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Reeds thought of the day on determination

Reed’s thought of the day for Tuesday, August 22, 2017: your determination should be unbridled, a never-ending thirst for success ~ tjreed

TJ Reed and… 57 more words


Reed’s word of the day: determination

Definition: the magnitude of your will to succeed at your goals

Usage: My determination is stronger than any criticism ~ tjreed

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How did I get here?

If you told me a year ago that I’d be embarking upon a career as a wordsmith, I’d think you were crazy. Sure, I’d always thought about it – using my unique ability with words as a livelihood but never thought it would come to fruition. 137 more words


Word of Week: Befuddle

Increasing one’s vocabulary is a way to expand your mind and articulate your thoughts in new ways.  Below is the word of the week for the week of 8/21/17. 34 more words

#Manifest Dominance

Reeds thought of the day on war

Reed’s thought of the day for Monday, August 21, 2017: don’t take your failed domestic agenda out on the world; NO More WAR, Mr. Trump ~ tjreed… 60 more words


Reed’s word of the day: war

Definition: any attempt to destroy a people or nation with military action.

Usage: The US will never solve the underlying problems in the middle east with war, our presence only exacerbates them~ tjreed… 61 more words


To be in love

The Sea is a fickle lover
One day sweet as
honey dew
The other bitter
like sin…
that makes you
fall harder
as if hit… 84 more words

Iulia Halatz