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Have you noticed emanations shining 

beams of starlight beyond the lithosphere? 

Sample systems mystery blinding 

in expectation of bright atmosphere. 

Illuminations create this blue world,  97 more words


The Significance of Strangers

I have made some pretty significant connections with people over the past few years.

There are some who are still in my life and others who I will probably never hear from again.   373 more words


I Need Spring to Be Here in More than Just Name

Warm breeze across my face
The smell of false thinking hits my nose
Deep breath in
For a minute my stress level froze
This “clean” feeling came over me… 137 more words


Independent Freelancer

As an independent freelancer, I can juggle my time, capacity, and commitments, to accommodate you and your publishing needs on a first come first served basis. 100 more words

Like an Ass.

So you want similes

like junkies who don’t know how to get their next heroin

like Jesus freaks on bended knees

like Islam geeks on suicide scenes… 291 more words


A little broken up

Why is it that this time I pretend?

I’m not heart broken but I’m a little broken up that you can’t see behind the facade I have put up to protect my heart. 60 more words


Hey there beautiful

I bleed poetry.

Some understand, others don’t.

I have lips like many others, but words tend to find their way to you through the tips of my fingers.

Read or be read.