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A writer has no license
Because he doesn’t need affirmation
That he can create masterpieces;
He doesn’t need a reminder
That he’s a lover of words; 24 more words



Prayers mark the way backward.
They thrust silvery lights
up out of the parched soil,
and the light lingers like poison.
It’s time for a change of clothes. 53 more words


By extension by featheredsleep

For half wits who think they can just fart their fantasies on a page and label themselves a writer. I’m fucking thirty eight, been writing since I was eleven years of age and will only consider myself a writer when I’ve written a handful of books that sell a few hundred thousand copies at least. 87 more words


6 Nifty Resources No Indi Author Can Do Without

To paraphrase a famous frog, “It’s not easy being indie.”

Actually, it’s not easy being any kind of writer/author, self-published or traditionally published, but wearing the many hats in every Indie wardrobe–author, marketer, social media manager, designer, newsletter editor … did I miss any?–presents special challenges. 742 more words


Joshua Luke Smith - Carry Me

The 25-year-old wordsmith and philosophy graduate has managed to combine his love of words and music to inspire people to break free from their own limitations. 231 more words


The Wordsmith and her Rhyme

There was a time when I looked at the world and all I saw was the colours and the magic.

Now, all I see are the words. 261 more words



Popular for exposing the fraudulent, superficial individuals,

Soon to be living off the benefits of residuals.

Eating pineapples, sipping green tea, love is free,

Focused… 273 more words