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I don’t find my words so quickly
You just make it look so easy
I just need time
To piece this
You do this live… 28 more words


He’d rather lurk in the shadows
The safety of his comfort
A ghost of the night
Master beneath the moonlight
The longing of men to behold… 148 more words


Word of Week: Naive

Increasing one’s vocabulary is a way to expand your mind and articulate your thoughts in new ways.  Below if the word of the week for the week of 2/20/17. 29 more words

#Manifest Dominance

It's Not Just You: Motherhood is F*cking Hard

I’m awoken by the soft coos emanating from my son’s Rock’n’Play.

Just kidding. He’s screaming.

I look at the clock: 3am. Didn’t we just feed him?! 829 more words


It was love,
Sweet and thick like apple sauce.
Cinnamon kisses that smelt like home
and a place on your chest for my head, to match. 101 more words


If you wish it,
I will welcome you to morning
using lips, hips, and various pastries.
Some but not every day, to keep
boredom at bay. 33 more words