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And Here I Figured It Was All About John Kerry

Warning: NYTimes Sunday Puzzle Answer Alert. Don’t look unless you’ve already finished the puzzle or feel the need to cheat and see our answers. 338 more words



Never thought it’d be this way
Give my notice to the sun
Tell her I cannot go on
Running up those hills, swimming in the flood… 122 more words

Amateur Poetry

Which to take?

Maybe there weren’t any values to begin with. Most acts done were just out of fear. There wasn’t any honesty, just fear of being left. There wasn’t any obedience, just fear of being get hurt. 166 more words


Therapy Through Memoir Writing

I’m halfway through the grind. Cult Child took its toll. Seven years of digging through caves, days of uncontrollable crying, illness and so much more came like waves. 259 more words

The Daily Routine


I’ve been a bambino, a man beast, a lord and a babe,
a lover, an asshole, a bitch and a slave,
a stalker, a weirdo, a creep and a honey, 88 more words

Amateur Poetry

New word I just created.


No, this has nothing to do with Star Wars.

Or farts…

It means “induced by wind”.

Here’s why I came up with that word.


Writing on the Line

Writers understand that there is a thin line between that which is largely considered acceptable content and that which is not. Some things live in this sort of gray area, like the tropics to the equator or the habitable zone around our sun. 585 more words