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Art Is

You are an artist

Not painter musician actor

not poet

Creating instigating propagator

Inspiring initiating transformer

Guarding affecting revealer 59 more words


I am a Wordsmith

I don’t like labels that confine what we can be

I don’t like inherent barriers in becoming that label

I am a wordsmith because I love playing with words… 85 more words


I Don't Believe Words

I don’t believe words

They may sound so sincere

Like everything you’d want to hear

But when words are nowhere near

The truth you see with your own eyes… 113 more words


PUN Control SIX

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Here are some curious quotations that make sense, even when they shouldn’t.
Have you ever used these phrases with authority? 211 more words


What do you do?

Imagine for a moment you’re Bob Dylan
and it’s 1966. You’re in New York
on a red and silver Triumph motorbike.
The world’s your oyster. You’re happy-go-lucky, 55 more words



If an alien asked me to describe this
world, I’d declare it to be a collection
of thots, none of whom can be trusted. Yahoo.


Crown of Creations

In front of my open eyes,
another day was about to begin.
Sun with his friends were drawing an enchanting picture
on the canvas of the sky. 376 more words