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a letter

to saul williams if i had a minute of your time i’d tell you how your words inspire me how they sharpen my desire to write how the truths you reveal open new associations within my media-drenched mind associations you may not have intended to convey but nonetheless lend color to a monochrome existence perhaps i’m being dramatic but isn’t that the name of the game like stage make-up and overacting a repertory of effects for the consummate wordsmith like you saul like you… 97 more words



It seems to me that it was just recent
that my life starting becoming decent
as I embarked on a journey that was different
a journey in which I finally decided to listen… 117 more words


Word of the Day: opisthograph

Good morning and happy Friday! I think this week has been my favorite in regards to Words of the Day, although the rest of the weeks are in close second. 73 more words

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Word of the Day: codex

codex (KOH-deks)

noun: a manuscript volume (as opposed to a scroll), especially of an ancient text

From Latin codex (tree trunk, wood block, book). 48 more words

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I recently spoke to a co-worker/friend about her Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. She kept repeating that anything in life is mind over matter and that’s how she got through it (and let’s be real, Karissa Renee has been telling me this for years). 213 more words


Word of the Day: bibliogony

bibliogony (bib-lee-OG-uh-nee)

noun: the art of producing or publishing books, also known as bibliogenesis

From Greek biblio- (book) + -gony (origin).
Earliest documented use: 1835… 30 more words

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Word of the Day: recto

recto (REK-toh)
noun: the front of a leaf, the side that is to be read first

From Latin recto folio (right-hand leaf), from rectus (right). 97 more words

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