old English beleogan (to deceive by lying). 34 more words

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Guest Crown Art #50

The Artist
By Akinwade Onadeko

      Some people appreciate art for quality and the message it passes across. He appreciated art for the money. The money he could make from selling stolen art portraits and master pieces. 1,152 more words

The Art Of Ade

Three Reasons You Should Leave A Copywriting Job

 You know it’s time to leave a copywriting job when….

ONE: You still keep banging your head on a creative brick wall but you don’t bleed anymore… 89 more words


Word of the Day: fribble

Good morning. I hope you enjoyed your weekend – I spent all Saturday driving along the mid-coast snapping pictures of lighthouses, the ocean, and various wildlife and had a wonderful time. 185 more words

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Word of the Day: Lovelace

Well we started the week with a seducing eponym – might as well end with one too. This week went by dreadfully slow for me, but I have something fun planned for this weekend so stay tuned for that and enjoy yours! 102 more words

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Word of the Day: chauvinism

chauvinism (SHO-vuh-niz-uhm)

noun: the belief in the superiority of one’s country, group, gender, etc.

After Nicolas Chauvin, a legendary French soldier in Napoleon’s army, noted for his fanatical patriotism. 58 more words

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